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Madhubala Episode 355--356 Update on Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Part 1
Madhu walks down the stage.. while Sultan walks inside the chawl..! He dashes across a cop..who says sorry n walks away..!
Sultan watches as Madhu is walking away from RK..! Madhu walks inside the crowd..! She turns n watches RK..!
RK says he is a small superstar but biggest superstar is sitting up above in the sky..! Dips gets confused seeing Madhu with the other similar looking gals..
RK asks Bittu to keep an eye on Madhu..! Sultan is walking closer to Madhu who has her back to him…! The cop n RK keep looking on opposite side..! Sultan extends his hand to turn Madhu but sees her signal Joshi n stops himself..! He walks away!
Radha asks Bittu what is the matter but he doesnt answer..! Sultan tells his men ..cops are lurking n says when he leaves with Madhu..they will handle cops.. n not fire..! Celebrations begin n Dips fumes cant find Sultan or network..! Sultan pulls her aside.. and asks about Madhu! She says she is here.. n they have prepped well …all look same..!
Sultan tells Dips to pull Madhu to center and show to him! Dips says. .not ur servant … dun order n Sultan says …listen. n tells her some plan! Dips agrees to the plan n says.. dun hurt RK n Sultan says want only Madhu ..!
Sultan self thot. .need to send RK away from Madhu…! Sultan glares n then smirks at RK ..!
Dance begins… Go Go Govinda… Sikky dancing n Dips too ..! RK wants to join Madhu seeing her worried but doesnt join! Dips pulls Madhu to the center of the podium and shows to Sultan!
Joshi signal to cover her face…and all dancers n Madhu cover their face..! Sultan is confused..! Dips joins Madhu n blocks the cops..with other dancers..! Sultan moves in the circle.. and points to Madhu … n turns her around .. n brings her face to face to Sultan! RK-Joshi cannot see things clearly ..!!
He rushes to the crowd as Sultan takes Madhu from teh circle..! His men start a firecracker.. burst..!
Part 2
Cop tells his men that Sultan has taken Madhu with him… ! Cop tells RK to keep faith .. n says.. all was as per plan.. but his family started dancing n dragged Madhu with her..!
He reassures RK …n asks him to go back to stage..! He says.. if anything happen to Madhu then … Joshi gets suspicion on Dips …n says ur helping Sultan…!
Part 3
Dips says crap. .why should she help him? Isnt he dead! Joshi says ..she knows it well enough! Paddo asks RK where is Madhu? RK says she will return safe..!
Radha asks where is Madhu n RK says ..Sultan took her with him!
Precap —- Sultan puts Madhu in tehe car.. n says. .what she thot? She can fool him n he wont know? Sultan says she has made biggest mistake of her life by telling RK about his plan n cant see that she will fool him for someone else! Sultan says n now that someone has to END!

Part 1
Radha ask the matter and ask where Madhu is. RK says that Sultan took Madhu with him. Radha gets shocked and says that he was dead. RK says But wont live longer. Pado gets tensed and says that gangster took my daughter away. Radha assures Pado that RK wont let anything happen to her and will bring her back. RK fumes.
Joshi tells Dips that sorry but I dont believe that you are saying the truth. So its good for you too speak the truth. Dips says that do you know what are you saying. Someone calls Joshi and he warns dips that he will talk to her soon, he says not to leave from here without my permission
Sultan brings Madhu out and drags her inside the car. And mens are standing outside. Sultan says that I told you that I will take you in front of RK. Sultan says that you didnt understand my love. He says that when she breaths he can feel her. He says that your biggest mistake was to tell RK the truth. Sultan says that I wanted to take you quietly and safely but now it will hurt RK. He says that I can never bear that you can cheat on me for someone else and now that someone has to end. Madhu gets shocked. Sultan says that now RK has to die in front of her eyes only. He says that last night RK talked with me and he had so much attitude and he was so confident. Madhu is confused.He says surprised that he didn’t told you anything. Madhu faints slowly as Sultan faints her using chloroform. He kept on saying that sorry but now RK has to see his future and their future. Sultan comes out of the car and says that you keep an eye on her. He ask his men about the gun being in that place only. His men assures.
Joshi’s men takes him backstage and shows the men’s unconscious. Joshi says that they are there men, He says that this means Sultan had played a game and now he has to pay for this as he thinks that police is stupid.
RK tells everyone that he is leaving and no one will come after him. Bittu ji says that joshi said not to go anywhere. RK says that I had trusted him but not now. He says that protecting madhu is his responsibility and she trusted me and I cant make her trust break RK walks forward and then stops and says that If I get to know that someone from my so called close people is with him and is trying to keep me away from my madhu then that person should start thinking his hell as he will give that person more then that Dips gets scared.
RK assures pado that he will not let anything happen to Madhu and he will bring her back. Pado says that I have full faith in you, go and get back your Madhu.
Sultan enters the chawl again and is in the Govinda getup. On the other hand Rk is coming out but is surrounded with fans. Sultan and RK bypasses each other. Sultan puts gulal on his face.
RK comes out of the chawl and sees a dupatta on road and picks it up and looks for Madhu. Madhu gains conscious and sees RK. On the other hand Sultan’s men also sees RK. Madhu taps the back glass but suddenly that men forcefully bends her down and he gets down too. RK suddenly turns and looking for Madhu. Then Bittu ji comes and says that we had found Madhu. They leave. Madhu is unconscious again.
RK comes with Bittu ji and joshi to see Madhu who is unconscious. RK sees that girl and gets angry that she is not my madhu. He tells to give her a proper treatment. RK says that I will look for my madhu. Joshi says please trust I will help her saving her. RK says that one last time. Joshi says to go back on the stage.
In the car, the men sees Madhu unconscious and thinks that now she will not gain conscious anytime soon. He leaves the car. Madhu wakes up and thinks that per pretending to be unconscious worked. Madhu comes out of the car.
RK and family on stage. He tells Pado again that nothing will happen to Madhu.
Pado says not to embarrass her faith on him. Radha is scared and Dips says that nothing will happen to Madhu she must be around.
Dahi handi starts. Sultan climbs. Then only Madhu enters the chawl again and is looking around to reach RK. Sultan gets on the top to break the dahi handi.
Part 2
Joshi spots Madhu and Madhu says that Sultan is here and he will kill RK. Joshi says he cant as we have metal detectors. Sultan glares at RK who is still looking around. He takes out the gun from the Matki and points it out to RK
Part 3
Dips sees Sultan and sees the gun pointing towards RK. She shouts Sultan. Everyone looks. RK looks at her and then Sultan. Sultan is shocked and falls. He is surrounded by police. Madhu is about to go to RK. Joshi stops and says that dont go in front as he still thinks that Madhu is in the car. RK comes to confront him. Sultan points gun on him and tells everyone to drop there guns. Sultan says that today you will end. RK smirks. Madhu is shocked. Sultan says that today he will loose two things. Firstly he will take his life today. and second he will take away his Life, his Madhu away with him. RK smirks
Precap: Sultan points gun on Madhu and joshi says that you cant kill her. RK shouts at Sultan. Sultan says that you are right I cant kill her. He then shoots on Joshi’s Knee He grabs Madhu and points gun on her and Leaves the Chawl. RK and others are surrounded with his mens. RK runs behind him while bullets are being fired.

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