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Kuch Rang Episode 310 Update on Monday 5th November 2018

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Sona takes apple from fridge. GKB stands in front of Sona. Sona offers her red apple. GKB in her broken English and irritable accent that Dev scolded her red/Vicky so much and made him red, she is joking with her here. Sona says she is giving apple as she has started dieting. GKB says her skin is glowing because of dieting and she is better since 7 years, she has learnt English and even nutrition. Sona tries to leave. GKB shout stop where is she going, why Dev is behind weirdly. Sona asks what weird. GKB asks what they are hiding. Sona says actually the issue is..why don’t she ask Dev as she has handled this house since 7 years. GKB yells Dev will not hide anything, why she is getting so closer to Dev, she should pack her bags and leave, already 6 days have passed. Sona says
Dev is Soha’s father and they both love each other, that is what matters. She leaves, leaving GKB fuming.
Elena watches whole incident. She calls Asha and says she will call when she is free. Asha says she can speak. Elena says Sona and Dev celebrated anniversary together all because of Soha, Soha even prepared cake for them. It does not look like Sona and Dev are separated, hope they get together forever. Asha says she became Sona’s friend more than mother. Both Sona and Dev have become more mature for Soha’s sake. Elena says she is getting excited so soon and hopes she does not get disappointed.
Dev goes to Golu and sees him playing sadly. He tries to cheer him up. Golu says he will play only with winners. Dev says apologizes him and tickles his ribs. Golu laughs. Dev asks to get ready for school.
Sourav asks Asha if what he heard is right. Asha says she wants to see Dev and Sona together and asks him to take her to Dev’s house. Sourav says she knows baba made a rule that Dixits will not come here and they will not go to Dev’s house. Asha says she does not know all this. She reaches outside Dev’s house and thinks she is getting selfish and should return. Dev sees her and asks what is she doing out in sun, why did not she come in. She says he made a rule. He says he told friends can come, will she come in as Soha’s friend or his friend. She says she is Soha’s grandma, so can he his friend. He jokes such a beautiful lady, only his friend. She says bodmosh.. He takes her in. GKB and Vicky fume seeing her. Dev makes her sit and goes to bring juice for her. Vicky enters and drinks juice. Dev asks what is this. Vicky says he is preparing juice for the people he destroyed 7 years ago. Dev says let us forget past. Vicky continues. Dev says it is waste talking to him and walks out. GKB yells at Asha that earlier Sona, then Elena, then Soha, then Sona, and now Asha, why Bose family women are behind his house. She continues yelling. Dev enters and Asha says she will leave. Dev says she cannot. GKB yells he forgot his mother’s insult behind her. Dev says he will explain his mother and she need not interfere. GKB yells he is insulting him for strangers and leaves. Dev givcs juice to Asha.
Ronita sees girl’s message on Sourav’s phone and thinks who this woman is. Sourav enters and seeing his phone in her hand and asks what is she doing. She says her phone is not getting network. He scolds his important message may delete, she should inform before taking phone. He later gets ready. She asks where is he going. He says to meet client. She asks name. He says Kanika. She says her old friend who had proposed her had called him for a coffee, but she did not accept. He says she should have accepted as it is good to meet old friend. She says no, past is past.
Sona goes to Dev’s room and asks him if mom had come. He says yes. She says he broke his rule. He says not to start again, she let Elena in and he let Asha in, their score is equal now, they are not playing game here. Sona continues and Dev replies. Dev then passes by Sona’s room when he hears Sona scolding Elena for informing about him and Dev. Elena says she thought she and Dev patched up. Sona says she cared for Dev, that does not mean she loves him. She is helping Dev get out of a problem that is it. She opens door. Dev tries to rush. Sona stops him. He nervously stammers.
Precap: Sona tells Asha that Dev is in a problem and she is just helping him. Asha asks what problem. Dev looks hiding near window..

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