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Madhubala Episode 363 Update on Wednesday 21st November 2018

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Part 1
Madhu is giving champi to RK and he says done! Madhu says no.. his head is half time hot or cold..! RK says what? Madhu says…well full time hot. ! RK says what? Madhu says.. better.. its full time nuts! RK says she is breaking his hair in her happiness! Madhu says RK pulls Madhu to him and they are near to each other! Bittu says Chief and RK says does he have sensors in his body? He senses..always ! Bittu says what? RK says nothing! Bittu then says that 5 Crs arranged plus 10 Crs from savings and 15 Crs from farmhouse sale.. but they still need 10 Crs! RK suggests to make bank participate or take loan from businessman ! He says amount is not too big ..he better use his cheeks to smile not worry! RK asks if contract is signed with Sanya? Bittu says tried but she is not responding! RK says messaged? Bittu says yes..many times but still no response! Bittu says decided to drop in on her set! RK asks about writers and Bittu says coming tomorrow! Bittu leaves..!
Madhu teases RK saying ur hair.. its gone! RK is tense and goes to check in the mirror..! Madhu laufs and she asks where is his smartness? Either he is like other actors tappu..! Madhu says glad am not actor..n RK says.. its Gods blessing she is not actress coz expecting her to act and Bittu to have 6 pack abs. are next to impossible.! RK pulls Madhu close and Madhu says lemme go! The duo fall on the bed! RK asks smile and Madhu says not now! RK says why they need to make timetable of this also? Duo close in and Bittu comes ! RK says will shoot u..and Bittu covers his face and runs off saying din see anything!
Next day morning.. Bittu arrives at Sanyas shoot..! He asks how much time the shot will take..? He is told it will take some time! Sanya is getting her make up re touched! Her secretary tells him .. come later..she is resting! Bittu waves at Sanya but Sanya ignores him …! Secretary says.. madam says to come later after taking appointment! Bittu tries to approach her but is blocked! Bittu says am not here to take to sign RKs secretary..! He fumes on the secretary..! Sanya calls Bittu. ..and he asks how is she ..and apologises for barging in! He says came to get contract signed…! Sanya asks for what? Bittu says about meeting her for RKs movie ..! She says sorry..was busy..! Sanya says for signing amount. he din need to RK is my first costar so will take payment after movie is over! Bittu says its need to fill amount! She says 20 Crs..! Bittu is taken aback..says its half budget of the movie..! Sanya says so RK is making small budget movie? I only do big budgets.. its about reputation! Bittu says know ur reputation and price till date.. highest payment is only Rs. 3 Crs..! Sanya asks fine but what about RK? Bittu says dun be so ungrateful life.. dun forget who helped u stand in the industry! Sanya says RK mite have helped me to stand but have ran in the industry on my own! Sanya says suggest to take ..some Babi Khanna …! She goes back to shoot! Bittu is stunned!
Madhu asks writers to sit and goes to get tea ! Writers say to RK that.. everyone wants to work with u ..even we wanted… so today is the day we are here! RK says not wanting an award winning movie. but want a blockbuster one..and if award is not won will shoot u! They assure it that movie will change the future of the industry and start to tell the script! Madhu comes to kitchen and finds Dips busy making sandwiches..! She asks Madhu what to make? Madhu asks why doing all this? Madhu says understand people change.. but not overnight. .cant believe u changed overnight! Dips says.. since she supported in front of inspector so ..trying to repay the debt ..! Madhu says supported coz cant believe anyone can fall so low.. respected the relations .. despite proofs.. hope din make a mistake? Dips says no .. am innocent! Madhu says all done then. .no need to take it as debt..! Madhu tells Dips to make veg and cheese sandwich.. without any debt ..!
Writer describes the scene.. and RK says.. after interval will reveal that hero getting backstabbed is a dream and he ends the movie..! RK asks so they want him to do this movie? Writers says yes..! RK says its a Hollywood movie…from 1991 .. have the DVD . they can include the missed scenes..! RK says.. they think RK is a fool? They will sell any movie saying its original? RK says Bittu told me not to work with them..but thot.. people are not understanding gave a chance.. but after hearing .. realised .. they are sinking in mud ..get lost.. …!
The writers walk off! Kuku-Sikky arrive..and Kuku says the countdown to destruction has started! Kuku asks RK how is the preps going? Doesnt smell like a successful movie being made! Kuku asks if his nose is blocked and Sikky says.. lots are blocked! Kuku asks RK if he realised how touf.. movie making is? Kuku says.. some good things happened yesterday ..feel like destiny slapped him on the face… so be at it.. will get used to it..!
Part 2
Bittu comes and RK says Kuku wants information about the status of RKs give Kuku information that Sanya is our movies heroine and they have signed her..! RK says they are gonna create magic with her! Sikky says Sanya? The one with whom RK won best jodi award? Kuku chides Sikky! RK says Kuku was talking about slap his evil wishes..! Bittu is quiet.. RK calls Sanya! Kuku says .. na khuda mila na visal-e-sanam na idhar ke rahe na udhar ke hum! Kuku says my sympathy with u.. if ur movie is made (less chance of that) but if its made will watch first day first show.. with that money stays at home..! Sikky says will come..along! Kuku says he better watch the trials..!
Part 3
Kuku says great tea…and gets up to leave..! Sikky tells Bittu to arrange for him to meet Sanya once! RK sulks..! RK asks Bittu why Sanya is not receiving his calls? Bittu says Sanya is asking 20 crs..! RK says what? RK says its Sanyas misfortune.. that she is not able to work with them… ! He says its good they found out her true colors before the movie started..! RK says…there is no need for Sanya. .will take someone else! RK asks Bittu to make list of top directors and actors.. n says these 10 people cannot stop RK from making his movie..! RK says..the first person at their movies premiere will be Kuku ..and he will also be the first person who will be destroyed by RK… !
Bittu makes the list of directors and actors and shows to RK . RK asks to fix appointment! Madhu keeps tab of the list.. ! BG – Ye hausla .! Bittu meets all in the list..keeps updating Madhu …! They get rejection from many…! RK sulks..! Madhu rubs RKs shoulders and back hugs him ..!
Precap — Amar is on the set with Kuku and Sanya and asks Kuku what will this superstar who is breathing his last bit of stardom do now? Sanya smiles at him ..! Amar says maybe he will hang himself like his dad! RK comes there and punches Amar..!

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