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Game of Love Update on Thursday 29th November 2018

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Shivaye asks Anika to wake up, you can’t leave me, I want to hear your nonsense, say something, Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO, say something…. He hugs her and shouts Anika. Sometime before, Shivaye gets shocked seeing Anika inside the glass chamber. He shouts Anika. Anika and Daksh see him. Shivaye runs to her. Daksh says Shivaye, the more close to go to her, water flow will get faster. Shivaye shouts stop it Daksh. Daksh says go for it Shivaye. He gets angry seeing Shivaye and asks him to shout more, what else can you do. Shivaye hits on the glass.

Daksh says I told you, I will get upset when you go close to her, I will hurt her more. Shivaye says your fight is with me, leave her, okay Daksh I will come away, just stop the water. Daksh says no I can’t do this, I m so sorry, you know why,

I m having fun seeing you dancing on my fingers and seeing Anika dying, I m loving it. Shivaye kicks him. He beats up Daksh. Daksh falls away and laughs showing Anika. Anika struggles in water. Shivaye rushes to Anika and hits the glass. Anika and Shivaye holds the glass, touching each other’s hands. Anika sees him and sinks. Shivaye sees her sinking and gets shocked. He runs and gets a rod. He breaks the glass by hitting on it. Anika falls out down. O jaana……plays………. Shivaye sees her.

Daksh laughs and says Anika is gone, Anika is dead. Shivaye gets shocked and says how did you touch Anika, you touched my wife, you touched Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s wife. He beats Daksh. Anika moves. Shivaye sees her and runs to her. Jaane nahi denge tujhe…..plays……….He holds her in arms. Shivaye asks Anika to wake up, you can’t leave me, I want to hear your nonsense, say something, Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO, say something, Kanji eyed, anything. He hugs her and shouts Anika. He recalls their argument. He thinks of Anika’s words and cries. His tear falls over her face. Anika says Shivaye…. He hears her and looks at her. She opens eyes. He gets a big relief and hugs her.

At Oberoi mansion, Shivaye sits looking at Anika, while she is sleeping in their room. She wakes up and holds her head. He asks are you fine and holds her. He recalls his words. He says doctor prescribed these medicines, take these. She takes pillow. He says just stop, you are not well, sleep here, I will sleep outside. She says I don’t need your help. She says listen to me Anika. She goes. She sleeps outside. He comes to her and recalls her words.

Its morning, Shivaye says whatever happened yesterday… I have to talk. She says I m going to change. He asks why are you not talking. She asks did you talk, before having cheap opinion about me, did you ask me once if its true, Daksh said and you believed, I m a liar, I m characterless, I can do anything for money, he said and you believed. He says no, I felt… She says you felt Daksh is from rich family, he can’t be wrong, he can’t lie, so who is liar, Anika. She cries and says I m middle class, middle class people are such, did you not doubt on me, you have forced your doubt on me. He says it was misunderstanding.
She says your misunderstanding ruined my respect, character means a lot to me, you raised finger at my character. He says but I can explain. She says you let it be Shivaye, you have said a lot to me, its enough, you made me fall in my eyes, respect and self esteem, that were my assets, you snatched self esteem before and now you snatched my respect too. She cries. He looks at her. He says we can talk, talk to me, calm down, Anika listen to me. He holds her and asks what’s your problem, stop crying, talk to me, else how will problem get solved. She gets hurt. He leaves her hand. She says I don’t want to talk to you. She leaves. He says how will she not talk to me, I will not get peace till her annoyance is gone, she has to talk to me.
Jhanvi asks Anika to sit for breakfast. Pinky gets up and says my hunger died. Priyanka asks any problem. Pinky says problem is in front of me. Anika asks why are you saying this, did I make any mistake. Pinky says no, did you ever do mistake, we did mistake to get you in this house. Tej and Shakti come and look on. Pinky says your deeds are infront of us now. Jhanvi asks Pinky to let it go. Pinky says Shivaye is my only son, and such bad character bahu, I m scared thinking she is my bahu. Shakti says enough Pinky, you are saying anything to Anika. Anika cries.

Pinky says I m just saying, anyone else would have kicked her out, Anika play this sati savitri drama anywhere else, Daksh told us everything, you have no shame, anyone else would have left home, you are seeing in my eyes. Shakti says its good Maa is not here, she is in Tirupati, Omru went to take her. Pinky says it would be good that she saw this girl’s drama. She asks Anika will she stand here even now or leave from house. Anika cries and turns to leave. Shivaye comes there and sees her crying.

Shivaye holds her hand and takes her. He says Anika will not go anywhere. Pinky says Shivaye, let her go, you don’t know anything about her, Daksh has…. He says Daksh is a liar fallen man, he is a psychopath, you don’t know what he did, he tracked Anika 24 by 7, he was obsessed with Anika, he kidnapped Anika and tried to kill her. They all get shocked. Tej asks what are you saying, Daksh is your childhood friend. Shivaye says he was childhood friend, every relation has a line, he saw Anika badly and crossed the line, it was my mistake, he told bad about Anika and I believed him, that chapter is closed now, he is in jail now where he belongs.

Pinky says what will Daksh get by lying to us, its Anika’s drama, Daksh told us about her. Shivaye says you believe Daksh and not your son. Pinky says I don’t believe this girl’s words. Shivaye says but I believe Anika. Anika looks at him.

