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Who Killed Libia Episode 66 Update on Friday 19th October 2018

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Sofia informs John that she went to give a strong warning to the bar owner “Armando” about Rosa and she knows that he would have done same if his brothers were to find themselves in that situation and so John goes to the bar to face Armando himself. Upon reaching, he starts to query Armando as to why he has decided to treat Rosa as if she’s a slave and he replies, she chose to be in the bar and that no one forced her to make that decision.

Fernando still waits patiently in Rosa’s room waiting for her to sign the paper that will serve as a form of evidence to prove that she will hand over her properties to him when she inherits Bernardo’s properties. 

As Rosa makes an attempt to sign, Ofelia comes to inform her that she has a visitor and there, John shows up and as he sets eyes on Fernando, he questions him about his mission over there and everyone looked startled and Fernando answers him that he only came for an autograph so if he doubts, he can ask Rosa herself. 

John then asks her if Fernando is the one who has been mistreating her all the time and Rosa looking so timid, she says no and tells them to excuse her because she needs to change and continue her show and after having a deep thought of not uttering a word to anyone for her son’s sake, she signs the paper.

Rosa explains to Ofelia how scared she was when John came to see Fernando in her room but in all she feels relieved because nothing happened and Ofelia states to her that, she should bear in mind this isn’t the first and last time they might crush on each other and also since the Ryes brothers are known for not quitting any battle till they win, they are going to make sure they find who is behind all her sufferings. Rosa then begins to narrate to Ofelia about how Fernando betrayed his own friend (Bongo), who happens to be the father of her son Luis and made him end up in prison. She continues by saying that she committed so many mistakes in her past which caused most of her loved ones in great trouble and that is why Fernando has decided to rule over her life and so if she should go contrary to his orders, he’s going to destroy her forever.

The school principal takes Pablo back to live with John and his family till the adoption process gets finalized and they all gets enthused as they see Pablo in the house once again.

Sarah tells Gabriela she wants to see her recover and so she has sent Eva packing and her mother says to her that she shouldn’t have done that because Eva is supposed to pay for all the misfortunes she caused in their family and it will be appropriate for her to do that by remaining as their servant for the rest of her life but she clarifies to her mum that sending her out was the best and Gabriela feeling pleased by her daughter’s efforts, she congratulates her for being exceptional among her sisters and always being on her side. She continues to tell her that she’s going to miss her when she finally marries and leaves the house and also convinces her that she will be very happy in her marriage if she continues to heed to her advice.

John explains to his brothers that when Sofia spoke to him about their sister, he got mad and had a different feeling that he wanted to take the revenge that very moment and Oscar tells him that he feels same but this same revenge they wanted to seek has caused each one of them finding their true love and so it’s all good and Franco also agrees to it. John then tells his brothers that he thinks that it’s time to let the cat out of the bag and so he needs to make Sofia aware about the whole truth but Oscar tells him to be patient for the right time.

Fernando asks Gabriela how she feels and she tells him that she feels better than before because her daughters are finally going to be married and the house will be left for them alone and they are really going to have lots of fun. Fernando then tells Gabriela that she is the woman of his dreams and he is ever ready to do anything for her sake even if it causes him to kill.

Sarah sits in her room the night to her wedding and weeps as she writes on a paper that it’s her greatest wish to marry Franco because she truly loves him and she wish he could appear on her wedding day and put a stop to the marriage between her and Benito so that they can run away and live together forever.
Benito walks to Eugenia to tell her that if only she could follow him, then he will quit the wedding and leave Sarah on the alter to be with her but Eugenia tells him there is no need for that because she has made her mind to stay with Rigo.

Armando informs Rosa that Fernando has changed his mind on giving back her freedom and she angrily makes it clear to him that, if he refuses to free her, then Sofia will hear about him and his bad deeds and she exists. Armando then summons his guards to follow and keep a close eye on her and that if she misbehaves, they have the go ahead to eliminate her.

Rosa tearfully goes to Franco and tells him she is fed up and so she wants to escape with her son and go far away to begin life afresh and she asks if he is ready to go with her and he agrees. Unfortunately for them, Armando’s guards meet up with them on their way and with guns pointed at them, they take them away in their vehicle.

John asks for Franco’s whereabout and Oscar teasingly mentions to him that maybe he is having some fun with his girlfriend and suddenly, John feels a sharp pain in her chest and everyone wondering what’s happening to him, he mentions Franco’s name.

Franco tries to defend himself from the guards and he tells Rosa to run away but unfortunately, he’s being hit very hard that he unconsciously falls on the ground and one of the guards also catches up with Rosa as she tries to escape and gives her a hard blow on the head.

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