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Meri Aashiqui Episode 115 Update on Friday 30th November 2018

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RV says to Ishaani that he doesn’t need an apology as they must not have known he is RV. The friends say that they didn’t know and apologize him. RV asks them to enjoy the party as this is Disha’s party. He asks Manas to take Disha’s friend to drinks. Disha thinks the party hasn’t ended.
Lakshmi asks Amba to break Disha’s secret. Amba says everything has a time.
Ishaani looks at RV. He asks why she is looking at him like this. She asks didn’t he dislike. He says he disliked it, after earning so much he is called a driver; maybe his face is like this. Ishaani says there is nothing wrong with his face. She knows it well whose wife she is. RV stops her and says he also knows that and thanks her for inviting Ritika. Ishaani says she knows Ritika is a good girl, and wonders why she didn’t marry him. RV gives Ishaani looks. She says she is a lucky girl that she was saved from him, and goes to meet Ritika. Ishaani thanks RItika to come, and asks her to enjoy the party. RV smiles at this.
Derwash and Pratik have fun together on food. Pratik says his plate will come to him, Parul brings him food. Derwash is shocked to see as Pratik and Parul enjoy together.
Chaitali asks for a drink, Ritesh says he even doesn’t understand what she wants. She says she wants Marcoritas, then goes to meet Disha. He takes her to show her Ishaani and RV, how happy they are together. DIsha says curtly, they are laughing a lot. Chaitali says this is the result of her secret sharbat. Ritesh is worried, that she is saying so. Chaitali says she must also take that sharbat. Disha asks what is in that sharbat. Ritesh says it is even dangerous than wine, a man gets crazy. Chaitali comes again and appreciates RV and Ishaani. Disha asks for the sharbat, for her friend as there is much problem between her and her husband.
RV asks Ishaani to come to the baar. Disha comes with the sharbat hidden and keeps it with wine bottles. She prepares glasses for RV and friends.
RV says he is feeling to laugh, Ishaani says she is sure he must be laughing at her saree. He says no one is laughing on her, she looks too good. She asks why is he laughing then. DIsha comes to RV and apologizes from her friends. She says he has done a lot for her and friends. She says she wants to do something for them, and heads to make drinks for them.
She gives the drink with the sharbat to RV. Disha makes RV drink all the glasses. RV feels dizzy.
Derwash says he has eaten a lot and feels gastric. Parul and Pratik make fun of him.
RV comes to the hall, calling for the attention of everyone. He asks them to listen to him, Disha says they will now have fun. Ishaani wonders what he is doing. RV makes fun of guests.
Chaitali asks Disha if she made RV drink the sharbat. Disha says it must be by mistake. Chaitali says now it cant be controlled.
RV calls the drum beaters and dances. People talk about RV’s class, Ishaani hears this and says she must side him. She goes to the stage too. RV looks at her dancing, getting flashbacks of her. She stops as she watches him staring at her. He takes her hand and dance together.
PRECAP: Chiraag tells Ishaani RV is her papa’s murderer.

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