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Who Killed Libia Episode 69 Update on Sunday 28th October 2018

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Jemima invites Oscar to come over to the hacienda since her mom and Fernando are away and won’t be returning. On Oscar’s arrival, they begin to make love and surprisingly, Gabriela arrives and badges on them in the process of their love making and she just couldn’t believe her eyes. She starts to yell at Jemima asking her how she could allow such a poor man into her bed and make love to him or she has also she turned into a prostitute like Sofia. Oscar then gathers courage and spill it out that what they are doing isn’t immoral as she thinks because he and Jemima are already married and they show her their marriage certificate but she tears it apart, saying she will never accept it.

Annoyingly, Gabriela informs Fernando that Jemima and Oscar are married and she can’t believe it and also, she feels very disappointed because it seems neither of her daughters are on her interests but Fernando tells her to relax and accept them into the hacienda. He continues by saying that, accepting Oscar and keeping him in the house will enable her to succeed in trapping her enemies and getting back at them so she should think about it and act smart.

Gabriela calls for Oscar and Jemima to meet her in her study and announces to them that she never liked what she saw earlier between them but then she has thought about it and has decided to let them be as couples because she has no power to separate their marriage according to the law. This gets Jemima so happy and at the same time wondering because she couldn’t believe the way her mother approved their marriage but she gets over it and they both shows gratitude for acceptance.

Benito confronts Raquel as to why she behaved in that manner when they saw Gabriela and Fernando together because her actions proved that she was feeling jealous and Raquel gets angry and warns him not to talk to her like that because she doesn’t see the reason why she should get jealous over them.

Wrathfully, Gabriela makes Fernando to understand that she only accepted Oscar into the hacienda because there is a need for her to have someone around because she no longer needs his services anymore and so he should pack out and move in with Raquel. Again, she tells him to bring back all the money she gave him to see to the maintenance of the hacienda and walks away.

Otafrigya goes to show his interest in Gabriela to Fernando and tells him to do whatever it takes for him to win her over.

Jemima goes to tell Sofia that their mother has gladly accepted the marriage between she and Oscar and so very soon, Fernando will leave the hacienda and Oscar will fully be in charge over everything but Sofia advices her that they should be very careful because there’s no way Fernando will sit and watch Oscar to overtake any responsibility in the hacienda due to his greediness so they should watch out. Again, she tells Jemima that they need to talk to Sarah so that she doesn’t make any decision that will affect her in the future because it seems she’s really confused as to what to do.

Fernando submits Gabriela’s money to her and tells her that he truly loves her but if she has made up her mind not to give him the chance to prove it and also wants him out of her house, then he has no choice than to go but then he wishes her the best of luck and his words really breaks her down as she watches him leave. Quickly, she rushes out in tears and tries to stop him from leaving but it didn’t work and he drives out of the compound leaving her in tears.

Fernando arrives at Raquel’s house and fake tears telling her how Gabriela has been mistreating him and forcing him to do things he isn’t ready for and also, he has no love for her but Raquel tells him that she doubts because the way they kissed the other time she saw them proves that there is something serious going on between them. But Fernando insists that nothing of that sort is going on because she’s the one he feels something for and that’s why he came to express himself to her.

John engages in a conversation with Father Teddy and he tells him that he wants to tell the whole truth about the death of their sister Libia to Sofia because she once stated that they shouldn’t hold any secrets between them and Father tells him to hold on for the right time to come. Father also explains to him that, he also has so much to tell but then he’s also waiting for the appropriate time.

Peter goes to assist John as he works on the orphanage building and he discloses to him that he has met Sarah and it’s seems he has interest in her and heatedly, John restraints him to look elsewhere because Franco and Sarah are already hooked up and so he doesn’t want any destructions in their family all because of a woman.

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