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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1138 Update on Saturday 1st December 2018


The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya why did she come out? Pragya says I thought you are in danger. Abhi says you still cares for me. Pragya says few things don’t change. He says you are some what changed.

Pragya says life and time are changed now, and says she has to change with time. Abhi says because of me. Soniya ji plays…….They recall their moments. Pragya asks him to think of going out from there and says I have to be fine for someone.

Abhi thinks about King. He thinks I feel like we are still tied to each other. He asks her to open his rope and says I will open your rope. Chadariya song plays……

They manage to open the rope and free themselves. Aaliya asks Tanu why didn’t you tell me about Pragya. Tanu says she saw her twice but then thought she will not come. She says when Suwarni
sent us to attend marriage, Pragya came to our house to meet abhi. She says Suwarni Dadi had already met her. Aaliya asks why didn’t you tell me?

Tanu tells that she talked to Abhi and came to know that Pragya is married to someone. Aaliya says they are destined to meet because of their bhagya and tells that if Abhi leaves you and Pragya also leave her husband then they can get back together. She says you are going to lose your rights and asks her to shake her hand with her if she wants Pragya to leave from Abhi’s life. Tanu shakes her hand with her and says she wants to see CCTV. Aaliya says they won’t let us go now. She tells that they have to do something to get rid of her. Tanu says I won’t let you get him.

King calls to Commissioner and tells that his wife is captive by the robbers and tells that he wants his wife back. He tells that he will complain to the embassy and tells that he can call even Prime Minister. Commissioner assures that everything will be under control. Kiara cries in the car. Chachi asks her to pray to God for her Mamma.
Kiara asks if Dada will bring Mama back. Chachi says yes. She gets her mum’s call and tells her that Pragya is inside. Kiara thinks to go out of car and search Pragya. Chachi is still talking to her mum and turns to Kiara, but she is already gone.

Tanu thinks her clothes are drenched by the rains and thinks where is Aaliya. She collides with Tarun and asks if he is following her. Tarun says no. Tanu scolds him for following her. He says you might want to do ramp walk here.

Tanu thinks he knows much about her and asks him not to follow her. She says she is married. Tarun feels pity for her husband. Aaliya collides to Chachi and scolds her. Chachi taunts her for misbehaving with her. Aaliya calls her middle-class woman. Chachi says if you come to my house then you will be shocked seeing it.
Pragya looks at Abhi. Abhi thanks her and asks her to thank him for her rope. Pragya says you are still joking. She says your hand is injured and says may be because of my nail or some steel/iron. She goes to the washroom to get some antiseptic thing.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she has bought the CCTV footage guy and asks her to come to see it. Kiara talks to the Inspector and asks about the bad security in the bank. She asks him to make her join his team and says she will take her mum out.

Inspector says how to make you understand. King hears Kiara talking and comes to her. Inspector goes. Kiara sees Tanu and Aaliya there. They come to the CCTV room and see live footage, but couldn’t see Abhi and Pragya. Tanu asks if voice records also.

Aaliya says yes. CCTV guy goes to washroom. Boss gets angry at his man as his expert man couldn’t open the locker. Aaliya says where is Bhai and Pragya. Locker expert comes to Boss and tells that he couldn’t open the lock. CCTV guy comes there.
Aaliya asks him to show the footage of the room where Abhi and Pragya are locked. He says he can’t. Aaliya and Tanu blackmail him. He shows the room footage where they are locked. They see Abhi alone. Tanu thanks God. Abhi calls Pragya. Pragya comes to him.

Tanu and Aaliya get angry. Lady robber sees Manager out of bank and comes to the boss. She shares her plan to get the keys. Boss decides to send Abhi to get the keys and come back to them. Pragya cleans Abhi’s wound with antiseptic. Abhi asks if her habit didn’t change and asks why? Pragya thinks she still loves him. Dhal Jawun Main song plays….

Tanu and Aaliya are furious. Abhi says you still care for me. Pragya says antiseptic is applied now. Abhi asks who will take care of me at home. Pragya says now I have no answers. Robbers come there and see them standing freely. They take them from the room.

Tanu and Aaliya search the CCTV operator guy so that he can change the CCTV room. Inspector tells that they can’t attack as children is also stuck. He tells that robbers aim is to steal gold.

Boss calls Inspector and asks him to take the keys from Manager and give to Abhi. He says Abhi will get back to us as his wife is with us.
Inspector says Manager is not here. Robber threatens to kill the boy if he doesn’t call him in 5 mins. Boss and his father is scared. Kiara sees Tanu again and tells Chachi that she is participating in the Mrs. India contest. Chachi says she is beautiful.

Kiara says she was looking good when they did her make up. She tells Chachi that she needs to go to washroom and comes to CCTV room. She sees Pragya and calls Mama. She comes out crying and says she shall inform Dada. Chachi waits for Kaira to return. Robber boss starts the countdown. Boy’s father asks them to leave his son. Just then he gets Inspector’s call and asks him to wait.
Boss asks Ronnie to get the gun down and says Inspector got the manager. He says it is a lucky day for the boy. Abhi asks why he is scaring the boy. Boss says you have troubled me a lot and says I want to kill you fast. Pragya comes infront of Abhi. Boss says what a love? He says wife and husband save each other. Pragya says it is just care. Abhi says it is a habit.

Boss says we can see love and says we will check your love. He pulls Pragya and keeps her on gun point asking Abhi to agree and go to get the keys. Abhi refuses. Boss tries to shoot Pragya. Abhi shouts Pragya. He agrees to go and bring keys. Boss asks him to get the keys. King tells Inspector that he has talked to the high-level authority. Inspector thanks him.

Abhi comes out and meets his family. They ask him to come home. Abhi says I can’t come and tells that she is still stuck inside. He sees Kiara sad and goes to her. kiara says you have come back and asks where is my mum? Abhi asks if your mum is inside. Kiara says she was with you and takes him to CCTV room. She points at Pragya.
Abhi promises to bring her mother out. He asks Pragya why did she return? Pragya says I came for you. Abhi fights with robbers and protects Pragya.

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