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Madhubala Episode 371--372 Update on Monday 3rd December 2018


Part 1
RK rushed to Pabho and hugged her..! Madhu is surprised! RK asks why she din say.. she was coming.. would have come to receive..! RK calls Radha! Pabho says.. ur a big star in the galaxy..! RK says Madhu this is Pabho .. Sharda Masi..! Madhu is taken aback.. she smiles and takes her blessing ! Madhu says Radha said u were gonna come..dinno when! Radha comes and the duo hug..! Radha says heard her train was running late and was gonna come next day! Sikky tells Dips that he hid that…he had to go to receive Pabho but he din go…now am gone! Dips says am gone.. i misbehaved with her! Sikky pushes Dips ahead and she says u go meet her first..! Pabho notices Dips..and Sikky ..! She calls them both near her..! Dips apologises for her behaviour ..and says din recognize and Pabho says i recognised u well ..! They both touch Pabhos feet..!

RK says i too have to take the blessings and Pabho says u wont bend. u have to stand upright. like a big monument. .blessed u that u will never bend before anyone and thats what i want..ur my pride! RK says u din come for my wedding this is.. n Pabho says.. Madhubala! She says din regret that u married the girl of ur choice without taking permission! Dips fumes! Pabho says understood Madhubala …she is not ur fan..! Radha asks when she came? She asks Sikky ..that he had said Pabhos train was running late! Sikky stammers and Pabho says..came yesterday night and made Madhu look after me..! All smile..! Pabho tells Madhu that took help of lie to see her true face… anyone can take care of their own the desire of getting something more. .but outsiders are not cared for by all..!

Happy to see one bridegroom has heart of gold. .n not just color of gold on stone! Pabho says.. Radha ur lucky to have a girl like Madhu as RKs wife..! Radha says.. Madhu ur lucky to get such compliments.. she takes touf exams..! Pabho says.. changes. .but u dun change! Had requested Bappa to give RK happiness.. n success and realised that he got all when he got u . aka Madhu..!
Later in the night.. RK is busy eating laddo from Pabhos box and says why wearing old age clothes? Called my stylist for ur look revamp ..! Pabho says.. ur not more than 5 year old kid.. if u eat so much ladoo tummy will be upset..! RK holds an old pic of his and says who is this prince charming.. ! Pabho asks..remember when we took this? RK says when she was leaving and his first movie got cancelled! Pabho asks.. remember what i said? RK says..that never forget ur defeat. .it makes u fight for success and that is a sweet fruit..that will never lose its taste! RK asks her to say again as its bad times again! Pabho says. .know that my RK is not scared of struggles. he falls down. .. gets up . .walks.. runs and defeats all ..! Radha comes n sees RK lying with his head in Pabhos lap..! She stops midway n RK gets up and says going to sleep..! Pabho says..he is ur son only ..! RK leaves immediately..! Radha gives her a blanket and is about to leave when Pabho asks her to sit and asks does RK not talk to u still? Is a son away from a mother? Radha says.. she is an unlucky mom..whenever motherhood wins. .destiny takes RK away from me..! Pabho says ur motherhood din lose.. just RK is not accepting it..! Pabho says first time.. he took Radhas name when he saw me… person shares happiness with own.. but hurt is deep. .his .. urs.. and mine.. just dont give up..! Radha cries..!
Next day morning, Sikky asks what is the matter ?? Dips says we both made huge mistake.. and says we both need to win Pabhos heart.. we cant afford that Chawlbalas fans increase and my enemies..! Dips prays and Sikky says God will be confused today..wondering where i saw her..! Pabho comes and Sikky-Dips greet her n take blessing from her..! They apologise again ..! Pabho says.. jhukne wale ko phal milte hain n Sikky asks where is the fruits? Pabho asks …in temple early ? Dips says.. daily job .. the pleasure to see God early morning n take blessings .. is most important! Pabho asks where is puja thal? Madhu comes all fresh and Radha says.. in temple early morning? Dips stammers..! Madhu says lets start the puja..! Madhu does the aarti ..! She gives thal to Pabho ..!
Madhu comes n tells RK to receive moby but RK is alspee..! Madhu picks up ..n says will tell RK .. Bittu! Madh uasks RK to get up .. n that Bitt uis at studio.. waiting for u … Mehul about to reach too .. audition schedule ready! rK says .. not gonna go. .cant handle torutre of adution!
madhu says.. only gonna make movie.. put in pressure cooker and put two whisltes n its done . .lets tell Bittu to host the audition .. n its solved.. have lots of problem .. so wil lsleep n end! RK opulsl her hand n says.. when she si simmering hot. .she has great ideas. .he says ..m biggest problem in ur life. .Madhu says lemme go! Madhu says. .all hubby wanna be hero for wife. .but my hubby is teda meda item .compliment is also .. annoying! RK asks Madhu to speak out.. n Madhu caresses RKs face … RK closes his eyes n so does Madhu …! Pabho clears her throat .. and RK says. Bittu is on set. .n Pabho says.. if u dun want me to come. .keep ur door lcosed.. n RK says.. Madhu doesnt listen! She says.. what he di d before was ok but have my rules now… first rule .. love should be within four walls n not show off to rest.. ! Pabho asks Madhu to go downstairs..! Madhu fumes on RK n leaves..! RK tells Pabho .he is back ..! She asks RK to show his hand n Pabho ties thread … n says..its from math..! RK says hate tears. .n says ur son is a superstar.. n also happily spending married life.. so one or two tear drops is ok..! Pabho asks is he happy with her RK says.. doesnt let me eat.sleep.drink . n sends me to work n makes me talk properly .. din let me do anything bad..! RK says.. not his fault..she asked for a wife like her for him ..! RK-Pabho hug.!
Sikky says very hungry… and asks if he brought something to eat? Dips fumes..! Sikky says.. am so hungry…! He says.. she will put rules on us.. ! Sikky says.. the moment heard Pabho would come..should have left! Dips asks why din he warn her? All is a mess..! Disp says we need to be typical like Chawl bala. .n that Mehul …insulted me..! Sikky wants to give idea but Dips shuts his mouth n says. dunno how to convince RK to make me heroine of his movie..! Sikky says.. lets bring that CD home n show RK teh audition at home n maybe he gets convinced! Dips is delighted..! She asks him to get the CD from the studio … rest he will do..!
Part 2
Sikky says Pabho at the breakfast table that if RK eats all the parathas, what will i get… only smell ?? He says.. need some parathe too! Kuku joins at the breakfast.. and says suprabhat.. to Pabho ..! Pabho asks how does it feel to live in retirement? RK says. he is in great joy ..someone else is paying his life insurance premium! Kuku says.. doc told RK not to praise Kuku ..coz if he does.. it will be injurious to RKs health! Kuku says.. am President of Producers Association ..! RK says.. unnecessarily blaming me. .see the simplicity ..of Kuku ..despite being on such a top spot ..he is eating for free.. n Sikky fumes! RK asks not happy din add ur name? RK says .. Pabho.. Sikky too .. like his dad. loves to eat for free..!
Precap —- RK says to Madhu that she is the ‘kala tika’ on his destiny and that till she is with him, nothing can go wrong..! He says.. till she comes to studio .. audition wont continue! Madhu says puja underway… how can i come? RK says if she doesnt come.. he will cancel all auditions and come back home! RK cuts the call..! Madhu is speechless!

