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Ashoka Samrat Episode 72--73 Update on Tuesday 20th November 2018

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Scene 1
Noor comes to Siamak, she pushes him and says your father have other sons too to lessen his shame but i am feeling ashamed, hie other son will win but i have only you and what you did? you made me ashamed, why? you couldnt bear pain of this small wound, you knwo when you were born i had to bear alot of pain, Siamak says i am sorry, Noor says leave me alone, when i see you, i feel lost, she pushes him, he is about to fall but Khurasan comes and holds him, he ask are you fine, Siamak says i dont need anyone, he leaves, Khurasan says to noor that have you gone mad, you couldnt become your husband’s wife then atleast become good mother, if you had given time to your son instead of your illegal love then we wouldnt have seen this day, Noor says i worked hard on Siamak, Khurasan says the mother who doesnt respect her son, who gives more importance to her ego than her son then what can her son do? Siamak is my hope to get throne, if anyone come inbetween me and throne then i can take his life even if its is my daughter, Noor is angry.

Vrahmir wakes up and finds Radhagupt there wit soldiers, he finds Chanakya there, he says you here? Chanakya says which secret place you are making? Vrahmir says if i tell you then will i get punishment or forgiveness? Chanakya says you will be punished but severity depends on your answer, Vrahmir sys its royal palace, Ujjain’s king Raj is making his soldiers strong here by making palace here and secret ways in it, Chanakya ask his soldier to show him his place, soldier lift vRahmir and throws him in dry well, he says i told truth, bring me out, they closes well.

Acharaya Shrist says to Ashok and Sushim that i pray best for you, Aakramak says this is last track, in this maze, you have to find way out and the one who comes out of it first will be called great warrior, Chanakya have made it so you can expect how difficult is it, in center of this maze, there is Maurya’s sword, when you get sword, you will have to come out of maze and reach the final mark, this is not just game but is ritual that gives warrior every year to Magdh but this time its most important, there is no rules in this track but i hope you will be justified and behave nicely, Sushim says cheating or justice is not important, its all about winning, Aakramak says all the best to you three, sushim sys who is third? Shrist sys its Subaho, Ashok says this means he didnt resign, where is he? Kita says he is in vann but he didnr resign so he is in competition, Sushim says till he come here, i will be winner, AShok sys its time to fulfill my promises, bell rings, Both Ashok and Sushim enters maze.
Scene 2
Dharma prays that for winning AShok should not forget his values. otherside Charu says only Sushim have right to win sword. Bindu says if sushim wins then he will prove that he deserves to sit on throne but there is difference to get throne and to sit on it, Sushim have guts that a good rular have but does he have humanity and big heart to rule peope. Chanakya says to Radha that Siamak is good for Samrat but he is not complete Maurya, he has khurasani blood in him, he have effect of Khurasan which is not good for Magdh and otherside is Ashok who is complete Maurya and is attached to his land, Ashok’s win will be win of Magdh, with his win, i will make him meet his father, this is will be fulfillment of Chandragupt Maurya’s dream.

Ashok is in maze, trying to figure out way, Ashok and Sushim both are confused, Ashok says i will mark places so that i can remember way bit Sushim should not understand them, he finds one statue and says this is my mark, he comes in other part of maze and finds same statue, he says i changed my way then how come this statue again, some gases is spread in maze, sushim coughs and says i cant see anything. Ashok recalls how once he forgot his way, Dharma comes, Ashok says to her that i forgot my way, i got tensed, how did you find me?

Dharma says if your mind is not peaceful then you cant find way out, make your mind calm and you will find way out, fb ends, Ashok looks at statue and marks with it stick, he moves and finds other statue, he says now i understand that to make us confused they have placed same statues at different places, he thinks that Sushim is near, if he finds my marked statue then he will understand the trick, he marks other statue with same mark, he says it would be nice to see Sushim going wrong path, he leaves, Sushim comes there and finds mark on statue, he then finds foot marks of Ashok and thinks to follow it, Ashok comes to one place and finds gate locked, he moves to otherside, Sushim says i wil not forgive Indar and Subaho, Ashok listens Sushim coming and changes his way, he finally comes in center and finds Chandragupt’s sword.

Soldier informs Chanakya that there is some changes in finance but it is not seen where it is going, Radha says Vrahmir was saying same, we should inform Bindu, Chanakay says no there is something else which we are not able to see, he ask soldier to go to Vrakmir’s secret place which he was making and check if it going towards new palace or not, its doubtful that we are getting clues to easily.

Ashok looks here and there and says its doubtful that Chanakya so easily gives us sword, i am close to sword but there must be some difficulty to get it but what? Sushim comes there too and says i will first kill you then will get sword, Ashok says if i get in any trap to get sword then Sushim will get it, i cant take wrong step when i am so close to sword.
PRECAP- A tiger comes infront of Ashok. Ashok falls down, tiger is about attack him
Episode starts with Sushim attacking Ashok. Then both start fighting while each getting flashbacks of their encounters. Sushim manages to put dirt in Ashok’s eyes and runs forward towards the sword. Ashok remembers Akramak’s words and concentrates and throws his stick and it hits Sushim’s leg.

He falls down and Ashok runs and jumps over him to reach the sword. He lifts the sword and all the blockades open up and he starts running towards those open ways. Sushim follows him and is determined to take the sword from him before he reaches the finish line.

Subahu is trying to figure out his way when he sees Ashok running with sword in his hand. He is happy to see Ashok emerge victorious and feels bad that he had mistreated Ashok on Sushim’s orders.

Sushim also reaches there and is angry at seeing Subahu. But Subahu tells him that he didn’t leave the competition so as to help him defeat Ashok and then tricks Sushim into believing that he is on his side. He misguides Sushim and finally quits the competition.(Ashok gets one more friend!)

Sushim is running and cannot find Ashok anywhere. Ashok is running and is thinking how his mother would be proud of him, how samrat would be happy to see him emerge winner, how everyone would change their perceptive about him, how he would be declared the great warrior of Magadh! Suddenly he hears the roar of a tiger and someone’s cry for help.

There Sushim is scared to see the tiger standing in front of him. The tiger pounces on him and Ashok jumps and saves him.

The sword gets dropped from his hands while doing this. Sushim gets up and picks up the swrod and climbs up a tree to protect himself.

Ashok gets up and says that Vanraaj wont get killed by a tiger. Then he picks a stick and starts defending himself against the tiger.
Precap: The fight with the tiger continues, Ashok and tiger are literally having a trial by combat!(and Sushim is enjoying the fight from his tree-side seat! Way to go self proclaimed crown prince of Magadh!)

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