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Sightless Love Episode 30 Update on Monday 19th November 2018

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Luis angrily confronts Prudencia that never will he allow that Marina girl to be deceived by that blind girl as she did with her and she cares to know he met Marina and kicked her out of his property. Prudencia then tells Luis that she only invited marina to the ranch to get to know her better and from her own opinion, she now realized that she is not a social climber and tries convincing him she asks him to give her the opportunity to get to know her, Mr. Luis tells her that he will never accept marina and he got furious when she told him that she got married to Alberto. 

Isauro tries to sexually abuse marina and he tells her that he has always loved her but he respected her hoping that one day she will correspond to him and marina tells him that she loves him as a father, but the man she loves is Alberto and Isauro tells her that she belongs to him because she owes him her life for saving him from the fire and so he decides to keep marina in his house and so he goes ahead and sedate her to prevent Marina from leaving his house. He tries damaging her face with his knife so Marina will also have a deformity and end up like him which he think will pull everyone away from her and that she might end up being with him instead but in the act of making the move, Ramona arrives to interrupt him and he has to resign his decision.

Prudencia demands Luis to tell her where marina is but he refuses instead reveals to Prudencia in front of Susana that Marina had the gut to tell him that she and their son Alberto are married and this dawns much on Prudencia but seriously on Susana as she can’t believe it and thinks Marina only made the statement to Luis just to absurd him. 

Susana advices Prudencia to calm down and that she will try and speak with Luis and explain to him that everybody agreed to keep silence about marina and her mother staying in the ranch and Susana tells Luis that she told Prudencia that she had to inform him that she had brought marina and her mother to the ranch just to support her decision but Prudencia refused and asks her to only ask Luis where exactly he sent Marina too. Susana then still goes ahead and tarnishes Prudencia’s image to her husband telling him that she even advised Prudencia to not take that risk. 

Mr. Luis tells Margarito that he together with his family should leave the ranch for having betrayed him by keeping silent on Marina and her mum’s stay in his ranch. 

Now the love ones of Marina are now worried and desperate about her where about and they set their minds up to look for here and Vanessa decides to assist Angustias to do so and it looks like Susana becomes shocked but feigns it.

Margarito tells Prudencia about her husband kicking him and his family out of the ranch and Prudencia looks so guilty.

Whiles Marina is still in her sedative mood, Isauro gets naked and tries to abuse her, but he changes his mind later. 

Mr. Luis tells Prudencia that she deserves to divorce her, but an Ocaranzas Never get divorced and so he wouldn’t do it so to save them from scandals and Prudencia tells him to tell her where marina is so Damiana can be at ease because he should at least think about Damiana because she was the same woman who helped her to have his son. 

Luis then asks Prudencia to asks Damiana to leave his property because he doesn’t want to do it because she was responsible for bringing her to the ranch.

Susana tells Zacharias that Margarito has already being kicked out of the ranch and as she promised to make him the foreman, she will do that so he continues to keep Vanessa and Paulino’s love affair secret and Zacharias says, the she should work hard towards that because becoming the foreman is the only way to seal his mouth from telling the truth about her daughter’s secret love affair.

Marina wakes up and she becomes surprise when she realizes that she is completely naked and supposes that Isauro abused her, she goes depressed and she tries getting out of the room to confront Isauro but the door was locked.

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