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Meri Aashiqui Episode 111 Update on Monday 26th November 2018

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Disha comes out and thinks that she has brought the pregnancy kit, now she must test herself. Derwash and Sharman come fighting for washroom. Disha thinks she must use another washroom. RV comes to the hall talking on phone, Ishaani comes behind him. She tells him he forgot his watch, they both look at each other. He says thanks and wears it. He smiles and takes a leave. Ishaani hopes they could both be friends again. RV thinks her attempt shows they can atleast be good friends.
Disha hid behind a pillar, and watches Ishaani passing. Falguni calls Ishaani to kitchen and she goes to the other side. DIsha says RV is office and Ishaani is in kitchen, she must test in Ishaani’s room. She goes into the washroom.
Lakshmi watches the plants in the garden. She says Amba has sent herself to bring curry leaves, how will she know about them.
Disha prays the test come negative.
Gardener comes there and tells Lakshmi about the curry leaves. Lakshmi says it is Karri-Patta. She asks for mint as well, he goes to get it.
Disha is taken aback, watching the test results positive. Ishaani comes upstairs to her room. Disha sits on a corner, worried and thinks what is happening to her, where she must hide it. She packs the kit and thinks about throwing it in dustbin. She then thinks what if someone gets to know about it, she comes out. Ishaani is about to reach her room. Disha says no one must get it, and throws it out of the window. Lakshmi stood downstairs and picks the kit. She takes the kit out and is shocked to see the positive results. She wonders where it came from, then watches Ishaani’s window open.
Ishaani finds Disha in the room, and asks she need something, why is she sweating. Disha says she is fine and came to get her dupatta. Ishaani says she will find it, but Disha runs. Ishaani wonders why she looked so tensed.
RV thinks about Ishaani in the morning, and smiles. Ritika comes to the office, he is shocked to see her. She tells him that she is company’s partner, she came for a meeting. She tells him that he must take her out for dinner, and movies for atleast one week. You both were friends, before wedding as well. He already know about her liking and disliking.
Ritika tells RV that a wife shares less with a husband, and more with a friend. He must try to be her friend first. She sends him home, saying she will manage the meeting.
Ishaani tells Parul that RV will never like the colour of the jacket. He called this colour, the mud’s colour. Parul says that she knows about RV more than himself, and asks was she his bestfriend. Ishaani says they are child hood friends. Parul says that child hood friends must get annoyed but never be enemies, she must try to become his friend.
Lakshmi watches Ishaani lost in her room, she says this news in confirmed. She tells Amba about it. Amba is angry why she was brought by RV here, when he knew about Chiraag and her. She says Ishaani is illegitimate and Falguni brought her in Parekh’s family but she won’t allow Ishaani do so. She tells Lakshmi to call Baa and Falguni and get a new kit as well.
Disha was worried, Baa comes there and asks if she is ill. Disha doesn’t talk to her, straight. Falguni scolds her, but Disha leaves. Baa thinks she only reacts this way when she has to hide about something.
Ishaani asks Amba what it is about. She says she must wait for her mother and grand ma. They both arrive. Amba asks them to come, she took Ishaani’s aarti on the wedding day. Now she must take Falguni’s aarti. She has god a good face with a good mind, she brought her trend along her. Falguni asks her to be straight. Amba says she must have told them, that Ishaani is going to be a mother of Chiraag’s child. She is betraying her son.
RV buys a bouquet for Ishaani.
Amba says she now knows that she was looking for RV, because she wasn’t sure about her daughter, so she must marry her with someone who will never doubt her daughter. Falguni says she never talked in front of Amba, but she must atleast respect her son’s choice. Amba shows her the kit as a proof. Ishaani is shocked to see it, so is everyone else.
RPRECAP: Amba says they will see the proof by themselves in a while RV come there and asks what is she talking about. Amba tells him Ishaani is going to be a mother of Chiraag’s child. 

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