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Crossroads Update on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Swadheenta saying Asad is mad, he says anything. Adarsh smiles and sends message to her. She reads hope everything is fine, good night. She recalls Asad’s words and switches off her phone. Abhay gets a call and gets shocked…. His sleep breaks and asks who did this, are you sure, I will come office and talk. He sees Simmi sleeping…. And calls Adarsh. The call does not connect. He rests to sleep.
Its morning, Adarsh gets ready and Abhay stops him on way to breakfast table. Abhay says I tried calling you at night, your phone was switched off, its something imp. Adarsh says mom is calling and goes to have breakfast. 

Suhasini asks where is Simmi. Simmi comes and says I came on time. Suhasini says good you are adapting to this house. Simmi says yes, but maybe this house won’t
accept me, Abhay I came here by trusting you. She says I don’t know what relation Adarsh has with that cheap lawyer, why did he file FIR against my Papa. Manohar and Jaideep ask Adarsh in shock. Abhay tells them that Swadheenta complaint that Ahuja’s men has beaten up her, her brother and Adarsh. Suhasini asks what. Adarsh says actually… Simmi says Papa can’t do this, just Adarsh can answer why he is doing this, sorry mom, not today. Manohar and Jaideep ask Adarsh why did he file FIR without thinking. Adarsh says its not false, the goons had really beaten up Swadheenta and me. Suhasini asks how are you related to this. 

Adarsh says there were 5 goons, Swadheenta and her brother were beaten up, I was there and helped them, she filed FIR, I went along. Manohar asks him not to take his Robin hood tag so seriously, as he is not thinking against whom is he going. Suhasini asks Adarsh does he know Swadheenta. He says i just met her in Shraddha’s marriage. Before Adarsh could explain, Simmi starts arguing with Suhasini. Suhasini says Ahuja’s name will get cleared if those goons are not his men. Simmi says what a family, Abhay got to know this at night and he kept quiet, and now mom knew this and kept quiet too, mom regards my Papa a criminal. Suhasini says police will decide whether he is criminal or not, we don’t talk in high tone in this house. She gets angry. Simmi cries and looks at Abhay. She leaves. Abhay goes after her.

Abhay consoles Simmi and says we will shift to our quarter, all this arguments won’t happen. She says no, I don’t want to shift, I want to be with everyone here, if we leave, everyone will say I broke Sinha family. Adarsh looks on and comes to them. He says I did not have intentions to hurt you and Ahuja uncle, sorry. She says its fine, everyone like to hurt me and my Papa. Adarsh says you are mistaken, you are bahu of this house. She says saying bahu is not enough, bahu’s rights have to be given. Adarsh says I know, relations are not one sided, ask yourself what did you do to become this house’s bahu. He signs Abhay and leaves.

Adarsh goes to Suhasini and says I need to talk. She refuses to talk. She gets her anger out. He says I m saying what happens daily, Simmi did not leave this house, she could have taken Abhay, but she did not, she gets angry but never walked out with Abhay, accept her mom. She asks did you grow up such that you can explain me on joining family. She asks Abhay does he have to explain anything.. and goes. Abhay thanks Adarsh for trying. Adarsh says don’t worry, I will make everything fine. Abhay says there is one way, you also do love marriage. Adarsh asks why, will this end mom’s anger. Abhay says no, her anger will get divided. They laugh. Abhay asks is there any girl. Adarsh smiles and leaves.
Mamu and Mami are happy for Swadheenta. Asad jokes and Swadheenta pulls his ear. Swadheenta eats curd as she is going to meet Suhasini. Her mum calls and asks her not to be nervous. Her mum says I did puja and blesses her. Her dad talks to her and reminds how scared they were before sending her away, but today they are very proud. Swadheenta thanks them.

Swadheenta is on the way in rickshaw. She gets Adarsh’s call and does not pick it. She recalls Asad’s words. Adarsh is in his car, and reaches the rickshaw. He asks why is she not answering the call, talk to me, I thought you will be glad. She says its my office’s first day, don’t irritate me. He asks driver to overtake and stop rickshaw. He goes to her and asks whats the problem. She asks him not to create a scene on road. He asks her why is her mood so bad, whats the problem. She says I m getting late. She leaves. Adarsh wishes her all the best. Ahuja spots them, and says black in pulse meaning daal me kaala…. He leaves.

