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Fall Into Temptation - Grand Finale Update on Thursday 15th November 2018

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THE PAST AND PRESENT INSERTS: at the police station, Vicente and Damian unfolds to the authorities when Carolina was shot on her chest and Damian tries to save her but Vicente punches Damian with the shovel and after buried Carolina out of respect. Damian then accuses Vicente of Carolina’s death because if not that he buried her maybe they could have saved her. 

Cynthia calls Godoy to ask him for help to save Fede since Andres could harm him because Miriam called her to ask her to protect Fede, but Godoy is busy. 

Andres points a gun Fede and demands from him to tell him what he knows about him and his dealings and unluckily for him, the group Lord asks his guys to come for him (Andres) since he just noticed that Andres has been going behind them to doing something fishy. 

Cynthia again asks Santiago for help regarding Federico if not he might end up dead and also Alina has the company’s documents which can help them testify against Andres that he is into money laundering and drug trafficking. 
So, Santiago asks her to calm down and he is going after Alina to know what she is up to have threatened him that she will take drastic measures for rejecting her love proposal. Santiago calls Godoy to inform him and Godoy asks Santiago to follow Alina to be able to save Federico.
Rueda tells Godoy that he gave all the papers to Alina.

The police still want to know from Damian who was in the third car and Mia states that she and Fede were in that car because they followed Damian and Carolina but lost track of them when they were paying the toll booth. 

Vicente imagines seeing Carolina in his cell and he starts crying and talking to her and his cell mate sees it as madness. 

Andres arrives with Federico before his drug Lord Tony and Andres asks him to let Federico go because he is his nephew but he says no because he’s already seen who him and known who he is and so he can’t let him go. 
Andres tells him that he doesn’t know how things got out of hand and due to that he doesn’t even know who will bring Tony the money laundering documents and Tony says he already know and that is Alina and she is about to arrive and so he doesn’t Andres that he’s no longer useful for him. 
Alina arrives and in exchange for the company’s documents, the drug Lord Tony gives her huge sum of money. She then tells Andres and Federico that Santiago could have saved their lives but he didn’t. 
Unfortunately for her, right there arrives Santiago and the police and the movie turns into an action one which results others death including Andres and some of the gangs but the drug Lord and Alina are arrested whiles Santiago saves Federico
Laura announces that the Becker-Rivas’ and Alvarados case is closed as Vicente hanged himself in prison and Damian has already confessed that he shot Carolina which the police considers it as self-defense to save Carolina from his brother Vicente’s attack to persist on demanding the money from her. But the two families will remain united with this great tragedy all their lives for betrayal and for falling into temptation. 

Godoy and Cynthia decide to live together.
Antonio goes to arrest Miriam for being a part of the money laundering and silence accomplice of Andres and she will be taking to the women penitentiary. She excuses Antonio to go get something things from her room and go with them without any resistance, but she enters and the latter cuts her veins and dies to prevent herself from suffering in jail. 

Santiago buys an apartment for Lola and Bebo.
Mia tells Raquel that she wants her to be happy and so she should be with Santiago.
Lola gives two tickets to Santiago so he goes on a trip with Raquel and they go to Acapulco and whiles at the beach, Santiago decides to propose to Raquel, but unfortunately, he forgets the ring at the hotel and decides to go back for it. 
So, Raquel remains alone at the beach and starts remembering that she was at the site of the accident and that she shot Carolina whiles struggling with Vicente. But after the gunshot, Damian takes the gun and asks her to go away and that was to protect her and after she left, 
Damian wiped off Raquel’s fingerprints from the gun and holds the gun instead to register her fingerprints on the gun. 

Damian also then recalls when Doctor Altube told him that Raquel has a dissociation out of stress. Raquel again recalls what happened in the accident and how Damian asked her to help Carolina.
At the cemetery, Damian commits suicide in front of Carolina’s grave. 

Raquel sits on some rocks waiting for Santiago to come back from the hotel and she starts crying in silence after remembering everything and suddenly and sadly, the sea waves drag her offshore without a rescue.
The End.

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