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Not Without My Family Update on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Naira running to Akshara, Naitik and everyone. Baisa gets glad seeing Naira. Naira says Bua Dadi. Baisa says you have grown up, come. Naira hugs her. Baisa asks where did you go leaving us, when I knew you came back, I came to meet you, I love you a lot. Naira sees Gayu. Baisa talks to elders. She gifts Akshara and says fill sindoor with silver coin so that suhaag gets bright. Rama says bless Gayu also, she has also kept fast. Baisa gifts Gayu and asks did Naira keep fast. Mishti says no, she did not. Baisa asks Naira why did she not keep fast, learn something from Akshara.

Akshara says its fine, we also learnt. Baisa says you always talk in children’s favour, I m not wrong, tell me if I m wrong, I will go back, Mishti says your old dialogue is still
same. They all smile. Akshara cooks food and tells Rama that she is making soft food for Baisa, she did not feel bad. Rama says this thing makes you special, Gayu has become like you and Naira will also be like you some day, to do anything for relations. Naira and Gayu meet to talk. Bhabhimaa says Gayu is like Akshara and Naira matches few qualities. Akshara says I don’t want anyone to change. Rama says yes, but one should know to keep relations.

Gayu asks Naira not to think wrong about Kartik. Bhabhimaa tells how Naira has managed all children in ashram on her own by her senses. Gayu says don’t fight with Kartik, else his mood will get off, will you help me. Bhabhimaa says its not necessary that we walk on other’s shown path, we should trust our children like Akshara and Naitik do. Gayu says I think Kartik loves me, but is shy to express. She gets Vivaan’s call and goes. Naira says I have to tell truth to Gayu.

Rama says Gayu kept fast, it means she has desire to marry, maybe some nice guy comes in her life. Akshara asks what does she mean. Rajshri and Varsha come to help. Akshara says its over. Naira thinks why she does not have courage to send voice message to Kartik. Rama takes Gayu’s fast plate and asks why are you doing this work, I will do this, you keep the plates inside. Naira’s voice message plays. Rama hears it. Naira gets worried. She drops the plates and looks for her phone. She gets her phone and stops the recording before Rama could hear Kartik’s name.

Rama hears all the love confession except the guy’s name. Naitik asks where is Naira. Akshara says maybe she is in her room. He asks did she get annoyed about Baisa. She says don’t know, we decided not to talk about her leaving. He says yes, her wounds got fresh, we should be careful, some things hurt heart. Baisa does not understand Naira is sensitive. She says yes, we are bridge between them and have to manage them such that no one feels bad, Naira and Gayu do not need to become like me, they are good.

Naira says I have to tell Gayu the truth before any confusion, I don’t want Gayu’s heart to break, maybe she will understand Kartik and I love each other, am I saying right, Gayu should not dream that it breaks later on, will you tell Gayu that I did not do anything intentionally, Kartik and I love each other, I did not understand it before, maybe Gayu will understand, will you support me. Rama says Gayu will get shocked. Naira says yes, but we can’t let her live a false life, she will be annoyed with us that we have hidden this. Rama says I m scared.

Naira says even I m scared, but we have to tell her. Rama says if just I say, Gayu will understand, I think we should not tell anything to Kartik, I will try to explain Gayu. Naira hugs her. Rama and Naira cry. Naira thanks her and says you would be able to handle Gayu well.

Naira asks Gayu to have some food, you are getting dizzy. Gayu says no, I won’t have anything till I talk to Kartik, whats the use of keeping fast if it does not get complete, this matters to me, you won’t believe this. She gets dizzy.

Naira makes her sit and says see your state, whats the use of fast to put own life in risk, you have food, you will do as I say. Baisa comes and asks whats this way to talk to elder sister. Everyone come there. Naira says I was asking her to have food, she was not listening. Baisa says if I don’t listen, will you talk to me like this. Naira says no. Baisa says you stayed out of home and forgot way to talk to family, you should have manners, talk with love, see Akshara and Gayu, they talk with love. Devyaani asks Gayu to come with her.

Baisa asks Naitik who will teach girls if we don’t. She says the truth is Naira is this house’s daughter and Gayu is Rashmi’s Amanat, Naira has to see that Gayu does not feel bad, she has bear a lot in her childhood, her heart will break, Naira was not here when Rashmi and Sameer died, Akshara and Naitik gave love to Gayu to keep her alive, the relations matter to Gayu, tell me if I m saying wrong, you have to be careful, such relations are sensitive, I feel Naira does not feel related to us.

Akshara says no, she also loves us, let me say Naitik. She tells Naira respects relation, she has tried a lot to join relations since her misunderstanding ended. Naitik says yes, people get bitterness in heart after bearing all this, but Naira ends all bitterness. Akshara says sorry, I feel we should not have misunderstanding about Naira. Baisa goes.

