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Madhubala Episode 361 Update on Monday 19th November 2018

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Part 1
Kuku asks a ph who has not signed on letter about RK… He says going against us? The ph asks to be reasonable and that its his dream to work with RK.. hopefully it will be his turn
Kuku says.. fine.. dun sign.. work with RK ..but only with RK .. coz no other actor/crew will work with him .n he too mite be blacklisted! Amar smiles.. he turns and sees RK standing fuming …He grabs Kukus collar n says so u are the rat.. who tipped IT dept.
Kuku says leave.. n RK says.. already itne gire hue ho… aur girne se rok lega..! He says eating my money and tipping IT?? Kuku says leave collar this is office not home..will call security.! RK says as if i care..! Amar says ..what is this? Bittu asks RK to let it go n RK says.. something waiting for u at home!
Kuku says one minute ..ur return gift! Well its death certificate..UR OVER! Bittu reads and so does RK .. that he is banned and blacklisted with immediate effect ..! Bittu shocked and RK smirks..!
RK says dun mean anyone cant work with him ..they can his risk! RK tears the letter! Kuku says..was duplicate.. have original ..!
RK says.. they think that 10 people think they will change RKs destiny? RK says …film industry needs RK …!! RK says.. 9 of 10 will sms to say sorry.. before he reaches home..! Films run coz of RKs face.. !
Kuku smiles.. n says Super Bevakuf RK .. who knows no one will buy ticket to see his face.! Every friday superstars destiny is made/ broken
Shauhrat ki bulandi bhi do pal ka tamasha hai..
jis shaq par baithe ho woh toot bhi sakta hai..!
RK says.. ready to give dates in bulk the ph who is ready to come with me..! He talks to that ph who was opposing. initially sign..! He is excited but stops midway! RK claps n says.. they need him more.. n they will regret more..! He leaves!
Kuku says many superstars came and went.. relax!
Madhu stops RK from drinking n says we will fight and we will win…! RK asks how much she knows this industry? Not to speak in between about things she doesnt know.. her family is junior artists dunno politics..! RK walks off n Madhu sends Bittu with him..!
RK arrives again …drunk and says .. need to teach producers a lesson! Kuku tells Kuku that will clean up this industry.. if ph is alive.. THEY aka stars are alive. no more herogiri..! RK .. plays music loudly outside ph meeting …! BG – Kukka kamla da..
Kuku and Amar are shocked seeing RK lying on top of his car…with media n fans clicking his pics..! Bittu tries to stop him ..! RK walks upto Kuku ..! Kuku asks why this sadakchap tamasha? RK says they did it. .not him.. this is truth. RKs..! RK says new association RK PH Association .. bans all PH!
Part 2
RK says came to show that its public who made RK n will keep him…! RK nods to public.. n all cheer! RK says.. ye public hai ye sab janti hai. .kya andar hai. kaun bandar hai..sab pehchanti hai..!
RK says they dun care anyone not wanting to work with RK …they care for the magic.. that RK creates! Till that magic stays..they will come to see him! Amar asks how will the magic work when the movie making ph is not there?
Part 3
RK says to make a movie.. whole cast and crew needed..or he plans to shoot himself on video! RK says.. the person calling RK bewakuf is bigger bevakuf! RK says.. will make a movie ..n he will produce..!
He says on this Ganpati ..gonna announce my movie..n it will be a hit! RK says pyaar ke sath. .samman ke sath will drop u out of my house! Kuku says RK .. n RK says exactly . .u wont forget this name!
Precap — Amar tells the new entrant that hope she got his message.. n RK should not get any message … no ph .. no director.. or no cast .. no crew should work with RK..! RK is writing his movies script.. or his destruction . .time will tell..! The new entrant (Actress) says not to worry..

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