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Ashoka Samrat Episode 81 Update on Thursday 29th November 2018

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Scene 1
Chanakya ask how do you know about father? Ashok says i listened you talking to Maa, you have promised me, Chanakya says yes but first you have accept offer infront of Bindu and after your studies, you have to become army head, how will i decide that you will accept this title in future? what if you cheat me?

Ashok says i am cheated fro years, Chanakya says you hate your father then why asking about him? Ashok says i wanna know about person who cheated my mother, i cant ask her as i cant hurt her, i have to find out the truth which have made my mother sacrifice so much, i will do anything but will find about my father, he leaves, Chanakya is tensed, he says it was not difficult for me to hide truth but it killing me inside that i am hiding, i know nothing is more important then Magdh’s safety, but i doubt if i have power to handle things?

Noor comes to Bindu’s room, Charu comes there too, Charu says i have first right on Samrat, Noor says dont talk about right, Samrat doesnt even wanna see you, he is hating you, if you try to come closer to him then he can throw you away from palace too, as much as i know Samrat, he will not make your disrespectful son his heir, now Chanakya is with Siamak too, ball is in my court now, she leaves, Charu fumes.
Scene 2
Agni is playing drum, Justin is listening and enjoying it. Noor comes there, she fumes seeing them. Justin drinks wine, he gets a note, Agni ask did you like how i play drum? Justin says this is extra ordinary, it seems like you have pain in your heart, Justin reads note and gets tensed, he says to Agni that i have some important work, she ask if that important work is Noor? Justin says no, i will comeback, Agni says i am waiting, Justin leaves.

Ashok is going from market, Ashok comes to registrar office, he says i wanna know about person, soldier ask tell his name? Ashok says that i dont know and wanna know that only, soldier says how will i tell you name of any person, leave from here, he leaves, Ashok is tensed, he says my father must be around but i dont know how to recognize him.

Ashok comes in Mandir and says to Lord that i will not ask anything from you, just wanna sit here to calm my mind, he sits there, he starts crying.

Justin comes to Noor and says what kind of game is this, he ask werent you happy with Samrat that you called me, she throws flowers on him, Justin says i dont like all this, Noor doesnt show her face to him and hides, he gets worried and ask her to come out, he says i am worried about you, its all dark here, i love you and i cant live without you but you hurt me always, he looks here and there for her, he says i dont love that Agni, just faking it with her, he cries and says try and understand me, i have killed my heart to say yes for this marriage, a girl touches him, he says i sometime feel why we born in royal family? cant we go away from here, i die everyday thinking about that first it was Bindu between us and now.. he turns to find Agni there not Noor, he is stunned.

Ashok sleeps in Mandir only, he gets dream of his burning house in Vann, he wakes up, he finds blue flower there, Pundit comes and ask where did you find this flower? Ashok says dont know, Pundit says this type of flower is found near waterfall, dont know how it came here, Ashok thinks my mother used to live there only, is this some clue that i should go to Vann to find about my father, he smiles and leaves for his old house where Dharma married Bindu.

Justin ask Agni what kind of game is this? Agni says you are playing game not me, i can tell this to Bindu rightnow and you know what punishment you and your lover will get.. but i will not do this, Justin ask what you want from me? Agni says complete agreement to me.
Ashok leaves Patliputra, sand storm has come. Dharma worries for Ashok, she prays to God for Ashok. Ashok is going to his old house in all sand storm.
PRECAP- Ashok comes to old house of Dharma. A blind old lady comes and ask did Subhadrangi cameback? AShok says i am her son, she says you are like your father, he ask if you have seen my father? lady says yes, i know him.

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