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Who Killed Libia Episode 63 Update on Friday 12th October 2018

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John goes mad as Oscar informs them that he is leaving and begins to yell at him to think twice before taking any actions because after he has gone through thick and thin to cater for them, the least he is expecting is to hear is knowing that they couldn’t make it in life so he needs to be very careful. John later breaks down in tears and tells Oscar the it’s not that he’s being over protective but he only wants to make sure none of them loses anything in life so all he can say is that, virgin Mary should guide him wherever he goes and they hug one another.

Rosa returns from her musical tour and decides to go and pick Luis form the hacienda showing her gratitude to Don Augustine for taking very good care of her little boy but Augustine pleads with her not to take the boy away because he has now become his source of happiness and Eva also comes in and tells Rosa to agree to Don Augustine’s plea and leave the boy behind because the bar isn’t the best place to keep him and she agrees.

John sits in the bakery and weeps because Oscar has made up his mind to leave them and Sofia comes around and tells him not to think and cry too much else it’s going to affect him and he expresses that first of all, he lost his kid sister and now Oscar is leaving as well and he isn’t even sure if she will as well stay or leave and that really breaks his heart but he won’t sit and watch that to happen. John then gets close and tries to hug her but she pulls him off telling him not to touch her again and when she came to her realization, she sadly asks John to forgive her but he tells her not to worry and she exists.

Jemima cries to her grandfather that Oscar is leaving and she may not get to see him ever again and there Sarah arrives and she states to her sister that if indeed she is in love with Oscar, then they must quickly stop him from leaving. The two sisters hurriedly ride on their horses and goes to cross Oscar and Macuya on their way and there Oscar and Jemima kiss each other and she forgives and cautions him not to repeat such a mistake again and Macuya leaves in shame.

Sofia writes a letter down saying goodbye to John that he doesn’t deserve the way she is treating him because he doesn’t deserve it and she pack her belongings and leaves the house.

Oscar questions Jemima about what made her to forgive him and she explains to him that Macuya came to speak to her that she was the one who caused him to betray her and also, Sarah encouraged her to fight for her love that’s why she decided to pardon him but she won’t take it the next time and Oscar shows appreciation to Sarah.

Pablo runs from the orphanage and goes to beg Don. Augustine to keep him in his place because he doesn’t want to stay at the orphanage and Augustine clarifies to him that it can’t be possible and he tearfully tells Augustine that he should remember he helped and fed him when he was in need and so he’s expecting him to do same and Augustine calms him down and agrees to help telling him that, if any punishment should come, they will bear it together.

John looks for Sofia but doesn’t see her around and he finds the letter she wrote and as he reads he realizes that Sofia left stating that she doesn’t want him to suffer anymore all because of love and so she left in other to free him so he can be happy. John becomes so sad after reading it and goes to pray to mother Mary to help Sofia to overcome her fears and get well so that they can be together once again because he can’t stop loving her. 

Oduro goes to tell Raquel that he can’t go on and marry Jemima because he feels nothing for her and Raquel asks if he has any tangible reason for that and he confidently informs her that he is in love with Bruno and there Raquel gets surprised and makes him to understand that then he wouldn’t inherit any of the properties and he tells her that he doesn’t care about the properties because to him, love comes first.

Sarah meets Rosa at his grandfather’s place and she questions her reasons for being there and Augustine mentions to her that Rosa can come in at any time and Sarah tells her grandpa why he is backing someone who happens to be her enemy and Rosa boldly tells her that she isn’t her enemy and that all she needs is peace but Sarah gets so mad and walks away.

Franco informs John that he heard that Pablo left the orphanage and they can’t find his whereabout and John becomes so worried wondering why all these are happening to him and as they continue to find a solution in finding him, Sofia suddenly approaches and there, John gets enlightened as he sets eyes on her.

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