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Who Killed Libia Episode 65 Update on Sunday 14th October 2018

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Finally, Jemima and Oscar get their declaration as husband and wife as they hold their secret marriage with so much happiness and Oscar asks Jemima what they are going to do next since they are now couples and she tells him they should stay on their separate ways as they used to until she gathers courage and inform her mother about their marriage and Oscar promises to love her for the rest of his life.

Sarah gets so heated as she realizes that Rosa is her half sister and she warns her not to ever speak to her again and though they are from one father, there is no way she will accept her as a sister and her statement really hits Rosa that she couldn’t control her tears.

Sarah angrily goes to question her mother as to why she kept silent and did nothing when Eva was sleeping with their dad to the extent of bearing him a child and Gabriela suddenly breaks down into tears and she explains to her daughter that she knew nothing about it until Eva told her recently which even caused her to faint and as a result of that she has acquired a sickness she never expected. Sarah then consoles her mother and apologizes to her for being harsh but then she tells her to do her one favor which is sending Eva out of the hacienda for good because they can’t entertain her for what she’s done and if she refuses to do so, then she will be forced to kick her out herself.

Sarah wrathfully confronts Eva about how she could betray them by sleeping with their father to the point of bearing him a child and Eva feeling so nervous and shaking, she explains everything to her and offers her an apology yet Sarah couldn’t stand it and she orders her to pack her belongings and leave the hacienda as soon as possible. She also makes her aware that if anything should happen to their mother in terms of her health condition, then she’ll be held responsible. Eva decides to give more explanations to Sarah and Jemima so that they can know the whole truth and as she attempts to speak, Gabriela interferes and begins to say hurtful words to her and blaming her for causing so much harm to their family. Eva then mentions to Gabriela that she needs to say the whole truth to her children about how she took away the daughter she had with Bernardo and right there, Gabriela starts to react as if she’s almost dying and her daughters rush to attend to her.

Rosa states to Sofia that Sarah is really mad at her because she just realized they are half sisters but then she has sworn never to accept her as such and since she doesn’t want to create more problems, she decided to breakup with Franco so that she can have him. She continues by telling her that she doesn’t have the privilege to love any man and Sofia asks why she’s talking like that and she goes ahead to tell her a story about her past that led her into the arms of a man who dictates for her in life and has promised to destroy her if she goes contrary to his orders. Sofia then tries to convince Rosa to mention who that man is so that she helps her out but she refuses to utter anything and walks away.

Fernando asks Gabriela if she faked to faint this time around and she replies that she didn’t fake it and Fernando tells her that she needs to go and do some tests to find out what’s really going on in her system but she states to him that she will do that later but for now, she wants to deal with Eva first and make sure her daughters hates her. Fernando then later asks Gabriela to confined in him and let him know if Rosa is the indeed Eva’s child but she refuses and mentions to him that there is no way she’s going to say anything because that’s the only weapon she’s going to use to destroy Eva so he should relax.
Sofia later walks to the bar and gives a strong warning to Armando to be very careful not to hurt Rosa else he wouldn’t take it slightly with her if anything should happen to her.

John inquires from Sofia if Bernardo loved Eva because he heard that Eva had a child with him and she clarifies to him that, her father never loved Eva and he didn’t even have an idea that Eva slept with him and got pregnant but the only lady her father truly loved was the young lady (Libia) who came to the hacienda during his wake keeping. And she proceeds by saying that she regrets ever leaving that young girl on her own, only to hear that she lost her precious life just like that and suddenly, John goes mad and Sofia asks him why the sudden change of attitude. 

Fernando walks into Rosa’s dressing room and tells her to ask him whatever she needs and he will gladly do it. Rosa then makes him to understand that she only needs her freedom and he tells her before she will gain it, then she needs to sign a blank sheet of paper which he holds in his hands as an evidence to prove that she will surrender all her inheritance to him when she finally gets her share of Bernardo’s properties and as Rosa makes an attempt to sign, John suddenly enters and when he sets eyes on Fernando, he questions him about his mission at that place and they all look startled.

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