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Forever Yours Update on Friday 30th November 2018

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Pakhi coming home. She sees her bangle and thinks about Anshuman. The flashback scene shows Pakhi stopping Anshuman from smoking. They argue a lot ad her hand hits his face. Pakhi says you gave me this heavy bangles and I will wear it. Ayaan comes and complains about a girl slapping him wearing heavy bangles. She sees the same mark and asks how this happened. Ayaan says Daisy argues with me and I got hurt. Pakhi smiles and says its your mistake. She says if a girl tells you something, you should listen to her, else the result will be like this. Ayaan leaves.

She says I did not wish to beat you, it got hurt, sorry. He asks what, come closer and say. She runs. She smiles thinking about him. Anuja comes and asks did you remember anything old. She says your face shows you were

thinking about your husband. Pakhi thinks how Anshuman called her characterless and says what to do with old memories, if its bad, it hurts, if its good, it makes us sad. Anuja sees her bangles and smiles. Ayaan takes Anshuman’s smiling pic and asks him why are you smiling. He shows him the pic.
Anshuman says you brought food for me, so I m smiling. He says don’t lie, tell me you were thinking of mum. He says go home, I have work. Ayaan says mum asked me not tell him, but Lord can help him. Anshuman gets a call asking him to check model pics. He checks the pics and is shocked. Pakhi’s face is not shown in it. He still thinks of her seeing the bangle pic. He thinks about her and that he gifted the bangle to Pakhi. He says Pakhi, I don’t understand. He asks his manager to final this model and keep the shoot tomorrow. I will do Delhi and supervise everything.

Pakhi gets angry on Deepika for sending her pics without her permission. Anuja and Deepika try to convince her. Deepika says company approved your pics, the photo shoot is tomorrow. Pakhi says I won’t do. Deepika says the company’s owner is coming to see the photo shoot. Pakhi says stop it, I don’t want anyone to know I m here. Anuja packs Deepika’s bag to emotionally blackmail Pakhi. Deepika cries. Anuja says don’t be here, as there won’t be any photo shoot. Pakhi stops them and says fine, I will do this shoot.

Deepika and Anuja thank her. Ayaan sees the model pics and thinks to ask Pakhi. He thinks if dad knows I talk to Pakhi, then he will find out. Anshuman asks is this Pakhi, see the bangle. Ayaan confuses him. Anshuman says she went Jaipur, and this model is in Delhi. Ayaan says she maybe in Delhi too. Anshuman says yes right, I m in tension and my mind is not working. Ayaan says you have two options, it can be Pakhi and maybe not. He asks if you meet her, what will you tell her.

He says yes, I have planned everything. He says I will tell her………….. what will I tell her, I apologized before and will do that again. Ayaan asks him did you do my babysitting. Anshuman says yes. Ayaan says fine, when did you know about my needs. Anshuman says you used to cry. Ayaan says when I used to be with Pakhi, I used to say I have a problem, she used to come with me. Anshuman says yes, I will tell her this and she will come home. Ayaan says go Delhi tomorrow. He says I hope this is Maa. 
Anshuman says I hope so too and hugs him. Ayaan says I love you dad. Anshuman says I love you too.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman looking at a magazine. The FB scene shows Pakhi getting jealous seeing a model. Anshuman praised the model. She says its not a big deal to wear such clothes. He praises herself. Anshuman told her what it takes to be a model. Deepika asks Pakhi is she nervous. She tells her a joke. Pakhi says lets sleep now. Pakhi thinks again. FB scene shows Pakhi modeling infront of Anshuman wearing high heels. She slips and he holds her smiling. 

She says this poise, elegance and attitude is not a big deal. He says yes I agreed. She then thinks he called her characterless. Anshuman thinks about her and reads her letters. He says I m coming Delhi Pakhi to complete my happy family. Pakhi is doing puja for ayaan and says that all mothers so this puja for their child’s welfare. .. she shows deepika photo of ayaan and wonders how she could leave him alone…. pakhi becomes sad…

Pakhi explains how to do the puja and she remembers that she has no coconut but deepika says that no shop is open at this time… deepika says that they will be late and as the owner is coming. … pakhi agrees but aunty saves the day by bringing the coconut. … aunty says that she wanted to make south Indian but pakhi needs it more…

Pakhi prays for ayaan wellbeing and understands how difficult it is for a child to be in a middle of estranged parents. .. she wishes that he has the courage and strength to seal with it… she knows that ping back home will
be hard on her. ..
Anshuman arrives in Delhi and pakhi starts her photo shoot. ..

Anshuman arrives at the photo shoot and pakhi realises that Anshuman is here and tries to hide under her dupatta… deepika tells pakhi to change her costume. .. Both pakhi and Anshuman miss each other… Anshuman comes to meet deepika and wanted to meet the model… pakhi calls deepika and warns her not to let Anshuman meet her. .. deepika wonders why and she blurts out that he is her husband….
Anshuman leaves and pakhi exchanges the model and he bumps into the fake model… Anshuman leaves from there getting disappointed. ..Anshuman leaves and deepika is surprised that pakhi is Anshuman wife and she wonders why the live separately…

Pakhi says not to inform anyone the truth…. elsewhere, aunty is having kids over to give prasad and they wonder where her kids are and a he shows a photo of her kids to them and asks them to pray for their well being…

Aunty is surprised to see pakhi home so soon… pakhi says that this puja is done for a child’s welfare… pakhi says that she lied to them and that she has kids. ..
Aunty says that Mrs bhalla said to do it and to continue the lie she had to do the puja… aunty tells her to rest but Mrs bhalla comes and interrupts that she did not say to keep any fast…
Mrs bhalla says to pakhi to touch her mother in law feet but aunty refuses saying girls don’t touch feet. … However, pakhi still touches and aunty gives her blessings.

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