Pabho tells Madhu to see off RK to work . B4 leaving Madhu advises RK to behave properly with Mehul sir , not to shout at Bittujee n behave properly with all … RK finishes her . RK tells that Madhu treats him like a school goer n shd give him a water bottle too . Madhu says school goer ? he behaves like a kindergarten . RK turns to mischief mood n holds Madhu , Madhu chides RK to leave her as per Pabho’s rule . RK says those rules are applicable inside home now they’re standing outside so … Madhu pushes him n asks him to go . Rk asks Madhu to come with him but she says she’ll wind up few chores at home n then go .
Pabho tells Radhajee that not to wear such heavy saris where Madhu says that Radhajee dresses like a superstar’s mother … Pabho advises Radhajee to arrange a puja for the house at these times ; a good beginning ensures victory 1/2 way surely . Pabho gives the entire responsibility of puja to Madhu . Madhu is perplexed coz RK had asked her to come to studio .
Here at auditions all the probable candidates come 1 by 1 . Roma gave them instructions abt script etc . They give the auditions but it turns disastrous with the girls’ not making a single take correct , some overacting , some fumbling clumsily …
Mehul , RK all are flabbergasted they take a break . Roma irritates Bittujee on having tea . The choreographer asks Mehul what type of actress he has in his mind . Maybe they can help him finding one . Mehul visualizes his heroine n speaks about her that she shd b magic , her antiques shd create a spell , mesmerizing beauty with enticing eyes , she shd be real yet unaware of her charisma and charm . All pple inclusive of RK seemed thoughtful at this description . Whilst this Bittujee accidentally steps over fog creator [whatever its called that creates that haziness ] making the sets covered in thick cloudy haze .
At home Madhu sees into Puja preps . Dips offer to help ; when RK’s call come . RK tells Madhu to come to set as he’s missing her ; Madhu tells him abt the Puja but RK remains adamant n threatens if she won’t come he’ll stop everything n come home . Radhajee listens to this n asks Madhu to go to RK ; she’ll manage rest of Puja but Madhu says it won’t look nice to Pabho leaving all preps hence she stays . Pabho gifts Madhu n Dips a sets of payals each n asks them to wear & never take them out . Once finished RK’s call again start coming ; Radhajee insists that Puja preps r over Madhu can go now ; Madhu tries to protest but Radhajee says she’ll manage Pabho n tell that RK was calling her to sets . So Madhu agrees n leaves . Here Puja starts n Pabho sees Madhu missing . She asks Radhajee abt this who says that Madhu went to RK’s studio as RK was calling her . Pabho seemed displeased . After Puja Pabho expresses her dislike that Madhu shudn’t have left like this ; the Puja was for welfare of RK n this home it was Madhu’s duty to stay for Puja . Pabho decides to speak strictly with Madhu n Dip rejoices at this .
Here the crew succeeds in stopping the fog maker & they hear the chime of payals . Mehul sees a silhouette approaching ; he asks the camera person to capture that . The spotlight turns on & from her saris to her hair that blew on her face n she removes it n her eyes come to focus with her face . Mehul sees Madhu decked n red sari ; RK seeing Madhu goes to her n tells finally she came , Madhu tells she cudn’t have left her problem [RK] alone . She smiles at him & they stand close sharing an eyelock . The scene is watched by Mehul grinning widely & stating he has got his heroine !
Mehul tell so what does Madhu thinks about this ? Madhu says yes abt the actress , so where’s she ? does she know her ?

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