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Who Killed Libia Episode 67 Update on Friday 26th October 2018

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The doctor notifies John and Oscar that Franco and Rosa need to be rushed to the hospital for proper treatment and John asks the doctor if their brother is going to survive and he clarifies to him that, Franco is in a very critical condition as he speaks and so it will only take a miracle for him to survive.

Gabriela goes to look for Sarah in her bedroom and she realizes that she isn’t around and Jemima comes to tell her that she should stop looking for Sarah because she just packed out of the house and Gabriela furiously asks where she could have gone to.

Sarah arrives at the sister’s home to inform Mother Superior that she now wants to serve God and Mother asks her if she’s serious about her statement and she confirms that, it has been one of her wishes since childhood. Mother then asks again if her mother is going to agree to her decision and she clarifies that she will and also since she never gained anything beneficial in loving a man, then serving God is the best because there is abundant joy and blessings in doing God’s work.

A stranger walk to Father Teddy in the chapel and mentions to him that he’s in search of some three brothers who are into bakery and Father asks him why and he answers that, his reasons for coming after them is about a serious matter which involves life and death.

Fernand goes to see Raquel and asks her to calm down and not to worry so much about what happened during the wedding ceremony but Raquel makes Fernando to understand that she’s more worried about what her husband will do if he gets to know that the wedding couldn’t come on because he’s a very difficult person. Fernando then gets more closer to Raquel stating to her that, if her husband Reekado is like that, then she’s really going through a tough time with him but then she should relax because it hurts him to see a woman goes through such a treatment so therefore, he’s going to make her happier and he starts to kiss her.

Sofia queries Gabriela as to why she took Eva’s daughter away from her and Gabriela questions if she’s ready to listen to what she’ll say and also if she can take it in a good faith because the whole matter revolves around her and Sofia becomes speechless.

Father Teddy calls for John to meet the gentleman who came to ask of their whereabout and when John meets the gentleman, he asks who he is and he replies that he’s Peter Osei a cousin to the brothers and John tells him that he’s one on the brothers but then they have no other relative or cousin so he should explain himself further. Peter then shows him a letter to prove what he said clarifying that his mother and their father are siblings but their father travelled and never returned and since then, her mother has been wondering about where they could be till she recently passed away but then it has always been her wish to locate them one day. 

Sofia and Gabriela continue to argue and Sofia pressures her to say whatever she’s keeping but Gabriela tells her that there is no way she’s going to utter any word concerning that issue because she wants Eva to pay dearly for having slept with her husband and also, she will never disclose who her daughter is no matter what till she see her die. Looking at Gabriela’s statement, Sofia then realizes that Rosa isn’t Eva’s daughter.

Ofelia and Eva discuss about the recovery of Franco and Rosa, hopefully wishing that they get well soon. Eva then tells Ofelia not to worry about Luis because he’s in proper care by her side and Ofelia mentions to her that she talks as if the boy is her grandchild and so how will she react if it turns out that Rosa isn’t the daughter she’s been looking for and Eva pleads with her not to talk like that because she has already accepted and loves Rosa as her own.

Sofia goes to discuss to Don. Augustin about the conversation she had with her mother and a statement she made which caused her to feel as if she’s not part of the Elizondo family but Augustin tells her not to pay attention to it.

Fernando arrives home and Gabriela starts to question him about where he was the whole day and Fernando explains to her that he’s been working for the progress of the hacienda and she later apologizes for her interrogations by saying that she doesn’t want to lose him because she’s so much in love. Fernando then promises that there’s no way he will betray her like Bernardo and she cautions him to keep his promises else she’ll kill him if he goes contrary.

Sarah continues to think about Franco as she weeps and Mother Superior makes it clear to her that, she needs to think things through and make a final decision as to whether she’ll serve God or go back to her loved one Franco. She continues by stating that, before one can devote him/herself to serve the Lord, he or she needs to receive a calling and once you enter, there’s no turning back.

Gabriela, Sarah and Jemima go to the hospital where Franco is being admitted because Mother Superior asked Sarah to go and see Franco and there she can make her final decision. On their arrival, Gabriela meets Sofia and John and she gets so annoyed seeing them together and there, she starts to yell at them. Sarah then tells her mother to calm her nerves down for them to do what they came for and leave in peace but Gabriela sends her annoyance on her and as she pushes her out of her side, Sarah mistakenly falls into the arms of Peter and they couldn’t stop staring into each other’s eyes. 

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