Suhasini is in her office and recalls Adarsh’s words. Dubey says Swadheenta has come. Suhasini says ask her to sit….

Suhasini welcomes Swadheenta to her team and asks why are you worried. Swadheenta says no. Suhasini says if Ahuja’s goons attacked me, I would have got worried too. Swadheenta asks how do you know. Suhasini says some things have to be found, here is your desk, wish you all the best, did you file FIR. Swadheenta says yes, yesterday night. Suhasini says so fast, FIR takes weeks time against rich people like Ahuja, did govt officer help in FIR. Swadheenta says yes. Suhasini says its good if govt officer is boyfriend of a lawyer. Swadheenta says he is not my boyfriend. Suhasini says close friend. Swadheenta says we just know each other, I came here from Chennai to do law and focus on my work, I don’t have time for all this. Suhasini says nice thought, else you can get distracted, have a look at the files. She goes. Swadheenta gets shocked seeing Ahuja construction file. She goes to Suhasini and says all these cases are against Ahuja. Suhasini says you should be happy, Ahuja attacked you, you got a chance, study the files well, so that Ahuja can’t snatch any poor man’s land. Swadheenta says yes and goes. Suhasini checks newspaper and thinks Ahuja made my son away, and raised question on my upbringing, I will settle scores now. She smiles. Swadheenta arranging her desk with her parents pic. She gets Asad’s note and keeps his pic as well. She fixes some notes and sits to work. Abhay tears the papers and gives to Ahuja. He say case is over. Ahuja thanks him and says Swadheenta is giving tension for no use, I don’t have to do anything, Simmi is tensed. Abhay says Simmi is fine, don’t worry Papa. Ahuja says you know her state, take these medicines, did Simmi doubt? Abhay says no, she thinks these medicines are vitamins. Ahuja says God should give everyone Jamai like you, I m very grateful, I m annoyed with your elder brother, why does he interfere in other’s matter, why did he go with Swadheenta. Abhay says I apologize for that, maybe Adarsh knows that girl. Ahuja says long time friendship, fine, I walk, I mean

I will go, your English got weak. Abhay laughs. Ahuja says be with me, I will make your English better. He leaves.

Asad tells Radhika and other friends about the goons. He boasts of his bravery and says I have beaten the five goons a lot. He sees Adarsh coming and says how did he come here. Radhika says he is IAS officer Adarsh Sinha, who was coming to give lecture. Asad says I will go. Adarsh greets him and stops him. Asad greets him. Principal asks Adarsh do you know Asad. Adarsh asks him to check arrangements, Asad will get me to auditorium. Principal asks Asad to get Adarsh.
Adarsh asks Asad how is his wound. Radhika says what was the need to beat five goons, I explain Asad so much. Adarsh asks really and tells more fake stories of Asad’s bravery. Asad looks at him and says yes, how can I forget. He asks Asad to come. Asad asks where. Adarsh says auditorium. Asad says yes, after you Sir…

Adarsh gives the lecture about making career, and girlfriend. He says choosing career is like choosing girlfriend, choose career which you love and work with sincerity, sorry to bore you all. Everyone clap for him. Gilani greets Adarsh and says speech was very nice, what are you doing tomorrow morning, I wanted you to come at my house for morning tea. Adarsh says sure, I will come. Gilani thanks him. Adarsh says I will come on my own, I mean Asad will tell me. Asad tells his friends that I know big people. Adarsh calls him. Asad goes to him. Adarsh asks him not to fake boast so much that it gets tough. Asad says sorry, I was saying to impress friends. Adarsh asks how is Swadheenta. Asad says what happened, she is fine. Adarsh asks did she say anything. Asad says she always says something. Adarsh says about me, did she think anything. Asad says she is busy, she has no time to think, she is assisting big lawyer. He goes to his friend. Adarsh smiles.

Swadheenta is on call talking to Mr. Mehra. She gets Adarsh’s call and ends ongoing call. Adarsh asks is she still annoyed. She asks do you care. He asks her to think of Simmi. She says we spoke about it. He says exactly, its time for action, I m your son and won’t leave this matter so soon. She asks what to do. He asks her to meet him, he will message the location.

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