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Meri Aashiqui Episode 87--88 Update on Monday 5th November 2018

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RV thinks about what Falguni had said to him, as he drove. She had called him a coward, as he doesn’t have the courage to hold her hand and take her home. He thinks about their past. Falguni said he can only give Ishaani pain. He stops the car with a jerk, comes out and makes a call. He says he has to come here in 10 minutes. Ritika comes there. He says he has to tell her about his past. She asks he wants to tell her about his girl-friends. She says she had eight boyfriends, and tells about them. He asks her to be serious. She says it isn’t important for her, what about his past. He holds her, and says he loves someone and still does; that girl is none other than Ishaani. His father worked as driver at Ishaani’s father. He saw Ishaani at the age of 7, he loves him since then, but she didn’t. He is marrying her, because she wants him to move on. He promises that if he marries her, he won’t look at Ishaani. This is his decision, she can take hers and go away from his life. He says he will marry her, but won’t be able to love her. She can tell her dad, he will even end the partnership. She says is he done, or wants to say something else. She says she had 8 boyfriends, did she say something. 8 boyfriends means there were 8 breakups. This means he still has the pain in his heart. He can let the pain out. She says for her, honesty is more important that love. He doesn’t have the courage to leave her, but has the courage to say truth. She wanted this, and now this marriage will take place, he can let go of the pain if not memories. He asks him to shout, he laughs aloud then says no, he won’t cry anymore. Life has laughed enough on him, now he will laugh at it. She consoles him.
Chaitali says she likes tattoos, as henna is old fashioned.
She talked rubbish, when Mr. Javeri comes to their home. Chaitali argues to the henna maker. Mr. Javeri knocks the door, Baa invites him inside and sends everyone else out. Mr. Javeri apologize for coming so soon, he wants to invite them for Sangeet and Mehndi. He says he wants to invite as well as to say that he wants that Ishaani’s functions takes place at his home; Harshid was his friend. Baa agrees. He asks Falguni if she has some objection. Falguni says none, Ishaani will surely come. Mr. Javeri takes a leave.
Amba asks RV why he is thinking about Ishaani. He is giving a gift to her, and will go to her mehndi. RV says he has bought this gift for Ritika, and assures he won’t think about anyone but Ritika. Amba blesses him.
Ishaani asks why they are doing this. They know RV would be there, and taking her in front of a man who doesn’t want her happy. Baa says her rituals will be, the way they didn’t think. She says she won’t get her henna put on, in front of a man who doesn’t want her to marry Chiraag. Baa says she is the elder and will decide what to do and how. They will go to Sanjeev Javeri; Falguni favors this.
Chaitali whispers that Baa and Falguni have agreed upon one thing for the first time. Pratik tries to say some poetry, while Ishaani smiles for it. They cheer, that she is smiling this means she has agreed.
Ritika says she has no problem with Ishaani. She has a problem with her choice, Chiraag. She says Ishaani always choose a bad person. Mr. Javeri says that the proposal was selected by Harshid, he had helped him 50 years ago. Ritika says that Ishaani’s life will be destroyed. Mr. Javeri says that this is India, and here relations are chosen for once. He has talked to Chiraag’s father, that he will be answerable to him for Ishaani. Ritika goes to change.
Ishaani comes to Mr. Javeri’s house. He welcomes them all, and tells Ishaani to forget about all the worries. Ritika comes to greet them, and takes Ishaani along to share something important. Falguni asks for any help. Mr. Javeri says he was worried about Ishaani to feel awkward, but now he is relaxed.
Ritika takes Ishaani to her room, and shows her room. She says she thought that they are family friends, and will keep on meeting so why not celebrate the day together. Ishaani says she needs to tell her something. Ritika asks she wants to tell her, that RV loves her. Ishaani is shocked.
PRECAP: RV comes to Ishaani and praises her and her henna, in the mehndi. Ritika notices. . 
Ishaani says to Ritika that he must not have told her that she only loves Chiraag. Ritika says this is her stupidity, because of this stupidity of her’s RV is Ritika’s. Ritika says that from before now, our fathers were friends but now we are. She can wear anything she wants to wear. Ishaani says she wants nothing. Ritika says that her dad helped her’s because of her dad, so now she has also a responsibility. Ritika says that whatever she has, has been given by Ishaani; explaining it is was about the business. She gives her a dress. Ishaani says she now understands how their fathers were friends too.
Chiraag comes to the wedding with mom. He looks at Ritika and Ishaani coming and praises RItika. Some ladies nearby says he is praising his wife to be, so passionately.His mom tells him to be careful, Chiraag says he will compliment Ishaani and look at Ritika. All will be set. He comes to Ritika, she says here is a bastard and appreciates her hais-style. Ritika tells him the same hairstylist did Ishaani’s hairstyle too. Chiraag says there is a life time for Ishaani. He comes to Ishaani, she says she is sorry their mehndi couldn’t be arranged at her home. He says she needn’t be, as he couldn’t have invited his friends then.
RV arrives with the family. He looks at Ishaani, his eyes stayed on her. Chiraag tells his mom, that he was watching his but he is watching hers; all men are same. RV passes by Ritika and goes to Ishaani. He says she looks beautiful. Ishaani stands up, he holds her hand and says her henna too. Chiraag says look at him, he is holding Ishaani’s hand. Ritika must slap him, so that he can get a chance with him. RV calls Chiraag, he wonders what he is doing and goes to them. RV says he never thought their functions would be together, but he is happy. He gives Ishaani’s hand in RV’s, saying he hopes he will take care of Ishaani. Ritika smiles.
RV takes Chiraag to a side and says congratulations, shaking his hand. He is moving ahead Ishaani’s life, not far away. He will kill her, if she gets hurt. He smiles, so does Ishaani. RV passes Ishaani looking ragefully at her, and sits besides Ritika. He looks at her henna intently. Chiraag thinks he is so smart, he held Ishaani’s hand, then Ritika. He will definitely marry.
RV asks Ritika did she dislike. She says the way he looked at her showed he has moved on, and wants her to be happy too.
Amba and Baa confronts. Mr. Javeri says he was telling Amba that he had invited them too. Amba says they will enjoy their dance. Baa says they like making people dance. Amba and Baa challenge, that they will see whether the groom’s family wins or bride’s. Mr. Javeri and RV’s father are ready for Sangeet.
Ishaani and Ritika goes to show their henna to the respective men. The henna makers had made mistakes, RV was written on Ishaani’s hand, while C on Ritika’s hand. The henna maker apologize, while Ishaani fears that this might get imprinted till their wedding.
RV removes C from Ritika’s hand, and writs RV there. He looks at Chiraag, then hands Chiraag the cone and tells him to write his there. Chiraag thinks he will love erasing his name even more, than writing it. He writes a full Chiraag on her hand. Falguni thinks she thought Ranvir won’t erase his name, but it seems he has really moved on.
RV takes Ritika to a corner, she asks is he going to kiss her. He tells her to shut up, and wounds a bracelet around her arm. She hugs him. He says she seems much happier today, she says it is because he is with him. They look at Chiraag and Ishaani. Ritika says that she hopes Ishaani also remain happy with Chiraag, why can’t she see Chiraag doesn’t love him. RV says she isn’t stupid, but is a clear hearted and can’t see what is bad in Chiraag. He looks at Ishaani talking to Chiraag, curtly.
Pratik makes an announcement about the Sangeet. Amba comes in the center, she says the groom’s family sill sit there. Baa says the winners will sit with the bride’s family. They all confront.
PRECAP: RV dances with Ritika. 

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