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Meri Aashiqui Episode 108 Update on Wednesday 21st November 2018

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RV asks Ishaani, that she can’t sleep on floor. He asks her to come to bed, else her back will get ached and he will have to put on medicine in morning. She gets up, takes all the cusions and comes to bed. She says what if he sleeps there. He says he is used to it, as he has been sleeping like this from childhood. There was a pin on her shirt, he takes it and gives it back to her. She turns to watch him, take his laptop on the sofa, and remember about their dance. She lie on the bed, and watches him working.
It is 12.05am, he gets up and goes out of the room, making sure she is asleep. She gets up.
Rishi was drinking, with his car. Disha calls him and wants to meet him. He says he can’t meet her now, he doesn’t want to create more problems in her family. She says there will be a more problem, she thinks she is pregnant. He asks is she sure, the child is his. She asks how can he just say this to her. He denies having any relation with her. Disha says she only has relation with her. She says it is his responsibility. He says there was no commitment in their relation, he just did what he was told to do. Someone gave him money, to make her emotional fool. He disconnects the call. Disha wonders who would want so, and recalls Ishaani telling her that he is RV’s employee.
RV meets Disha, and asks where she is going. She says it isn’t his concern. He says this is his home, and no girl leaves his house this late and he cares about her. She recalls what Rishi has said. She tells RV to end this drama, he wants to take revenge from them. He says, in this house she must follow his rules for her maa and sister. She says everyone has a problem because of him, it would be better he leaves their lives. RV goes inside, while Ishaani hears this all.
Ishaani comes to Disha, and asks why she talked to RV like that. Disha asks now she wants to give her lecture, why she must listen to him he is her husband. Ishaani says she wants to remind her, that there are already big problems. Ishaani says RV is still the same, he can’t see any of them worried and hopes he changed his decision about Sharman. Disha says she has hopes with a wrong man. Ishaani says she can do something, atleast for Sharman. Dishan takes her hand off, and goes inside.
Baa tells Falguni that RV is doing it all. Falguni says RV can’t do this to Sharman, RV will prove his innocence himself. Chaitali cries that Baa is right, RV is taking revenge from them.
Ishaani goes to talk to RV, not to send Sharman jail. Parul comes to tell them, police it taking Sharman. They all pleaded them to leave him. The police wasn’t ready to listen. Ishaani comes running to the hall, she watches Rishi and everyone there. She leaves him, while police comes with Sharman and the family.
Amba and Lakshmi watch this from the corner and enjoy.
Ishaani requests the police to leave him, crying. She asks RV, then Mr. Javeri. They were all quiet.
RV says he has to say something to Sharman. The drama that started in front of them, will end in their faces too. The punishment will tell them, that what must not do to get successful and the world will get the example what he can do to whoever betrays him. He says to Sharman, he trusted him but he cheated on him. He needed money, why he stole in the company. He wishes he could punish him. He wants to end the drama, that if someone hugs him he must not try to cut his neck. Baa tells Falguni she was proud of this son in law.
RV asks Sharman why he did this. He started many projects from his name, gave him shares and considered him his brother. He says he will now get to senses after this slap. RV slaps RIshi hard.
PRECAP: Ishaani tells RV he can asks her anything, as she wants to correct her mistake. RV comes to her and asks will she be able to give it, as he may ask anything.

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