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Kuch Rang Episode 323--324 Update on Thursday 15th November 2018

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Dev tells Ishwari that doctor has asked her to rest. Nurse enters and asks how is she, she has to rest well and eat bland diet. Dev says her mom adds 4 teaspoon ghee in khichdi, she needs spicy food. He tells Ishwari that he will get some tea for her. She holds his hand and stops him.
Bejoy calls hospital and asks about Ishwari’s condition. Hospital staff says they will give info only to family members. Bejoy says he is a family member. Daadi hears him and smiles.
Vicky brings medicine. GKB yells where was he. He says her husband had sent him to bring medicines, everyone use him as punching bag. She says she needs to say something. He asks if aunty died. She scolds to keep quiet, she is his aunty. He yells he knows. She says their problem will solve if Dev
marries girl of her choice. Vicky asks if Dev will agree. GKB says leave it up to her.
Asha returns home and packs food for Ishwari and others. Ronita says she will pack some issue papers and spoons also. Bejoy asks if she is going to hospital. Asha replies she is going to picnic with lots of food. He says outside food is not allowed in ICU. Asha says her daughter is nutritionist and has spoken to doctors. He asks if ECG is done or not, etc. Asha answers indirectly.
Golu and Soha insist Elena to take them to hospital as they want to meet daadi. Elena says children cannot go to hospital. Soha says even children get ill and go to hospital. They both plead. Vicky returns. They both request him to take them to daadi. He yells he is coming just now and asks Elena to handle them. Elena asks why is he misbehaving with children.
Ishwari asks Dev to open up and scold her, not suffocate himself emotionally. Sona enters with Malati and Kajal. Ishwari is shocked and gets up. Dev asks Sona why did she bring them here, maa cannot take tension. Malati touches Ishwari’s feet and apologizes. She says she misunderstood her since 15 years and cursed her, but Sona cleared her misunderstanding. She goes into flashback where Sona requests Kajal to help her clear their misunderstanding. Kajal agrees after a bit of hesitation. Sona calls Khatri and says she convinced Dev to transfer his half business and properties to him, he should convince Malati to forgive Ishwari. Khatri confesses that Ishwari stole just 2 bangles, but he stole whole jewelry, money, etc., and blamed Ishwari. Sona says his truth is out the people he was fooling. Malati and Kajal come out and Malati scolds him that she trusted him wrongly. Khatri angrily tries to slap her. Jatin and Sourav stop their cars right in front of him and warn not to touch Sona, else they will break his hands. Khatri pleads Sona to forgive him. Sona says police will forgive him. He runs away. Out of flashback, Malati says she was cursing Ishwari wrongly. She thanks Sona for clearing her misunderstanding. GKB fumes that even this time, Sona won. Dev says he will take care of their responsibilities and will make their living arrangements. Malati says she does not want to trouble them. Dev says it is his pleasure to help them. Malati thanks him and leaves asking to call her if he needs any help for Ishwari.
Precap: Ishwari tells Sona that she gave her life again by clearing her from her guilt. She hugs Sona.
Ishwari thanks god that her guilt is gone forever now. Dev thanks Sona for her favor. Sona says she did not do anything. Ishwari calls Sona and says she made her clear her guilt and she is thankful to her, she gave her new life, etcc. GKB hears that. Vicky is on phone and seeing GKB’s tensed face asks what happened to her. She says it is time for their the end. He asks what happened. Malati with Kajal walks to tem and thanks for even their help, she thinks Sona is perfect for Dev. GKB yells at them.
Asha speaks to Sona and says she should think about reuniting with Dev. Sona says it is not possible as she promised baba/Bejoy that she has ended relationship wit Dev forever. Asha says she should do what she thinks right.
GKB goes to Ishwari’s room with frowning
face. Ishwari asks what happened to her. GKB says she hid such a big secret from her and did not feel she is not her family. Ishwari asks not to get angry, she will do whatever she says. GKB continues her drama. Asha enters with bouquet and asks Ishwari how is she. GKB yells she is what she had to see and angrily walks out. Asha servs juice to Ishwari. Ishwari says it is cold, she will have it later. Ishwari says how are everyone at family. Asha says they are all fine. Ishwari says when she collapses Sona was present and people told she kept a tablet under tongue and it helped, doctors know everything. Asha asks her to res, she will go.
Soha and Golu enter with Elena. Ishwari gets happy seeing Soha. Soha gives her get well soon card and says she made it. Golu says even he helped. Soha says he did not. Ishwari says she liked it. Soha says she will not prepare it again she does not want her to fall ill again, she will take care of her. Ishwari says she is going to naani’s house, how will she take care of her. Soa says she wants them all to stay in same house. Golu says for that big cha and big chi should reunite. GKB fumes in anger. Asha says she will leave now.
Sona gives tonic to Ishwari and asks her to have it. Ishwari says it is very bitter, she will not have it. Sona says she will call doctor and says she gives them bitter guard, neem, etc herbal concoction, to them, then why she is hesitant herself. Ishwari says she can drink her herbal concoction. Sona says okay fine, then she will call Dev and see how doc scolds her. Ishwari asks where is Dev. Sona says he has gone out. She leaves. Ishwari taunts Ishwari that Sona wants to control her. Ishwari drinks tonic. GKB continues brainwashing against Sona.
Precap: Ihwari calls Sona. Sona asks how is she. Ishwari says she is fine and invites her for dinner with her family, requests not to deny.

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