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Madhubala Episode 360 Update on Friday 16th November 2018

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Madhu & RK sleeping . Madhu is restless & RK tells her to stop jogging & get some sleep Madhu asks if RK is sleeping so RK says no at night 2:30 a.m. he is just feeling his pillow ! Madhu takes a file that has 2 scripts of RK’s films … Dooriyan & Raaz ki baat . All these shootings are stalled n for Raaz ki baat even Madhu knows its slated 4 an outdoor shoot from next month . RK gets miffed saying did she wake him up for this reason …

Madhu worriedly asks when he’s gonna start shooting ? RK gets perplexed ; he says all Indian wives wud want their husbands with them in front of their eyes n she wants him to go to work ! Madhu reminds RK abt Amar’s words n RK says she does remember what he said as well .

Madhu tells RK that she wants to b his strength n not weakness .RK says enough his pillow is calling him n Madhu shd also b in his team ; they both will hug each other n sleep . Madhu tries to protest but RK hears none ! he takes her on himself n says who dare say that Madhu is his weakness ? she has that strength to dislocate his shoulder by morning by sleeping on it lest he wud change his name to Salman n then both will dance He whack from Madhu but RK says that even loves her whack but 4 now lets sleep .
Next morning at breakfast Madhu is serving everyone . Sikki asks for breakfast n Madhu says there’s aloo k paratha n paneer . Kukkuji too at table but he’s distracted always looking towards the door ! suddenly a group of govt officials come asking for RK .

Madhu informs that RK has gone since morning . At that time RK arrives with Bittuji n the govt officers notify that they have info abt RK taking black money n hiding it in his mansion . RK says that he deals fair n square with his producers the info is wrong ; all his dealings are white ! the govt officers remain adamant n suggests RK or anybody shdn’t interfere in their work .

A thorough search is conducted when nothing is recovered from anybody’s rooms’ however in living are inside a cabinet that was locked n underside of table btw the wood money is recovered . The officers demanded RK shd come with them 4 enquiry .

RK says again that he has no clue abt the money present & Madhu supports RK but the officials were persistent . Finally its Bittujee who owes up saying that it was his deeds ; this taking of black money n that RK had no idea . So in that case the officials arrested Bittujee . RK too leaves in anger .
Kukkuji notifies Amar that “film has opened to bumper response n climax is yet to b seen’ he asks for more paratha as he’s finished with what was served .

Madhu gets shocked at his behavior she says that Bittuji is arrested but Kukkuji stops Madhu by saying that RK is a superstar such raids etc are common besides its Bittujee who’s arrested not RK , so now can he get some more parathas !
Kukkuji meets with Amar & they celebrate their 1st victory . Amar swears to finish off RK’s stardom , to settle scores in such a way that even mothers wud fear to name their son Rishabh due to bad omen . Kukku says that Amar gave a grand teaser but the next move for RK’s fall will b his doing .
RK meanwhile comes home with Bittujee . Madhu asks if Bittujee is okay . RK says that no he is not f9 . After taking black money he’s till his throat filled with treachery that he cannot speak . So RK himself says that inspite of RK’s disapproval Bittujee took black money & on top of that did not even bother to tell RK . Bittujee explains to RK that every actor in the industry takes black money .

No deals are white fair n square ; its like a tradition in film world . What he can’t understand is that how come the income tax pple came to know abt it coz for yrs Bittujee managed this affair pretty dexterously ! Bittujee gets a phone call & switches on the tv . There Amar gives an interview to press saying how RK humiliated him when he went to ask for dates for his film .

How RK is irresponsible to b neglecting him film n getting involved of remarrying his 4 phere wali Biwi or going to jail by killing his step brother . When has he got the time to finish films ? The youngsters look upto film actors as icons but he dun think they wud like to see someone like RK .

So he has thrown RK out from his film . As an actor he shd realize the importance of producers as it is a dual way process . On learning abt raid Amar smirks saying what else to expect from an arrogant person like RK .
RK switches off the set n Bittujee says that RK left 3 good films to sign Amar’s film n now he’s taking revenge on him . Bittujee also tells that he’s confused that how in the world income tax officials knew abt money & that it is in house . RK says that is only possible for a person who has close knowledge about his money , property & work or perhaps he’s keeping an eye on the same ! RK realizes something & dashes out !
In a conference room RK holds Kukkuji n accuses that staying in his home , eating his earned food he got the audacity to report against him to income tax officials . Kukkuji asks RK to leave him n so does the latter but leaves saying that there’s something that awaits 4 him in his house .

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