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Kuch Rang Episode 341--342 Update on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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Bejoy calls Asha and asks what is Ishwari doing here at their house. Asha asks if Ishwari is there. Bejoy yells if she will not tell why Ishwari is here, he will kick Ishwari out. Asha says he will not tell do anything and says she has come only for Sona and is doing what he could not for his daughter. Bejoy yells what does she means if Ishwari is right and he is wrong. She says his ego is hurt even now as always. He failed to understand what his daughter needs and where is her happiness hidden, they will lose Sona and she will walk away from there lives. Bejoy yells what doe she mean, if Dev gets out of Sona’s life, her life will change for good. She says his same false ego will send their daughter away from them.
Nisha goes to Elena and asks why Sona did not come yet.
Elena says Dev and Sona are same since years, they cannot stay away from each other. GKB with Vicky hears that and says Bengalis way of explaining thing is weird, Elena means Dev and Sona fight so much they cannot stay away without fighting. Vicky comments he is sure once Nisha comes in Dev’s life, he will forget Sona.
Bejoy goes to Ishwari and asks what is she doing here. She looks in cries, tries to walk out, but stops and says she tried to control her son’s life and lost him, now she lost Sona, she does not want Bejoy to repeat same mistake and lose his daughter. She walks away sadly crying. Sourav hears that and says Ishwari is right, he should stop controlling Sona’s life, why did he give her promise not to think of Dev. Bejoy shouts he did write. Sourav says he is wrong, so he is shouting, he should let Sona go.
Soha insists for a dance. Vicky scolds. GKB says such a cute girl, let her dance. Elena dances with Golu and Elena. Dev repeatedly looks at door for Sona. Nisha asks why Sona did not come yet. Dev nervously says he does not know, she may not come.
Ishwari returns home sadly. Asha says she thought Sona would come with her. Ishwari says she did not, she lost her. Elena says she will not come and has changed, she is more selfish now and thinks of only he happiness. Ishwari takes Sona’s side and says she does not know what Sona went through. Elena says she is in this house since long, she did not find anything wrong. Ishwari says she did not as she is not her bahu, Sona suffered a lot because of her.
Sourav insists Bejoy to speak. Bejoy asks Sona if she does not want to attend Dev’s engagement. Sona sits sadly. Sourav says Sona hates Dev, so she will not go. Bejoys asks to keep quiet. Sourav says he will not and continues provoking Sona. Sona shouts that she loves Dev and cannot live without him, but what can she do now. Daadi says Sona wants Bejoy to take back his promise. Bejoy says he thought wrong, Sona’s happiness is in Dev. Sourav asks him to tell Amrish Puri’s dialogue, jaa Simran jaa. Bejoy says go Sona, Dev is waiting for you.
Engagement party continues. Dev repeatedly looks at door. Sona enters. Dev gets happy and stands up. Nisha asks Dev to smile as Sona came. GKB comments Dev’s friend came, fuming. Vicky insists Dev and Nisha for a dance. Nisha says she does not know dance well.. Vicky says Dev will teach her. Dev and Nisha dance on a romantic song.. Sona gets more sad and walks from there.
Sourav calls Asha and asks if Simran came there. She asks who Simran. He says Sona, baba has taken back his promise and Sona has accepted her love for Dev. Asha gets happy hearing that.
Ishwari stops her and asks if she has come for Dev and Nisha’s engagement or stop it. Sona sadly says how can she stop, it will be injustice to Nisha. Ishwari says Dev loves her and not Nisha, it will be injustice for all 3 lives. She did a big mistake by coming late to Sona. She continues her dialogues sadly and leaves, leaving Sona repenting for expressing her feelings late.
Precap: Nisha shouts to stop music and calls everyone. Everyone gather and ask what happened. She asks Dev if he still loves Sonakshi.