Shivaye says you can break all glasses of this house, but don’t leave talking to me. Pinky comes and says Tia has locked herself in room, she is saying she will commit suicide. Shivaye rushes. Sometime before, Shivaye says I believe Anika. Anika looks surprised. Shivaye says if anyone points finger on Anika’s character, I will not bear this, this chapter is over, no one will take that man’s name, please have breakfast, come Anika. He makes Anika sit. Pinky cries and starts leaving. He stops her and asks her to understand. She says I understood everything, you are talking her language, you made me outsider for this girl. He says no, mother can be annoyed, upset, but never an outsider/stranger, I never said you are wrong, I just said Anika is right, please try to understand. She says when did you
change. He says please, for me, sit. He asks them to start having breakfast. Anika sees him. He makes her sit. She looks on.

Anika talks to someone and says yes, I started talking catering orders, I m leaving. Shivaye comes and asks where are you going. She says I m going on work. He says you will not go atleast till we talk. She says I don’t want to talk. He says you have to talk as I m saying. She goes. He stops his car in front of her. She asks why did you stop my way. He says I can do anything. She asks him to move off her way. He says I will drop you. She says move your car. He says I won’t. She says I have to go. He says I don’t care. She says you don’t know what I can do. He says I heard this, its my dialogue. She says I m saying for the last time, move your car. He says I m saying again, I will drop you. She goes and gets a bat. He looks on. She hits on the car’s windscreen and breaks it. He recalls the past’s similar moment. She goes away. Music plays….. She turns to see him. He smiles. She gets stunned and leaves.

Khanna stops her and says wait, go back towards car, I have to take closeup. Shivaye asks whats going on Khanna. Khanna says I m making your video, its the best one till now. Shivaye says what, you make our videos, why, wait, so you made video on marriage day and gave Omru. Khanna says yes, what could I do, how to refuse to Om and Rudra. Anika asks why do you make the videos. Khanna says whenever you two are infront of each other, something breaks, so I make video, it maybe of use, who gets chance to see someone giving attitude openly to Sir ji, I keep videos as evidence. Shivaye says so you spoiled all this. Anika asks what is your language.

Shivaye says its watch your language, stop using my words, Khanna started this, where did he go. She says he went, he knows no use to argue with you. He says I will see him. She asks whats his mistake. He says he exposed me infront of entire family. She says he supported truth, its not mistake. He says you broke my car glass and then you are taking his side. She says like I broke the glass, I wish I could shatter your ego. He says anyway you are talking to me. She says I m not, I have to go. He says you can’t go anywhere till you talk to me. She says I m going. He says show me. She asks are you threatening me. He says I m challenging. She says I m also challenging you, stop me.

He says don’t challenge me. She asks why, will you break my legs or lift me. He lifts her in arms and takes her inside the house. He says I told you not to challenge me. She says will you jump in well, will you do anything for challenge. He says yes, I will jump. She says put me down. Soumya calls him out. Shivaye sees everyone seeing them and smiling. He drops Anika down. He says my file is there and goes. Soumya goes to Anika and says you will also want some file, let me help you. Anika says he wanted file, I was not giving him. Jhanvi asks were you not giving file. Soumya teases Anika. Anika says I will give file and come. They laugh.

Anika goes to room and shuts door. Shivaye shows the file. They start laughing. She asks why are you laughing. He says even you were laughing, you are laughing. She says I m laughing because you are a joker. He says what, I m not a joker, I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She says who does not know to laugh. He says I heard that, do you think I don’t laugh, I was laughing here. She says you looked strange, you don’t have habit, you can’t even smile, you will look strange if you laugh once in many years, if you laugh every day, laugh will suit on face. He gives the bat and asks her to hit on hand. He says there are many glasses in this house, you can break all if you want, but don’t leave talking to me. O jaana…..plays…………..

He says you always say I can’t do it, today I will do it and show, I will apologize 100 times, I m sorry, I m sorry Anika…. I did mistake to doubt on you, it will not happen again, I promise. She says your phone is ringing. He throws phone and says I don’t care. She asks why do you throw things always. He asks why do you always break things, will you forgive me? She looks at him.

Pinky gets inside the room and says Shivaye, why are you not answering, Mrs. Kapoor called many times, Tia locked herself in room and saying she will commit suicide, go fast, it will be problem. Shivaye goes. He comes back to Anika and says you come with me. They leave.

They reach Tia’s house. Shivaye asks whats happening Mrs. Kapoor. She says Tia locked herself in room. He asks Tia to open the door. Anika shows the kerosene oil coming out of the door. He shouts Tia and breaks the door. Tia pours kerosene on herself. They see her. He asks what are you doing Tia. Tia says I want to kill myself. He asks her why are you doing this. She says all I wanted was to marry you, but you married someone else, my dream to marry you will never get completed, so I will ….. She lights match stick. They get worried. Tia drops it.

He shouts Tia. He holds it in hand and blows it off. He says just stop this nonsense Tia. Tia says I want to die. He asks whats the problem, I said we will marry. Mrs. Kapoor asks when will you marry. He says you know situation, we can’t marry till divorce happens. She says we don’t have time. He says Tia and I are not running away. She says we don’t have time, Tia is pregnant, she is going to become mum of your child, did you hear that. Shivaye and Anika get shocked.

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