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Ashoka Samrat Episode 77 Update on Friday 23rd November 2018

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Scene 1
Ashok says i have no way to prove myself now, Chanakya comes and says let bygones be bygones, we always have choices, think about that, Ashok says i tried to tell Bindu about truth but he was so happy with his son that he couldnt understand that his son cheated at every level, he said that i cant become 1st then how would he believe me, Chanakya says you did right but if you had told truth then all would have thought that you are crying after losing, truth is only that Sushim won, no one knows what happened in competition, all we know is that Sushim havr royal sword, AShok says this is cheating, injustice with me, and you are taking its side, Chanakya says true, this is injustice and injustice happened to magdh too as he is getting wrong heir.

Charu is playing chess with Subhrasi, Subhrasi ask Noor to come and play, Noor says i am not in mood, Agni comes and says are you afraid of losing? Noor says winning or losing doesnt only depend on playing, it can observed too, Helena comes there and says i came to announce that we will have marriage with Greece’s culture, Charu says dont worry, we will have grand wedding, Helena says to Dharma that you saved Agni’s life so you will supervise everything, Dharma agrees, Helena says to Agni that i always wanted to have daughter and wanted to do her marriage with greece culture, will you allow me to do it? Agni says i will ask Raj.

Raj says to Helena that we are partners but that doesnt mean we will agree too everything you say, what will i answer to my people if we do marriage with greece culture only? Helena says if you dont follow me then you will b dead, Agni ask are you warning him uncle? Helena says i am just protecting his life, she says in indian culture, there is fire in Mandap and if we lit fire in new palace then everything will catch fire, whole palace will be burned down, we will will die as you know we have made palace such that it will burn with single flame, she says in Greece culture, fire is not used in marriage, no one will have problem with it as Justin is half Greek, Raj smiles accepting her plan.
Scene 2
Ashok comes in palace, he sees Dharma from far and says i am sorry Maa, because of me, you have become dasi, to protect me, you are doing all this and i couldnt do anything for you, i have lost chance to come closer to you and now i will come to you only after proving myself, he is about to leave but strikes with show piece, he hides behind pillar, Dharma look here and there for him but doesnt see him, he leaves.

Siamak says to Khurasan that Sushim cheated in whole competition, Khurasan says it doesnt matter, he won that matters only but you dont worry, you will be chief of army who have all the power, you have Khurasani blood, you will get what you want.

student says to Chanakya that why are you silent, dont you see what is happening here, Chanakya says its not only about blood or not about just being Maurya, one side is Ashok who was winning but to save his enemy, he left his win, he wanted to win because he wanted to serve his land, then there is Siamak, who have clean heart but is burdened under Noor and Khurasan’s dreams, he will lose his personality and then there is Sushim, who is egoistic, have no humanity and cheater, he wanted throne to make his mother happy, if Sushim sit on throne then it will mark black future of Magdh.

Sushim comes in room, he looks at royal sword, he says today i will be officially announced as heir, day is not far when everyone will be under me, Charu comes and says i have waited and worked for this day from years, i am proud of you, she does his Tilak and aarti, gives him Parsad, he touches her feet, Charu says now our dream is going to fulfill, Sushim says once i get crown, i will show everyone that nobody can win over me, our good days are coming, the power you feeling now, its just a pinch of the power i am going to give you in future, Charu smiles.
Scene 3
In court, all are waiting, Sushim comes in court with full attitude, he is given warm welcome, he sees his throne and crown, Noor is sulking, Drupat ask Dharma where is Siamak? Dharma says all must be waiting for him, Bindu says we have to wait for Chanakya, let him come then we will do official work, Sushim thinks Chanakya have always come in my way, let me become king then i will see him, Charu points to Prime minister, prime minister sys to Bindu that good time will slip if we wait for Chanakya, lets start, Helena agrees with him, Bindu allows to start function, priests does Aarti of Sushim and says a good Samrat is one who learns from his father and always think good for his people and Magdh, Throne is waiting for you, Sushim sit on throne, he looks at Charu who is all smiling, Sushim looks at royal sword and Crown infront of him, priest ask Bindu to come and make Sushim wear crown, Bindu gets up from his throne, takes crown and is about to make Sushim wear it but Chanakya comes there and says please stop Samrat, all looks chanakya coming in court with Siamak and Ashok, Dharma is happy seeing Ashok.
PRECAP- Bindu says you came on right time, Chanakya says i came to just tell you that you have another son too who deserve to be your heir, Dharma panics, Bindu looks on, Sushim fumes.

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