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Madhubala Episode 370 Update on Friday 30th November 2018

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Part 1
Security informs Madhu of Sharda… Madhu comes down and meets Sharda. Security guard tries to tell her that the woman claims to be RK’s mom but Sharda stops him and tells Madhu that she is a HUGE fan of RK. Madhu smiles and says that she is RK’s wife. RK is not at home and she doesn’t know when he might return. She asks her to come the next day and she promises to make her meet RK. Sharda says that she has come from far off and won’t be able to return. She says she won’t go without meeting RK. Madhu smiles and says that she has no idea when RK might return. Sharda says that she will wait here. Madhu says that no… she will wait inside the RK Mansion. She asks the security guard to take her luggage to the house. The security tries to reason but Madhu shuts him off. She notices Sharda’s wounds and enquires about them. She says that she went to the abode of Bappa to take blessings for someone very dear. Madhu smiles and helps her reach the mansion.
Inside the mansion, Madhu instructs Mangesh to take her luggage to the guest room. Sharda says that for Madhu, she is a complete stranger…so why did she let him inside this big house. Madhu says that her mom taught that we should give people one chance…give a chance to the good in them and then decide. She asks Sharda to sit and goes inside. Sharda looks at RK’s photograph and caresses it lovingly. She sees RK’s trophies and caresses them. She recalls RK’s words when he was young that “one day he will become a superstar”. Madhu comes and says that its because of her that RK is on this position. Sharda is confused if Madhu recognized her. Madhu says that due to the wishes and love from fans like her, RK gets motivated to work harder and harder. Madhu asks Sharda to put her feet in a tub of water and asks her to sit and give her her feet. Sharda resents but Madhu says that if she considers RK as her son, can’t she consider her as RK’s mom. She takes her feet and cleans them in water. Sharda smiles at Madhu. Madhu says that she will get her something to drink. Sharda says “water”. Madhu nods and brings water. She asks since when she’s RK’s fan. Sharda says that since the time he wasn’t even RK. She reminders her the saying, “Poot Ke Paaon, Paalne Mein Hi Dikh Jaate Hai” Madhu smiles. Sharda says that is she is his fans since she was young. Madhu says no, she wasn’t his fan at all..but her elder sister was a BIG RK Fan. But now, she loves RK alot and he’s her life. She stops and says she shouldn’t speak all this with her. Sharda smiles.
Sharda asks if guests in their home are given only water. Madhu says no and offers biscuits. Sharda says that she always keeps herself away from all such stuff. Madhu asks then what should she bring. Sharda says that its for Madhu to guess now. Madhu smiles and after sometime gets “Sookhi Methi Ka Halwa” she says that its simple and healthy. Sharda eats and says if her mom taught her this. Madhu nods. Sharda is reading RK’s interviews and articles about him…Sikki sneaks from behind her so that she doesn’t see him.
Madhu informs RK that an old lady is waiting to see Superstar RK. She’s not like her usual young fangirls…she is old aged. But she felt nice meeting her. RK says that he thinks someone has done Black Schezwan Magic on him. Here in the auditions, heroines to-be are eating his head…and from home…HIS heroine is eating his head. Madhu puffs her face. RK asks her to go out in town and bring all his fans to their house, he will wear a crown and bless them. Anyways blessing people is a PROFITABLE profession these days. Madhu tries to persuade him but he cuts the call. Madhu is angry but she smiles and gets food to Sharda.
She says that its written in the magazine that RK calls himself “sanki” and asks if indeed RK is like that. Madhu says no…he’s not like that. Its a little difficult to understand him. He is a very simple person…with no show-off and anything hidden. Whatever he has in his heart, he speaks out…and therefore people think that he is arrogant and rude. But he’s not at all like that. Sharda asks if he’s a nice person. Madhu says that ofcourse he is! She’s saying this not as a wife…but as a common person. RK has the quality of recognizing his mistake and then rectifying it…and according to her…that’s the quality of an ideal man. Sharda is amazed at Madhu’s simplicity.
Part 2
Madhu asks Bhabho to have her lunch. She goes inside and brings ointment for her feet. She applies the ointment and asks her what did she ask Bappa. She replies that no one should come between a God and a devotee. She asks Madhu back the same question that if ever she asked anything from Bappa. Madhu remembers the incident where RK was shot and she went to Siddhivinayak. Madhu says that yes she asked Bappa to save RK’s life and He never disappointed her. His blessings are always with them. Sharda smiles and is impressed. Madhu asks her to take rest. Sharda goes to sleep.
Next Morning, Sharda gets up and finds Madhu sleeping on her feet. She smiles and puts her hand on her hairs and blesses her. She gets up and softly goes away.
Part 3
RK comes in and sees Madhu sleeping on the sofa. He wakes her up and asks her that her old fan waited for the entire night to meet him. RK is amazed to see that Madhu did that for a stranger. He looks at the food tray and asks if she offered that fan food too. Madhu says that how could she keep an old lady hungry. RK smirks that they are a wonderful pair…A Big Kameena and a Girl who is all full of love. Madhu smirks that its the basic law of science- Opposites Attract. She says that she’s not that simple the way he thinks. She had the guts to tell to her fan that she isn’t a fan of Superstar RK. RK says that if not RK…she must be her Rishabh’s fan? She loves him? Madhu says that does this even need an answer. RK says that you’ve become my need now…can’t live without you. Its a tough phase in my life and I want you to be there with at every moment. Madhu says alright…she will always be there with him from now on…day and night…ek dum chipak ke. After sometime, RK himself will ask her to go away. RK smiles and blushes. Madhu tells him that her fan asked if RK is arrogant. RK says she must have said “YES” Madhu says that whatever you are…you are mine. Madhu says that he should now meet his fan. RK turns and sees Sharda standing. He is elated and turns emotional… He runs and hugs her. Madhu stands amazed and confused.
Episode Ends.
Precap: RK says that even he should seek her blessings. Sharda stops him that she blessed him to not bend down before anyone in life. She won’t let him bend before him. Madhu smiles. Others see Sharda-RK and are happy.

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