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Meri Aashiqui Episode 107 Update on Tuesday 20th November 2018

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Mr Javeri says he will call police now. Ishaani goes and requests him not to call police. She asks RV too, about it. RV says he isn’t taking sides, but if Sharman has done this he will accept it. Ishaani asks how he can think about it.

RV says proofs are against him, she must let him deal with it. RV tells Sharman, he leaves the decision on him. Sharman agrees that he is the stealer, they are all shocked. Sharman says he took the 50 lacs, from the company.

Mr Javeri says it is good that he accepted his mistake, they will get his money back, but firstly he throws him out of the company and asks RV to fire him immediately. RV says company’s rules are same for all, so he suspends him, looking at Sharman.

Baa asks Sharman, is he lying. Parekh family blood runs in him, he must not tell a lie as she trust him the most. She puts his hand on her head, and asks is he true. He takes it down, he says he stole the money. Chaitali asks why is he saying this, she pleads RV to trust him and not humiliate him.

RV says he knows he never did it, but may be people change with time. Mr. Javeri says if he doesn’t get his stolen money back till tomorrow, police will come and take its money. He and Ritika leaves the party, RV apologizes everyone and asks them to leave.
Falguni stops Disha, from leaving the hall. She thinks she must go to medical store somehow.
Ishaani asks Sharman why he took the blame on him. She reminds that she took Dewarsh’s stealth blame on her, and he told her that there is no good in lying.

She asks that he is lying, but why. He says he is telling the truth. Ishaani asks why he removed his hand from Baa’s head. She asks him why he lied. He accepts he lied, as it can save it’s family. Police must have come home, and Amba must have pushed them out of the house. If he goes to the jail, to keep them here, he accepts it. RV will watch the family, She married RV against her wish, for her family. He, RV and she are going on one path, to live for their owns. Ishaani says she won’t let anything wrong happen to him. They both hug, and cry.
Ishaani comes to the room, RV was working with files. She says she wants to talk to him, about Sharman. She says there must be some confusion, Sharman is so honest, he can’t be a thief. RV gives an angry looks to Ishaani, and gets into work again.

Ishaani says there have always been family issues between them, but he must jerk them all out while take decision. He asks she also thinks he is getting revenge from him. Ishaani says she doesn’t, but he must not involve the police in it.

RV says he accepted his mistake himself. RV tells Ishaani that his rules are before his family for him, his mota bapu gave him the learning that during business one must keep only one eye closed. He asks her not to force him, it is late at night, she must go to sleep. He watches her come to the cupboard, as she was lost. He gets into a thought at once.
Ishaani comes in the night dress, she looks around for the cusions, takes the pillows from the bed to the sofa and lie on it. He looks at her, as it was a single sofa, as she sleeps. He asks what she is doing. She asks he sees another place to sleep?

He says was there another person, he must have said it is bed. She must sleep on floor. He says goes to wardrobe, bring floor cusions and says she will need them. She throws them, and says they both can’t sleep on bed together.

HE won’t sleep on bed daily, she takes a coin and suggests to toss. He says this is his house, she say it is hers as well. She asks him to toss. She says hers is tail, he smiles that a cat has a tail. He says if he gets a tail, he will sleep on floor.

She denies, takes the coin to toss. She watches the coin, and closes her fist. He opens her hand and smiles. She says he isn’t smart, just a bit lucky. She goes to sleep on floor, with the cusion. He off the lights when she is asleep and watches her.
PRECAP: RV says announces that the world will get an example that the one who cheats him, won’t be left anyway. He looks at both Sharman and Rishi. Amba smiles thinking RV is going to get Sharman punished.

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