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Madhubala Episode 367 Update on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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The episode begins with MB telling RK to agree for the film with Mehul. RK says I will do the film but I will take each & every decision only Mehul wud only direct! Mehul says NOT DONE! I will take every decision as I am directing the film. Everything will be my way starting from Roll. Camera Action & RK would just do only acting! I hav agreed for the film just bcoz of your wife’s determination n stubbornness & not to be a slave of your chocolate boy image! Mehel says you have three hours to decide! He leaves!
RK is all angry! MB says you’re doing the film with him, right? He says NO WAY! Didn’t u hear his nonsense! MB says say yes to him so that you can do what you can’t live without i.e movies! She says I want SUPERSTAR RK to says yes so that he can burn the screen & can drive million hearts crazy! She says I want you to be relieved from this suffocation & so say yes! RK says rubbish!
MB then hands him a bottle of drink woth glass & tells him to drink bcoz that’s what he does when he is stressed out! Todays those who used to call RK Sirji are nowhere by his side, only Mehul is!
MB says if having big ego was a bad thing then you wud hav had countless bad records. Agree for once! RK is silent! MB says then drink & walks off!
RK tosses the glasses on the floor & leaves!
Mehul is in Sitara Studio repairing lights! RK comes there & says these lights r too old! They won’t work! RK says good fr u, u came here & u found something like u! There light r old & rotten like you! It need new parts to be fixed, only then wud it work! RK says take my help! You need it!
Mehul asks did you say this to ur dad? RK is shocked! Mehul says I know u r hurt so I’m sorry but even I expect you to not say all this ever again! Mehul says doing the film or not! RK agrees! Mehul gives him a list! He says will send you the script tomorrow! Search for my team in the next 24 hrs!
RK asks any more order Mehul Chopra SIR??? Mehul says bringing in a new part won’t help, we need brains to understand the root problem of a machine & solve it!
The lights go on! Mehul says they are back & better than new & asks Haven’t you heart Old is Gold? RK says I had shot my last film here! Mehul says I had shot my first film here! RK is shocked when he comes to know that the producer for Mehul’s film was none other than Mohan Kundra!
RK gives the list to Bittoji. Bittoji says these people are either extinct or are in the museum or chor bazaar. RK says find them as that’s what you & biwi want! RK leaves! MB tells Bittoji to have hope!
So Bittoji succeeds in finding the choreographer at a birthday party & later manages to track down the cinematographer at a festival celebration!
RK is at home when Bittoji calls. RK is happy to know that the entire team has been approached. RK says good becoz if that was not the case then I would have to dig those people out or get them back from God. He says I dunno where MB is. She must be in a temple displaying her stubbornness to God & finally tired of her, God would grant all her wishes!
Then Dipali approaches RK with dinner. She is all decked up in good clothes, jwellery & make-up RK says nice ear-rings. She asks you noticed? He says no! RK says you want me to cast you as the heroine for my film but I won’t! Dips says why not! Our chemistry will do wonders on screen & even you had promised me earlier that both of us will be hero-heroine in a film! RK says you broke my promise & you’re expecting me to remember my promise? Dips says forget about the past, I am very beautiful & even do good acting then what’s the problem? RK insults her by comparing her to a monkey! Dips fumes! RK sends her off with the dinner & asks Mangesh to bring something that is worth eating!
There is a small get together celebration of Mehul with his team in the studios. RK whispers MB saying that I am feeling that my money is being used to start a circus instead of a film. Mehul interacts with his team. RK takes MB aside and says that all this won’t work. I can’t trust them & let my career go off the drain. I haven’t opened an NGO for unemployed & aged people! MB tells him t relax! RK refuses saying kick all of them out except this choreo since she still has some spark. But just then he & MB discover that the choreo has lost her leg!
Precap- RK asks Mehul what’s all this? Can’t risk my career ! I am not spending money so that old people can meet! Mehul says they r here as they know their work! RK says don’t need them! Mehul says don’t want you! RK says leave!

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