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Not Without My Family Update on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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Naira crying that she did late to stop Kartik. Nannu asks her are you fine. She nods. He says I got icecream, do you want anything else. She says no, come. They leave from the airport in the car, while Kartik too leaves from the airport. Kartik says its limit, where did my boarding pass go. Inspector tells Naira about taking road diversion. Nannu says we will get beaten up at home. Naira says no, nothing will happen.

Kartik takes a taxi and asks driver to drop him to any nearby hotel, as he has to board flight in morning. Kartik and Naira’s car pass side and side. The driver tells Kartik that its Peer baba day and any prayers is accepted here today. Kartik asks will you wait for me here. The driver says yes. Naira asks driver to stop the car. Nannu

asks what happened now. Driver says its much crowd today. Nannu says we are late. Kartik goes to the Dargah and prays. Naira too comes there to pray.

Aaya tere dar par deewana…..plays……….. They don’t see each other. They cry and pray. They feel each other. They look around, but do not see each other. Kartik goes to tie the thread to the partition. Even Naira ties the thread and does not see him. Kartik and Naira pass by. Its hit and miss again. Kartik and Naira turn, but people come in between. Naira leaves from there. She goes ahead and gets her foot collide to some rock. She gets hurt and goes. Kartik sits crying and shouts.
Devyaani says Naira did not come till now, she said she will get icecream. Naira comes home. Devyaani asks her where did she go, did Nannu go home, how did you get hurt. Naira says maybe I got punished for something. Bhabhimaa says see what is she saying. Devyaani says why will you get punished, you are so lovely. Baisa says maybe she did something wrong. Naira goes. Baisa says see her attitude, its good Gayu is like Akshara, else Naira and Mishti are going out of hands.

Rama asks Gayu to have food. Gayu says I m not hungry, I will eat later. Rama says you opened fast by Kartik’s photo, for what are you waiting now. Gayu gets shocked and asks did you know this. Rama says I m very happy for you, if you said before, I would have fixed your marriage with Kartik, instead getting Vivaan’s proposal. Gayu cries happily and says you like Kartik. Rama says he is a nice guy, did you try to know does he love you or not. Gayu hugs her and says no, I did not tell him and did not ask, I m scared, don’t know what will happen, if he says yes, I will live else don’t know what will I do. Rama says don’t say this. Naira looks on and cries.

Baisa tells Devyaani and Bhabhimaa that girls should gel with everyone well, i m not saying Akshara is wrong. Devyaani says Naira will also change, she is not bad. Baisa says Akshara did not know managing kitchen, she manages kitchen and everything well, I m strict, but love the girls, if we don’t stop them, their inlaws will stop them. Mishti says if I knew tv serial is going on here, I would have switched off tv and come here. She jokes and asks Baisa not to cry. Baisa smiles and hugs her. Naira thinks of Gayu’s words and Kartik.
Bau ji laughs and tells Naitik that we danced together and did not see generation gap. Naitik says that comes by thinking, we should not get gap by thinking. Bau ji says yes right, there is a cliff by thinking, elders and youngsters are different, Akshara is facing this and got between Baisa and Naira. Naitik says don’t worry, Akshara will manage. Devyaani comes and Bau ji jokes. Devyaani says you tease me as I don’t have Maayka. Naitik asks Bau ji to leave things which Devyaani dislikes. They laugh.

Naira goes to Baisa and apologizes to her. She goes to Gayu and lies by her side, while Gayu is sleeping. She apologizes to Gayu and says I did not do this intentionally, I did not know you also love him, like you trusted me and told me about your love, I should also tell you with truth, but I could not get courage. She cries. Naira wishing that she could tell everything to Gayu. Akshara comes and sees Naira and Gayu sleeping. She covers them with blanket and wishes they both are happy. Its morning, Akshara leaves. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik why did he get sad, he could have gone with Akshara. He says Akshara goes there every year. Bhabhimaa says Akshara went to pray for Rashmi, you take care of Gayu. Devyaani tells about Gayu’s fast. He says whats the need for fast, its tough fast, I will tell her inlaws to allow water and juice in fast, as devotion is in hearts, they have to care for my daughters as I want. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa smile.

