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Forever Yours Update on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Pakhi asking Tausa not to hate Anshuman. She says how could you think to kill him. Anshuman came here before and everyone were annoyed, but no one slapped him. Bhaisa says he cheated us, but it was his dad’s mistake, but this time he cheated and its his mistake. Pakhi says its between a husband and wife, no one has a right to say in between us, you did my upbringing and have a right on me, you can beat me, but not my husband, he is related to you all because of me, and he is my responsibility here, and you did not teach me to face off my responsibilities.

She folds her hands and requests them not to ill treat Anshuman, as he is the son in law of this house. Bhaisa cries. Pakhi leaves. Anshuman looks on and says you told everything without saying anything, I know you

have forgiven me, if I would have died today, I would have not cared. Pakhi comes to her room and thinks of Anshuman’s words. She holds her mangalsutra and looks at it. She cries thinking of his apologies.
She calls the travel agent and talks to him……….Lavanya falls and gets hurt. Girish comes and sees her. He lifts her and calls the doctor. The doctor checks Lavanya and says the baby is fine. Lavanya and Girish are relieved. She asks them to take precautions. Girish says sorry, I will take care. Lavanya thanks her. Girish apologizes to Lavanya. She asks what happened. He says see I could not take good care of you, its my mistake, I decided I will stop working and be with you all the time. She laughs and says you will be bored.

He says you are my world, I love you. Its night, Anshuman talks to Ayaan and gives him the updates. He says everything is fine now, I will bring Pakhi tomorrow morning and then we three will be together like a happy family. Its morning, Anshuman wakes up and is excited to meet Pakhi. Bhaisa comes to him and says breakfast is ready, freshen up. Anshuman smiles and says it’s a good morning. Anshuman greets everyone and looks for Pakhi. He asks them about Pakhi. Bhaisa makes him wash his hands. Anshuman asks him where is Pakhi. Everyone are quiet. Anshuman asks Bhabhisaa but no one answers him. Bhaisa says your bath water is ready.

Anshuman says I don’t need anything, tell me where is Pakhi, fine I will find her myself. He calls out Pakhi and looks everywhere. Anshuman says where did you hide her. Bhaisa says she left herself, we did not hide her. Anshuman asks where and how. Bhaisa says now you won’t get her. Anshuman says she loves me, she cares for me, see she did this. She was angry and now everything is fine, we will go back. Anshuman gets angry and asks about her. Bhabhisa says she not only left you, but her family too. Anshuman is shocked.

She says husband and wufe’s relation is from heartm you have broken her heart. He says I know, I will apologize to her, tell me where is she. Bhaisa says we will never tell you where she went. Anshuman holds Bhaisa’s feet and says tell me where she went. Bhaisa says you have hurt her a lot, go back to your home and forget her and forget everything. Bhaisa says you kicked her out of your house by your wish, and she decided not to meet you again by her wish.

Bhaisa thinks about Pakhi’s words. The flashback scene shows Pakhi talking to everyone saying she wants to find herself now. She waited for Anshuman for 18 years, it was her decision always, and everyone supported her. She says I want to go far from here and I want you all to support me. She says I went to cyber cafĂ© as I found a job for me in Delhi and did all the arrangements. Tausa says this is your home, don’t go. Pakhi says let me go, till I break all the memories and go ahead, I can’t start a new life. Pakhi promises them she won’t ask anything again.

Bhaisa asks Pakhi to go as her happiness matters to them. He says we won’t stop you, our trust and pride is with you, we all are with you. He says we will not cry for you, go. He hugs her. Current scene: Bhaisa says Pakhi should be happy. Anshuman says I married her, we love each other, how can she go, I swear on Ayaan and Pakhi, I won’t do this again, tell me where she went. Bhaisa says now we don’t have anything to give you. We don’t have Pakhi with us, forget Pakhi now. Anshuman tries to ask everyone about Pakhi. No one tells him.

Chutki tells him that Pakhi is going by Jaipur bus, she might be at bus station, don’t waste time, just go. He hugs her. He says I will not let her go, thanks. He runs taking his bag. Pakhi is at the bus stop. Anshuman calls her and she switches her phone off. He reaches the bus stop. They are so close but does not see each other. Pakhi sits in the bus. Pakhi sees him and hides her face. Anshuman shouts Pakhi. Anshuman trying to find Pakhi. She wears a burqa as he gets into the bus searching for her. He gets down the bus. He says Pakhi please don’t leave me. Punish me, but don’t go leaving me, can you hear me Pakhi. Pakhi hides her face. She sees her and runs to talks to her. He says I will not do anything, I can’t live without you, forgive me. He asks the conductor to open the door. He requests Pakhi to forgive him once. He reminds her of their love. The bus leaves. He says stay for Ayaan, once, please. He hangs on the bus and requests her. He says I love you, please. He falls on the road. Pakhi turns to see him. Saiyyan……………………plays…………….

He runs after the bus. He removes her mangalsutra and throws some letters with it. Anshuman gets it. Anshuman
picks it and cries shouting Pakhi. Pakhi lands in Delhi and is taxi. He says my phone is off, stop at a PCO, I need to make a call. She thinks she is finding herself. She thinks about Anshuman. Anshuman reads the letters. She wrote about love and how he turned down her feelings but she will always love him. Anshuman imagines Pakhi and goes to her. She says it was a soul relation, and now it turned into love. Then she wrote the letters waiting for him for 18 years. She says its my last letter. He again sees her picking the letters.

She writes she saw everything, what he did, she got hurt, but it did not touch her soul. She says characterless is not a word, but a sword which cuts a woman’s respect, now she can’t be with him, she can’t accept this. She says doubt is bad, so I m breaking all relations and leaving from her. She says maybe you got incomplete love since childhood, so you did not love anyone, you love your mum a lot, you tried to hate her, don’t know I was there in your fate or not. She says when you could not clear your mum’s name and called her characterless, the mum who gave you birth, then how can I believe you.
I did not meet your mum but I felt her pain, she was made to leave her children and I m also going far from Ayaan, punishing him, what to do, I could not learn how to manage myself after falling from so much height, my heart broke, but still loves you. She says take care and the letter ends. Anshuman cries. Pakhi comes to the agent to stay. She comes to know an old lady is also in her room, and someone else. Pakhi meets the other girl Deepika Sharma. Pakhi goes to see the house. Anshuman comes home and tells the servants that Pakhi did not come back.

They are shocked. Anshuman meets Ayaan. Ayaan asks about Pakhi and calls Maa. Anshuman tells him she did not come, its time he takes care of him and hug him. Ayaan hugs him. Ayaan says she does not love me. Anshuman says no, she loves you, she can’t stay without you, I know she is hurting herself being away from you, she could not forgive me, I did big mistake. So it will take time. He says I will bring her back, I will try my best. Ayaan says if I call her and ask her to come, will she come. Anshuman says yes. Ayaan says I won’t do this, we both are hurt to stay away, but you have bigger pain. Ayaan says Maa will come back for both of us. Anshuman hugs him.

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