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Meri Aashiqui Episode 105 Update on Friday 16th November 2018

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Ishaani comes to the room, and thinks about the dance she had with RV. She sits on the bed, looks at the ring. She thinks this ring is getting tighter in her hand.

Sharman announces with RV about a dance. RV asks Falguni to dance with him. They all insist, Chaitali takes Ritesh to dance floor. Lakshmi asks Amba to control RV. Falguni thanks RV. RV says this time; life supported him as Ishaani is his everything. She is his day and night and the time in between. She has been his inspiration, and he loves her dearly and it will be enough for them both.

Chiraag comes to Ishaani’s room. Ishaano forbids him to touch her, and asks how dare he came here. He says I love you Ishaani. Ishaani slaps him hard, he turns to her. She says she must not take her name even from his tongue.

She is married to RV now, he left her so now he must leave. She cries, and sits on the bed. Chiraag asks her to listen to him, he can’t live without her. He loves her. Ishaani asks does she know about love, what happened when she and her family needed him.

When she was waiting for him, she was mad. He betrayed, and now when she is someone else’s wife, he wants to assure her that he loves her. He loves money only. He thought she will give him another chance, she shouts him to get out.

He says he knows she doesn’t want to see him, but she must throw his love out of her love. Ishaani says he died for her, when she took the seven rounds of marriage with RV. He must now forget her. Chiraag agrees never to leave, but he wants to tell her the truth.

He says he wasn’t wrong, Ishaani asks will she trust him again. Ishaani says she will call the family, he must leave. Chiraag says it is the truth that was hidden; RV got him kidnapped as he always wanted to marry her. He made her lose the case and got him kidnapped.

Chaitali tells DJ to put on a fast track. Everyone dance in the party. Disha feels dizy as she come upstairs. She was feeling nauseatic.

She looks for Ishaani. Ishaani said to Chiraag that if RV got him kidnapped why he left him when he knew that he will tell her. Chiraag isn’t able to explain. He gets her, when Ishaani struggles on him to leave her. He say she loves him, how can he leave her.

DIsha comes running to the room, the ring from Ishaani’s hand fell off on the ground. Disha enters and is shocked to see them.

Chiraag wasn’t there, Disha goes to washroom. She says may be it is food poisoning, and runs into the washroom. Chiraag comes from behind the cupboard, Ishaani takes him to the side.

He holds her, and says RV won from him but wont be able to hide the truth. Ishaani says that day will never come. He leaves saying it will come.

Chiraag thinks she is idiot, and brain washing her will never be a problem for him. Ishaani asks him to leave, he says I love you. Ritika watches this.
PRECAP: Ritika says to Ishaani that Chiraag betrayed her, and now she is betraying RV. Ishaani says her family taught her all the morals, and she will fulfil them to her full.

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