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Who Killed Libia Episode 68 Update on Sunday 21st October 2018

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John insists that something bad might have happened to Franco but Sofia and Oscar tell him to calm down and Sofia asks him to come with her to her Father’s grave before heading to the chapel and she is very sure Franco will be there by the time they arrive.

Gabriela sees Raquel and Benito and she asks for the whereabout of Oduro and Raquel tells her that he has left the town because he said there is no way he can marry Jemima because he doesn’t love her and Gabriela gets shocked. Raquel then pleads with her not to cancel Sarah and Benito’s wedding due to what Oduro did for the sake of a secret they both share together and she agrees.

Franco tries to defend himself from the guards and he tells Rosa to run but unfortunately, he’s being hit very hard that he unconsciously falls on the floor and one of the guards also catches up with Rosa as she tries to escape and gives her a hard blow on her head. They later carry them to the stables and sets the place on fire and leaves. Franco later becomes conscious but as he tries to help himself and Rosa out of the fire, he fails and they both ends up hitting their head on a stone and lay lifelessly on the floor.

Sofia goes to pray on her father’s grave that he should help her sisters not to go through what she experienced in her marriage so therefore, she prays something should occur for the wedding to be cancelled.

Rosendo sees the stables on fire and he quickly rushes there only to find out Rosa and Franco seriously burning and he calls for help but the doctor tells them that Franco’s situation is very delicate and so he can’t survive.

The wedding between Sarah and Benito proceeds and when Sarah was just about to mention her vows, Tina budges into the chapel with tears and announces to them that Franco is no more, leaving everyone in great shock. Sarah then takes off her ring and tells Benito that she is sorry but she can’t continue anymore and quickly, she runs out of the chapel.

A new doctor checks up on Franco and he informs them that he is in coma at the moment because he suffered so many implications so therefore, no one is to touch him till he comes back to life. John weeps so bitterly thinking he has failed his late parents for not taking really good care of his brother to allow such a tragedy to occur to him and he promises to revenge no matter what.

Fernando queries Armando as to why his guards didn’t finish Rosa and Franco once and for all and Armando tells him that, they should find a way to escape from being traced and they will do so by selling out Rosa’s secrets so that people will get to know about her past life and how she ended up in jail sometime ago. He continues by saying that, it will create an impression that her enemies tried to get back at her and that’s why she was being attacked and Fernando warns him that if that plan doesn’t work out, then he will kill him himself.

Fernando informs Gabriela that now their families name has become the talk of the town due to what happened at the chapel and Sofia is to be blamed for everything because she was the one who started engaging herself with those poor people and now her daughters are no longer going to get married in other to leave the house for them to have their privacy. Gabriela then tells him not to worry at all because she will do everything to convince Sarah to marry Benito but since Oduro left, she doesn’t know what to do with Jemima and Fernando tells her they can find her a different man to marry.

John wrathfully swears that enough is enough so they are going to seek for revenge before things gets out of hand till they lose all their family members and Father Teddy tells him not to do anything stupid and that he should let God do His work but he objects. Oscar also gives his support to his brother saying that they will fight till the end and no one can stop them this time because they’ve had enough.

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