Bhabhimaa says we see women’s feelings, does father not have a heart, men don’t show feelings, it does not mean they don’t

care for children. Devyaani says all fathers are not same, some men don’t think of children, wife and mother, Mishti is lucky to get this house to get such loving family, whatever Naman did…. They see Baisa hearing them. Baisa asks did Akshara go, what happened, is there any problem. Bhabhimaa says no. Bauisa goes. Devyaani says I felt Baisa heard everything. Bhabhimaa says yes. Devyaani says I m scared what will happen when Baisa knows about Naman.

Naira tells Naitik that Gayu is fine now, don’t take tension. Naitik says we worry seeing children unwell, Gayu is Rashmi’s amanat and if there is any tear in her eyes, it means we did not do our responsibility well. Varsha asks Kuhu and Nannu what are they talking. Nannu says about game. She sends Nannu and thinks if they were talking about drugs.

Mishti talks to Baisa. Everyone smile. Mishti shows Karishma and Naman’s marriage pic. Karishma gets worried. Mishti asks Baisa did she not come in Naman’s marriage, you are not there, its good, else you would have scolded everyone, even Papa said this. Baisa asks where is Naman, I m angry, he did not come to meet me, what work he does that he has no time to meet family. Mishti says he is busy, you can’t talk to him. Baisa asks Karishma to call Naman. Karishma says Naman kept phone off. Baisa says call office and tell him. 

Bhabhimaa asks Mishti to go and get ready, you have to meet Kuhu right. Mishti goes.
Kartik says when I missed flight, I felt it will be good and I could meet Naira, but its not easy for wishes to turn true. Naira sits by Gayu’s side. She calls Kartik. Gayu holds Naira’s hand. Kartik angrily throws his bag. Karishma cries. Naitik says my sister is not so weak so break like this. Karishma says I tried to keep luggage, what would happen when Baisa knows, she will hate us and Naman. Naitik asks her not to spoil today thinking of tomorrow, even Mishti’s responsibility is in you. She says we should tell Baisa, if she knows from outside, she will be very annoyed, whats guarantee we will get saved always. Baisa hears them.

Varsha checks Nannu’s laptop and sees bad drug page. She gets injections from the packet and gets shocked. She shouts Kuhu and Nannu. She scolds Nannu. Everyone come there. Varsha says I thought you changed, you are spoiling Kuhu also, what is this. Kaki asks what is this Nannu, you are taking drugs again. Vishwamber asks them to hear Nannu once. Nannu says I changed, I did not take drugs, we started a blog to stop others from taking drugs, I took help from Kuhu. Vishwamber says we had misunderstanding. Rajshri says I told Varsha not to doubt. Nannu says don’t scold her, its not easy to trust me. Varsha apologize to Nannu and everyone. Rajshri says this fear should not get on your belief.

Baisa comes downstairs. Bhabhimaa asks are you fine. Devyaani asks shall i make medicines. Baisa says I got cheated. Naitik asks who cheated you. Baisa says you all cheated me. Bau ji asks what is the matter, did anyone do something, Mishti…. She says no, Mishti’s father, you all lied to me about Naman’s truth. Baisa says I got to know what Naman tried to do with Naitik, you all are my blood and hidden this, you hugged these strangers, see what they did. Bau ji says there is no one stranger here, don’t talk such, it can spoil relations. Baisa asks did you forget me when I said against your wife. Naitik says its nothing like that.

Baisa says I m fighting with them for you. Naira says relations become good and bad by love, not name, Devyaani is Naitik’s mum, she stood with Naitik and against her son, Karishma also stood with truth, our relation is strong. Naitik says Karishma is like my younger sister, and Mishti is our life, we told her to take case back, but Devyaani did not forgive Naman. Devyaani says I can understand Baisa, I m also a mum, it will happen which Baisa wants, we will leave this house if Baisa wants, we will not answer you back. She cries. Baisa says Naitik, get the ticket.

Mishti tells her ideas of having tshirts with slogans. Everyone like the idea. Vishwamber says small steps make you reach big destination. Mishti says don’t tell this to Baisa, she has problem in everything. Devyaani asks Karishma to pack her bags before Mishti comes. She takes Baisa’s blessings.

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