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Meri Aashiqui Episode 109 Update on Thursday 22nd November 2018

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Rv slaps Rishi, everyone is left shocked. Rishi asks what is this sir, he denies stealing any money. RV slaps him again. RV says this time he blamed Sharman, but next time done dare to be a thief.
Baa smiles.

RV says he knows he is the thief. Rishi asks the proofs, RV gives him the proofs, that he knew the exact amount of the stealth money. He asks the police to arrest him. Rishi deters RV while going with the police.

Disha is worried, that RIshi may use her.
Mr. Javeri says sorry to Sharman. He says he couldnt recognize the real diamond. Ritesh and Chatali takes SHarman along, saying they knew he is innocent. RV also apologizes him, saying it was necessary. THey all go inside.

Ishaani was in her room, RV comes talking to Mr. Javeri on phone. SHe comes to him. He asks she wants to say thanks, and asks shall he give her water and honey. What is in her mind will come out.

He heads to leave, she stops him and says he gave her alot. Today she wants to give him something too.

He comes closer to her, and asks will she be able to give what he asks for. He asks her to smile, and says he wants her to smile only.

He goes to sit on the bed, and asks her to give him smile. SHe tries, but he isnt satisfied. She says she is atleast trying. He stands up to her, and leaves.

She thinks with time, relations and smiles have also changed, But she will return him that smile.
PRECAP: Ishaani practices to smile, when Parul gets her.

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