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Madhubala Episode 369 Update on Thursday 29th November 2018

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Part 1
RK asks Bittu why he has made this sulky face as if someone put a live cracker on him? Bittu stammers and says.. Roma has come…she speaks so much.. and does crazy things…dunno how to deal with her! RK says..he is gonna fall sick .. he has limpo sarcoma of the in ishq wala love! Bittu says..what? He says .. nothing like that.. am rather running away from her! RK says love has two stages.. takrar n then guitar/sitar ..! RK says… ibteda-e-ishq.. ladna hai kya.. aage aage dekhiye.. ishq me padna hai kya
Bittu says lets go inside.. ! RK says.. to see Roma bhabhi? Bittu goes quiet!
Mehuls cameraman and choreo are teasing each other and are confident of recreating magic..! Bittu comes screaming spot and Roma runs to him … she says Chimpu ji ..he says m Bittu! Roma says. .Chimpu .. my eyes were searching for u .. n Bittu says dun say that before Chief! Roma says.. u look like kaddu karela…and RK says.. all ur magic! Roma says.. superstar ur here.. ur team is here! RK is stunned to see all on the set ..! RK tells Madhu ..what are all these people doing here? Thot we kept audition for a heroine? Madhu says..they came for their own work.. n be happy they are so dedicated! Be happy ..! See the excitement! Madhu says.. this is their life! RK says film is not made by excitement but by merit! RK says.. for now.. priority is that they need a heroine.. heard many people came from far… sure we will get a good heroine! Mehul says we are confident too .. u will make right choice! RK says.. all sailors are here. .knew captain wont be far! He says. .speak of the devil ..devil is here! Mehul says.. have written heroine oriented film .. n want right heroine! RK says..its RKs film .. first to 10 ..its only RK n then rest of the cast..! Mehul says.. its Mehuls movie.. there is a difference. .between .. a poster and a heroine! RK opposes! Mehul says.. not said action dun speak..! RK says.. Bittu call shok sabha.. 40 Cr wasted coz of Mehul ..!
Mehul teases Maddu that must be touf managing a 5 yr old kid n Madhu says its between hubby & wife.. so let it be between them n its touf to get a loving and caring guy like RK! RK says.. if Madhus advise to all senior citizens is over. lets start the audition!
Roma starts the audition saying. .its a special day. its the home production of Superstar RK..! Bittu says. .all know. .n Roma says karela ji …how should be RKs heroine? Say ..! Before Bittu answers.. Roma starts.. she should be.. smart.. cute.. sweet…! Roma says.. bringing ..all the girls..who we will polish and turn to diamond..! Start audition!
Radha says… Sharda didi is coming.. n gives details to Sikky so he can go and receive her! Sikky assures he will handle all …! Radha says not to inform RK-Madhu as Sharda wants to surprise them! Sikky says will handle all ..u take care of urself..! Radha is feeling sick. .!
Sikky alomst runs into Madhu on his way out.. .. n She asks.. mom is sick? Sikky says. yes.. cold n couf so she is not going to receive her. .n Madhu says.. who? Sikky says.. roti ..chicken etc.. n Madhu says.. Sikky .no need to call up mom ..m there..! Sikky says. .saved..! Sikky is out of home n Dips calls him .! She asks where is he? Sikky says.. just..n Dips says.. something to him ..! Sikky says.. he will come wherever she wants..! Madhu helps Radha rest..! Madhu says dun get up will get meds and food here! Radha says.. Rishu? Is he fine? Madhu says yes. its all happening how they want.. n will happen in future too..!
RK screams on everyone saying.. this wont work.. n Mehul agrees..! Mehul says. .girl should have style …sophistication .. killer attitude and yet innocence.. is there anyone like her? Dips says.. if she says.. there is no one like her.. she comes in front.. RK fumes..saying no way! Dips says.. style.. sophistication .. fire.. i have it all ..! Spotlight comes.. n its Dips..! All shocked seeing her..! Song – Ye mera dewanapan …! Dips is dancing..! RK cringes.. Mehul watches intently ..! Mehul fumes …and RK too ..! Mehul breaks the tape and says what is this ? Sikky says. .my wife! Dips explains ..its impromptu act to create magic! Mehul says.. its cheap joke in name of magic.. is this heroine hunt? Dips asks what is bad about this? Mehul says.. look at ur sanskar.. he says.. ruined song. .n dont know how to dance. such cheap act! Mehul fumes on RK .. n RK fumes on Mehul ..! Mehul says.. shut up ..and not a word..! Mehul says.. u said u dun have confidence in my team i will say. .dun have confidence in u ..! RK-Mehul glare at each other..!
Radha calls Sikky and asks if Sharda reached.. he stammers! Sikky lies saying on platform ..waiting for train … its late.. by 15 hours..! Radha says what? Sikky makes an excuse and cuts the call ..! Dips tries to talk to RK n RK says OUT … !! Dun come near my studio .. again.. OUT! Dips leaves from there… ! Dips tells Sikky lets go home n Sikky says.. important work.. will come after doing my work..! Sikky wonders what to do…where to hide his face… n that Pabo is a scary woman!
Sharda devi arrives at RK mansion ..a driver asks..why here? She says.. its all destiny ..! She asks how much and he says. .she has done so much for the community no need! Sharda says we need to respect each others duties.. n pays the guy money! He thanks her..! She also gives him a ring of hers.. saying was meant for the one who would have come to pick her up … har dane par khane wale ka naam aur har fal par pane wale ka naam hota hai..! So keep it..! He thanks her for the blessing..!
Audition is still on …and RK calls Madhu n says. wont get anything from this.. already going crazy. .n now Dips came n ruined all ..n Madhu asks Mehul n he says.. he exploded n left …his sailors said he will come back upon cooling down! RK asks about all at home.. especially Radha n she says she is fine.. she is resting..! RK says.. busy call u later..! Sharda enters ..the mansion n is stopped by security who says .. u dun have permission..! She turns n bumps into Dips .n she screams on her.. walk carefully … n Dips says. .walk carefully ..! Security tells Dips ..she says. .she is RKs mom ..n Dips says.. call his dad too …! Dips says.. as such not the ladys fault. .everyone is RKs relative here.! Sharda says talk properly .. n respectfully ..! Dips fumes on her.. saying .who is she to advise her? Dips says am RKs elder bro, Sikkys wife..!
Part 2
Dips tells Sharda to dare not teach her manners.. n tells security to throw the woman out! She walks off..! Sharda asks so she is Sikandars wife? Security says yes! Sharda says .without meeting Rishabh .. no one can force me to leave..! Madhu and Dips come face to face n Dips walks off without a word..! The hotline rings and Madhu receives the call ..! Security tells Madhu .. an old lady is here .. and wants to meet RK .. ! She is saying she is RKs mom ..! Madhu is confused!
Precap — Madhu greets Sharda and says am Madhubala ..RKs wife.. RK will be happy to meet u … but he is not home..! Request to come tomorrow…so she can meet RK ..! Sharda is taken aback..!

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