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Meri Aashiqui Episode 89--90 Update on Tuesday 6th November 2018

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Amba sings badly, in the Sangeet competiton. She sits back boastingly. Baa comes into the centre, and sings a taunting song. Amba stands up in anger, but RV makes her sit. Her team cheers when she is done. Amba then comes to sing, and taunts Baa for being uninvited guests. Chaitali then comes to the centre then, and starts to begin. Chiraag now comes to the centre, and says he wants to sing for Ishaani with her. He brings her to centre and sings (Tera Dhyal Kidhr Hai). Amba watches dislikingly. Chiraag and Ishaani dance. He hugs Ishaani when done.
Ritika asks RV to dance, RV asks we? He says he doesn’t know how to dance. She asks him to come, and start the dance (Manwa lagay). RV comes to join her, he holds her from her back and asks her to step on his feet. They dance together. RV notices someone’s arrival, everyone claps at the end of the dance.
Ishika thinks this is their opposition lawyer, what he is doing here. RV asks Ritika where is the study, there is something important he has to do. Ritika says it is the next room on the left, upstairs. Ishaani thinks RV must be planning something with him so that they lose the case, she must listen what he says. Pratik and brothers stop Ishaani for an item number.
RV comes upstairs, and looks at the file the lawyer has brought. Ishaani is successful in coming to the room, she comes towards the outer window of the room from the shade. RV notices someone’s presence. He asks about the file, the lawyer says he didn’t know Parekh family will be present in his family function. He looks at someone on the window. RV says the papers are very important for him, and Parekh’s must not know or the results won’t remain as he desires. He heads outside with the lawyer. Ishaani struggles to come inside, but was about to fell down when RV goes and helps her. They both fell inside. He says he helped her there, now here she must get up herself or she will get used to his help. She stands up to find her henna had been destroyed.
RV says that people attempt to suicide after marriage, what was she doing on the shade. She asks how he knows about it. He says there was a ladies perfume in the room, and any blind could tell a girl was here. She says she came to know about his bad intentions. He says she will have to take birth to know about his intentions, but today he is really happy that she is getting her happiness. She says she is happy to know he thinks good for her.
Ritika meets RV in the way, and asks about his dress. He says the stains can go, she says some stains never washes away. RV says the clothes can be changed. They go away. Inside, Ishaani says she hated him when he wanted to take revenge from her but why she doesn’t like it when he is thinking all good for her.
In the breakfast, Chaitali says to Baa that she loved the party. Baa is happy, that they made the party interesting by insulting Amba. Falguni comes to the table, Chaitali says she is so lucky that the mehndi took place in such a big house. Falguni says she just want Ishaani to be happy. Chaitali says Falguni was also happy yesterday, and she hopes Mr. Javeri sponsors the whole wedding. Baa says Falguni is in a bad mood, as everyone was looking and praising Ritika and RV not Ishaani there. A parcel comes from the jeweller, Chaitali receives it but Falguni takes it from her, saying she gave Ishaani’s jewellery for polishing. Chaitali says it is quite heavy in weight, Baa asks her to show them what she is gifting her daughter. Falguni is reluctant.
Chaitali also insists, so Falguni opens the box. Chatali asks is it jewellery or fortune. Falguni says this is the jewellery what Harshid had made for Ishaani, she has kept some more for Disha separately. Ishaani comes and says the bangle is beautiful. Baa says this design can’t be their jeweller’s. Harshid couldn’t get it made, and asks Falguni where this bangle came from. Falguni says this isn’t their’s and must have come to them by mistake, she will return it. Falguni was lost.
PRECAP: Amba asks Pandit to do the rituals well as her son is going to begin a new life. All three of them have their Pooja separately done. 
Amba reminds RV in phone about the Pooja, and calls him home. He apologizes Ritika and friends that he has to leave. Ritika’s friends tease her that she is letting him go. Ritika says he is leaving only, so that he can come as groom and take her along. She says she doesn’t want to let him go, as she is suddenly used to him. She says she is loving his gift bracelet.
Falguni scolds the jeweller, that when this bangle isn’t their’s, how it reached them. The jeweller says that he kept a new worker, who said this was your. Falguni takes the number of the worker, his name was Nitin. Baa waits for Ishaani, Ishaani says she will soon be there. Baa says what will be more important that the Kangan. She says if her mother isn’t here, they must call her sister and calls Disha. Falguni arrives home and apologizes that she got late. Ishaani asks if she is alright, Falguni tells her to sit as the time is slipping. Baa calls Ritesh. Chaitali says Mr. Javeri invited him for being Ishaani’s mama. Baa calls Sarmad.
Mr. Javeri thanks Ritesh. Ritesh says he is obliged. There Amba asks the Pandit to perform the rituals of Pooja well. Baa tells Ishaani that she can no more go out of the house, and she can’t meet Chiraag. Ritika says that it won’t be her fault, if he comes to meet her. She says that if they consider it a ritual, she will abide by it. Rohan comes to meet Ritika, he is amazed to see Ritika in an Indian outfit. Rohan was an advocate. Her friend tell ROhan that Ritika danced with RV. He watches Chiraag, and asks what this idiot is doing at her mehndi. Ritika says this is Chiraag Mehta, a cheater; he is going to cheat Ishaani. He is his client, and she will be left shocked listening to what he is going to tell her.
Falguni waits for someone at night, and is shocked to see the man. She shouts at him, why he is doing this all. He must go away from her life, now here is no one. The man says that his daughter Ishaani, he has come here. She asks did he now remember him; he left them when she was 2 years of age. He only thought about himself then, he ran away of his responsibilities and now he has come to meet his rich daughter. He had found someone rich, 20 years back. She says they have no money now, he must go away now. She says Ishaani isn’t his daughter, she should have got his name but she is known as illegitimate. He has no right on her. Nitin says he has no right on her, but he has a responsibility. He accepts he did wrong to them, but he got punished. His luck left him; he could never get any happiness. He asks her to be a part of Ishaani’s wedding; he wants to bless her that she gets all the happiness from her husband. Falguni leaves.
Ritika thinks about Rohan’s details about Chiraag. She says how she should make
Ishaani understand, that Chiraag is planning to cheat Ishaani.
There Ishaani sat in front of mirror, draped in her bridal truth. Ritika thinks about meeting RV, and telling him the truth. She thinks how she can meet him, then thinks it is about someone’s life.
Amba sat with RV’s head in lap, and says a son’s mother thinks as much as a bride thinks at the time of marriage.As her life is also going to change. Befor marriage, he liked food cooked by his mother but now will appreciate hers. He will come back home, thinking that his wife is doing so. RV sits, saying nothing will change. Amba says she isn’t complaining, she is happy that this change is coming in his life. She wants nothing but, that they remain happy together. Ritika was calling RV, but the phone was silent. Amba shows RV the dresses she brought for him, and tells him Ritika helped her chosing it. He likes it.
Ritika’s call goes unattended. Ritika is frustrated, why he isn’t attending the call. She texts him to meet her outside her house urgently.
Amba goes to bring sweet for RV. RV watches his phone and reads the message. He replies, that he is coming in 20 minutes, and leaves worried. Ritika watches RV come home, and successfully reach out of the house.
She comes to him in veil, he asks the reason. She says they can’t see each other before wedding. She has to tell him something about Ishaani.
Amba comes to RV’s room, annoyed.
Ritika tells RV that Chiraag has got his divorce papers ready, he will leave her after wedding.

PRECAP: Amba reads from RV’s file, and says it is good she learnt this much English to know what RV is doing in Harshid Parekh’s case. 

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