Naira hugs Akshara and thanks them. She apologizes for hearing all this because of her mistake. Naitik says its nothing like that, this happens in families. Akshara says you are different and its not wrong. Naitik says I m proud of you, I will make coffee and come. Naira says I need to say something imp, Gayu and I…. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani tell them that Gayu is not eating anything. Naitik says is she missing Rashmi, as Rashmi’s birthday is close. Devyaani says yes, she gets sad. Bhabhimaa says Gayu’s heart is weak. Akshara says we should make her strong. Bhabhimaa says all people can’t be same, we should accept them and not change, Naira and Gayu are different, its not wrong. Naira goes thinking.

Naira saying why am I like this, did I hurt family less before. She sees Akshara’s pic and apologizes. She says I try to be your good daughter, Gayu is so good and you always feel proud of her, I will also do something that you will feel proud of me, I promise. Varsha takes care of Kuhu. She says you will fall ill and spoil everyone’s mood, go and sleep. Kuhu says I want Nannu’s help in project. Varsha says I will help you, don’t trouble Nannu. Kaki asks why, Nannu will help her. Kuhu says Varsha gets irritated for everything. Rajshri and Kaki ask Varsha to be clear about Nannu, is there any problem. Varsha says nothing. Rajshri says tell us if there is something, we will go to Maa. She signs Shaurya to ask Varsha and goes.

Shaurya asks Varsha
why is she worried for Kuhu. Varsha asks him to take Nannu to hotel, Nannu and Kuhu are always on laptop. He says its good, Kuhu got company, maybe Kuhu feels lonely. Varsha says its better to be away from bad company, I know Nannu changed, but anything can happen, you focus on him, I will see Kuhu. He says we will talk later and goes. She says I m not able to explain anything.
Naira calls Kartik and says how to find out about Kartik. She checks on net and smiles. She thanks Lord and says flight delayed, I thought I lost this chance, I will talk to Kartik once and everything will get fine. She runs downstairs and recalls Naitik’s words. She asks Lord to show some way, don’t snatch this chance.

Rajshri asks Vishwamber to see how Kartik went silently. Vishwamber says what wrong did he do, you would have made him worried by talks. He jokes. Rajshri says my focus is on Kartik, he is part of our family. He asks her not to worry, Kartik will leave us like Sanju, then you will cry, don’t have much love. She says you also love him, he is your friend, how you go to his room when you are sad. Shaurya says yes, Kartik is so good, we wanted Kohli to leave anywhere, and we don’t want Kartik to go, I feel he came to fill Anshu’s place in my life. Varsha says he feels Ananya’s place in my life. Vishwamber makes Rajshri smile.

Nannu says I m leaving now. Naira asks are you here. He says driver came late. Naira gets glad and tells elders that she is going to get icecream with Nannu. Devyaani says wait, we will send driver. Naira says no, we will get out choice of icecream. Nannu ask what icecream. Naira says be quiet, come with me. They leave.

Shaurya gives gifts, card and says I love you Varsha. She says I love you too and hugs him. He jokes and they laugh. He says I m not romantic than Naitik, but I love you a lot. She says I also love you a lot, though I don’t express like Akshara. She wishes Lord unites all lovers forever. Kartik is at airport and says I thought if I go away from Udaipur, pain will get less.

Naira asks driver to drive fast, we have to go near airport. Nannu says there are other icecream parlors too. She asks him to sit quiet, they are in car, not walking on foot. She wishes Kartik does not go. They get stuck in traffic. She calls Kartik. Kartik looks for boarding pass. Naira asks Nannu to get car, I will get icecream. He says whats this special icecream. She runs on the car. Kartik asks the man to give him 15mins, he will get new boarding pass from counter.

Karishma tells Akshara that Gayu did not eat food on everyone’s saying, I feel Naira is behaving strange, maybe we should give them time and space. She goes to Mishti. Naitik asks what were you two talking. Akshara says nothing. He says I was talking to Bau ji about doing charity on Rashmi’s birthday. She says I thought of Gayu. He asks her to have courage. Last call for passengers is made. Kartik hears his name getting called. He worries.

Rajshri says I wanted to keep fast for you. Vishwamber says you keep fast for me on Teej, I did not keep fast, like Naitik keeps fast for Akshara. She says you looked handsome when you performed. He dances with her. She says I m very lucky to get love after marriage, and our love is alive even after many years. He says its by your support, who can say you have grandchildren. She gets shy. He laughs. She says Naira and Gayu looked pretty, Gayu kept fast, I recalled Akshara. He says this is Jeevan Chakra, I wish Naira, Naksh and Gayu gets good life partner, like Akshara got. She says yes.

Naira reaches airport. Guard stops her. She says I have no ticket, let me go, its emergency. He says sorry, go. She shouts Kartik. She says please let me go, you can save many lives from getting ruined, call him. He says fine, tell me name, I will make announcement made. She says his name is Kartik, his flight did not take off till now. She prays. Announcement is made for Kartik. Nannu comes to Naira. He asks what are you doing here, will you get icecream here. Naira says yes, I mean, you go, I will come. He asks are you fine. She says yes, you go. He leaves.

Guard says flight has taken off. Naira cries. He says you did late. She says you are right, I did late and have to bear punishment now, I wish I could meet Kartik. She cries.

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