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Meri Aashiqui Episode 110 Update on Friday 23rd November 2018

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Ishaani was in kitchen, she thinks RV told her to smile. She watches her face in the plate, and smiles. She then takes a steel bowl and smiles in it. The maid comes to watch her, posing crazy. She keeps the bowl, and comes to corridor. There in the mirror, she poses to smile. She thinks RV said, this smile is casual, another one is sarcastic. Parul comes and asks what she is doing. Ishaani says she is watching, if her smile reaches her heart. Then she comes to realization, and tells she was cleaning the mirror. Parul smiles.

Ishaani comes to her room, and says RV is just making her worried as she just smiles the way she did before. She takes her mobile and makes a selfie smiling. It blurs as Chirag calls her. She keeps her mobile on a side. He texts her saying he is out of her house, she will come out or he shall come in. She comes out, he takes her by hand to a side. He says he knew she will come. She says he didn’t know it, that’s why he conditioned her.

She came here for herself, as she doesn’t want him to come her home. He says she needs to stay away from RV, he must be around that is why she didn’t receive her phone. Ishaani says RV can’t be made bad in her eyes, he gave her in two days what CHiraag couldn’t give her in two days. Chiraag says RV is rich today, he played the drama about Sharman. He says one day she will regret upon her decision. Ishaani says she regret the time, she spent with him.

RV just wants to keep her happy. He asked her a smile in return of all that he did to her. She resolves she will return him the smile, as he is doing what her papa must have done. She says if Chiraag cares for her, he must never come to her front anymore.
Ishaani was lost, and lie down on bed. RV enters and says this isn’t fair. She sits up. He says what kind of wife is she, she will make her husband lie on the bed. He suggests that they can sleep on the bed, and promises he won’t touch her. He says he remembers the night, she became a wild cat. She says she will sleep on the floor. He asks she doesn’t get the jokes.

He tosses, it comes against his expectations. She was still lost it, he turns his hand and tells her she won. She will sleep in the bed. He says he loves sleeping on the floor, he will sleep peacefully. He makes for the floor bedding, she watches him. He says he forgot to turn the lights off, Ishaani lie on the bed. Ishaani is disturbed, she cries.

RV gets up and asks why she is crying. She asks him to sit, he sits and says she can talk to him. She says she is missing her papa, he says he understands that the man who only gave happiness can only be remembered in tears. She asks he knows how papa died, everyone thinks he had heart attack. He got an electric shock instead.

RV is disturbed. She says she couldn’t cry, because her best and only friend wasn’t there, RV wasn’t there. Papa got a big loss in stock market as RV wasn’t there to make him invest, it was Diwali night when he wanted to start a business, someone called him to office and then she met him in hospital. She couldn’t meet him for the last time, as he had died.

He asks how she knows he got a current. She says she went to the site, someone told there was a short circuit. No one knows who called him there, and how he got stuck inside. She cries, saying I really miss him. RV comes closer to her, keeps his hand on her shoulder.

She hugs him, he hugs back. They stay there for a while, then gets apart and feels uncomfortable. She says she doesn’t know why she is telling this to him, she never told it to anyone. Maybe, because they were once good friends, what happened to their friendship?
PRECAP: Amba says that Ishaani was a pregnant before wedding, she is going to becomes Chiraag’s child’s mother..

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