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Who Killed Libia Episode 68 Update on Saturday 27th October 2018

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Gabriela, Sarah and Jemima go to the hospital where Franco is being admitted because Mother Superior asked Sarah to go and see Franco and there she can make her final decision. On their arrival, Gabriela meets Sofia and John and she gets so annoyed seeing them together and there, she starts to yell at them. 
Sarah then tells her mother to calm her nerves down for them to do what they came for and leave in peace but Gabriela sends her annoyance on her and as she pushes her out of her side, Sarah mistakenly falls into the arms of Peter and they couldn’t stop staring into each other’s eyes but Sarah later draws away from him and tells him to forgive her for having fall into his arms. 

Gabriela still gets upset and asks that they should leave immediately because she can’t stand being in the midst of poor people and suddenly, she feels dizzy and the doctor asks for her permission to check on her. 

The doctor then realizes that her heart condition is getting serious and advises her to see a specialist and there Sarah gets worried and intend to accompany her to the hospital but Fernando comes in and insist of taking her by himself so that Sarah can continue with the reason for her coming.

Jemima breaks the news to Sofia about her marriage with Oscar and she gets so overwhelmed and congratulates them but on the other hand, she gets worried and asks Jemima when she intends to inform their mother and she states to her that, she will wait until she gets much better before she’ll disclose it to her in other not to cause any complications to her health. 

As Eva sits by Rosa and prays for her, Sarah enters and asks if she can excuse her so she can speak to Rosa alone and she agrees. She then sits beside Rosa and tells her how much she had regret for not accepting her as a sister and so she needs her forgiveness. She continues by saying a prayer for her recovery so that she can once again be with her loved ones and most especially, her son Luis.

Fernando goes to mock Father Teddy telling him that Gabriela has finally stopped attending his congregation and now he’s the one she confines in and Father states to him that, he’s the one leading her astray but he’ll be so sorry if she comes to realize the kind of person he is.

As Sarah finish talking to Rosa, she meets Peter and he expresses how pleased he is to meet her but Sarah warns him not to even think of touching or coming close to her because she has made up her mind to devote herself to God.

Sofia communicates to Eva about the way her mother’s condition is getting worse but then she doesn’t understand why she rejects her anytime she tries to get close and though her attitude upsets her, she’ll never stop loving her as a mother. 
Eva also makes a statement that, if it turns out Rosa isn’t her biological daughter, the love she has for her and her son will still remain the same and that’s a promise.
After Gabriela sees her doctor, Fernando suggests that they spend some time together because she made her daughters aware they aren’t returning until the next day. 

They then tour around the city enjoying themselves and in the process of their fun time, Raquel and Benito get to see them kissing each other and the look on their faces shows how amazed they were to see them in that act. 
Raquel not able to control herself, she quickly gets out of her seat and attempts to approach them but then Benito stops her and tells her to leave them alone and pretend as if they saw nothing.

Raquel still couldn’t hold her peace and later approaches Fernando and Gabriela questioning them as to what the are doing there alone. Gabriela starts to fumble as she makes things clear to her that they are only having a minor conversation and nothing else, but Raquel furiously advices her to be careful and not allow herself to be deceived. 

Gabriela then asks why she’s talking to her in that manner and she tells her to seek explanations from Fernando and she exists. As she leaves, Gabriela goes mad and asks Fernando to take her away because she can see the way Raquel sounded proves that there’s something going on between them but as usual, he finds a way to convince her not to pay attention to Raquel because she’s just feeling jealous.

Peter gives a complement about Jemima to Oscar and tells him how lucky he is to have such a lady to himself, he also tells Oscar about his interest in Sarah and Oscar mentions to him that, Franco is also in love with Sarah but then he’s finding it difficult to make a decision because he loves another lady called Rosa as well.

John and Sofia express their love for each other and Sofia states to him that she’s ready to be with him through to their old ages but the only thing that can hinder the progress of their love is keeping secrets from each other and right there, John starts to feel guilty saying in his mind that, “if only she knew”.

Jemima invites Oscar to come over to the hacienda since her mom and Fernando are away and won’t be returning. On Oscar’s arrival, they begin to make love and surprisingly, Gabriela arrives and badges on them in the process of their love making and she just couldn’t believe her eyes.

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