Dev feeds Soha and Golu. Sona walks towards them. Dev says Suhana that her mummy came and did not have time for her bestfriend’s engagement. He walks to Sona and asks if she did not have time for her bestfriend, what gift did she bring. GKB enters and asks Dev to come soon to exchange ring with Nisha. Dev says Nisha told there is still some time. GKB says Nisha herself called. Dev walks with her and asks Vicky to bring rings. Vicky returns and says rings are missing. Soha and Golu reminisce hiding rings, they both smirk. Panditji says only 15 minutes are left for muhurath. GKB says Dev and Nisha’s heart will break, she asks Vicky to call jeweler and asks him to bring 2 rings. Panditji says engagement will happen with only those rings. GKB asks Vicky, maids, Soha, Golu
to search rings. Dev and Sona look at each other nervously. A romantic song plays in the background. Everyone start searching rings. Soha asks Golu where did he hide rings. Golu says under bed. Soha scolds he cannot do one single work. Golu says they will sit on bed and tell everyone that they searched room and did no find rings here.
Sona walks into Dev’s room and sadly reminisces their happier times. GKB enters forcefully bring Nisha to use washroom. She sees Sona and yells what is she doing in Dev’s room, she had given her some work. Sona nervously stammers she was going. GKB continues and leaves. Nisha asks what she came to Dev’s room when her memories are present here. Sona nervously walks out.
Elena goes to Dev. Dev says he will give her whatever she wants, not to trouble him. She asks to stop joking and asks if he still wants to get engaged. He says Sona still did not realize her love and some love stories are better forgotten and incomplete.
Golu and Soha argue how to hide rings. Sona walks in and asks what are they doing here. They say they are searching rings. Golu says it is not under bed. Soha says Golu is telling truth. Sona asks when did she asks and insists to tell truth. They give rings and say they don’t want Dev to get engaged. Sona thinks hope others also feel like Golu and Soha.
Sona walks out holding rings. Dev stops seeing her. They both get emotional and look at each other. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhii….plays in the background. Nisha comes and says Sona she needs to talk. Sona walks along and stops in lawn. Nisha asks if this is her favorite spot. Sona reminisces spending time with Dev there. Nisha says she wants to buy gift for Dev, what she can, gives options. Sona says both are good. Nisha says her facial expression says it is not best option, then what is it. Sona emotionally says Dev has everything in life and does not any thing, he values emotions and spending time with family. She continues praising Dev and says he is so rich, but does not like 5-star hotel tea, he likes roadside stall tea and if someone gives with love, he can drink even 5 cups, her best gift for Dev was roadside coffee, they used to spend hours talking sipping roadside coffee. Nisha asks if she wants to say Dev Dixit is perfect, it is weird that Dev told something else. Sona asks what did he say. Nisha says Dev told he was not a perfect husband and their marriage did not work as he used to do mistake and she used to correct him always. She says it is not true, she made mistakes and Dev was handling everything well. She should have understood Dev well. Nisha says Dev told he was very selfish and partial, she used to call him mamma’s body. Sona says what rubbish, Dev cannot misbehave with any woman, in fact he was the best thing that ever happened to her. Nisha watches her facial expression. Dev comes and Nisha leaves. Dev asks Sona what did she tell that Nisha went storming.
Nisha goes to stage. GKB asks where is Dev. Nisha says he is where he has to be. She asks what she means. Nisha gathers everyone. Father asks what happened. Dev and Sona also come. Nisha says they can ask them. She asks Dev she needs one answer. GKB says come to me, I will answer. Nisha says she is asking Dev. She asks Dev is he still loves Sona. Sona asks what is this. Nisha says since she came here, everyone is trying to cheer her up with some or the other thing, hiding real issue. GKB asks why she is asking this to Dev, he will get nervous. Ishwari thinks Dev should speak, she warns GKB to let Nisha asks Dev. Nisha repeats if he loves Sona. Dev says yes.
Precap: Sona says Dev she did not know this would happen, I am sorry. Dev angrily says she is till worried about his engagement breakup, he does not want to talk to her. Ishwari asks where is he going. Dev says far away from here, he does not want to talk to Sona. 

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