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Who Killed Libia Episode 64 Update on Saturday 13th October 2018

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Franco informs John that he heard that Pablo left the orphanage and they can’t find his whereabout and John becomes so worried wondering why all these are happening to him and as they continue to find a solution in finding him, Sofia suddenly approaches and there, John gets enlightened as he sets eyes on her. Sofia then pleads for forgiveness for having gone out of the house without their notice and she clarifies to them that Mother Superior advised and told her that running away from your partner isn’t the best way to solve issues in a relationship and so she decided to come back and John gets so delighted and tells her not to run away again because they have to go and search for Pablo and she promises it wouldn’t happen ever again. 

The school principal and the woman in charge who went in for Pablo to be sent to the orphanage goes to inform Mother Superior that they think they made a mistake by taking Pablo away from the three brothers because since they took that action, the little boy haven’t been in peace and so they think it would be best if they send him back and Mother Superior agrees stating that it is a good idea because when he was in their care, he was very happy.

Father Teddy tells Sofia and John that Gabriela went to press some charges against him to the Bishop and so very soon, he may be transferred to another town and Sofia says to him that then it might be that she is the reason why her mother did that and Father mentions to her not put the blame on herself because as for him he will continue to give them their support since their love is real even if it will cost him his life.

Oscar returns home and everyone gets happy to see him back and he asks what is happening and they inform him that Pablo left the orphanage and so they are looking forward to find him.

Gabriela and Fernando decide to go out and spend some time together and on their way, Otafrigya clashes with them and Gabriela wondering who it could be, he walks towards them and Fernando introduces Gabriela to him as his in-law. Gabriela then asks who he is and why he clashed with them like that and he answers that, he is an old friend of Fernando and they normally play such games so she should just relax and there he starts to complement her on her beauty and later paves way for them to go.

Franco tells Oscar that when he went to meet up with Rosa, she made mention that she nearly gave in to one guy who proposed to her and Oscar warns him to be careful and make a choice between Sarah and Rosa else he will end up with nothing. In the same vein, Sarah sits and shed tears in her room saying that she will soon be married to a man she doesn’t love and when that happens, she will have nothing to do with Franco again. Jemima later runs into her room and excitedly informs her that Oduro has left the town and that makes her very happy because she is free to be with Oscar at last.

Rosa pays a visit to Sofia to tell her she is very sorry for what she went through and Sofia tells her that she seems not to understand the reason why someone would want to see her suffer all the time. Rosa then states to her that she has an idea of where that might come from but since she has no evidence, she better not say anything to her and she promises to get to the root of it and Sofia tells her that even if they are to find out who is behind it, it wouldn’t change anything because the harm has been caused already and she gets frightened anytime John touches her but Rosa tells her not to do that to him.

Don Augustin goes to confront Gabriela that if her daughters gets married and leave the house then there will be no need for Fernando to continue living in the hacienda since her marriage with Sofia has collapsed, and he continues by asking Gabriela if she is going to keep Fernando to herself or what.
Franco finally goes to see Pablo in Don Augustine’s room and he starts to query him as to what he is doing there and suddenly, Rosa also arrives to see her son Luis and as she excitedly hugs her little boy, Sarah approaches and gets furious and so she decides to excuse herself thinking Rosa and Franco came together. Rosa then tells Sarah to wait so that they can use the opportunity to clarify things between them and out of the blue, Sarah sounds her and Don Augustine shouts at her not to ever try that again because Rosa happens to be her sister and there Sarah gets astonished.
Finally, Jemima and Oscar get their declaration as husband and wife as they hold their secret marriage.

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