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Sightless Love Episode 31--32 Update on Wednesday 21st November 2018

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Marina wakes up and she becomes surprise when she realizes that she is completely naked and supposes that Isauro abused her, she goes depressed and she tries getting out of the room to confront Isauro but the door was locked not knowing Isauro was all along staying with her in the room but decided to keep quiet watching Marina in her depressed state. 

Ramona looks so sad after peeping through the door to hear and see Isauro trying to have sex with Marina 

Prudencia is worried about not knowing where marina is and now, she is feeling guilty for having brought her to the ranch.

Luis goes to Vanessa’s room to ask Damiana what the het she is doing in Vanessa’s room and in his ranch and in the act, Susana arrives to intentionally make up a story that Damiana came with her to the room and signs Luis to go out whiles she talks to Damiana and after Luis left, Susana tells Damiana that Luis arrived in the ranch not long ago and it will not be best to see them in his ranch and there she and her daughter should leave before Luis gets angry. Damiana refuses to go because she doesn’t think Luis will mistreat her but Susana forces her to leave the ranch as soon as possible.

Marina confronts Isauro asking him why he took advantage of her and she only remember his advice to her that there are many wicked people in the world which he wants to protect her from but in fact he turns out to be the monster since he took advantage of her. She then asks him to let her go to her husband but Isauro tells her that Luis Alberto is going to hate her if he gets to know that she slept with him. Marina replies that she rather hates him (Isauro) with all her being because he makes her sick. 

Alberto arrives at ranch and he tells his mum that he has something to tell Marina and Prudencia tells him that she doesn’t know where marina is because his father came back from the city unexpectedly and kicked her out of their lands and Alberto can’t believe that his mum did nothing to defend her. 

Alberto confronts his father and demands from him to tell him where marina is and Mr. Luis reminds him that he warned him some time ago that if he dares disobeys him and decides to be with Marina, he should forget about the Ocaranza family he comes from and so he orders Alberto to leave his house and not come back. Alberto replies that he will leave, but he has to tell him where his wife is, Mr. Luis answers that he is not going to tell him. 

Angustias confronts Luis that he cannot continue throwing insults on Marina and that he should start respecting marina, because she is his daughter and there and then, Alberto, Prudencia, Susana, and Mr. Luis shock, Susana tells Mr. Luis that Angustias is lying to him so that he will disclose to them where he’s kept Marina. 

The truth has to be spilled out now and so Damiana and Angustias tell Mr. Luis and Prudencia that they only believed that marina had been born dead and they gave Alberto to him who they raised believing that he was their real son because his mother died during childbirth and when she decided to give marina back to them after realizing she was alive and not dead, they were already gone out of the ranch. Luis still disbelieves as well as Susana also believes that the two of them are lying. 

The truth really breaks Alberto into pieces but one thing he understands is that all of the Ocaranza properties belongs to Marina but Luis still assures him that it’s his and no ones. Prudencia then embraces Damiana to thank her for taking care of her daughter for her.

Damiana then asks Mr. Luis to accept his daughter but he says no because he can’t just give his name to a stranger and Susana thinks that Luis shouldn’t believe them because if he accepts Marina, that means she is going to take away all of his property and Alberto shuts her up and says all he wants to know is where Marina is and shamefully and arrogantly Mr. Luis then tells them that he left marina at Isauro’s house and Damiana gets anxious and tells them that Isauro is going to harm her but Luis thinks they should spare him their lies and he’s now haunted by the truth and says it’s not true. 

Ramona tells Isauro that she is resigning since she can’t stay and see him with Marina after all of her dedication and devotion and putting up with all of his meanness and Isauro says he knows and the fact is he doesn’t even need her services again because he is going away with Marina. She packs and she wishes Isauro all the best with Marina.

Susana tells Vanessa that it turns out that marina is the daughter of Luis and Prudencia and she indeed got married to Alberto secretly and now she can become part of the family and Vanessa goes shocked.


Susana tells Vanessa that it turns out that marina is the daughter of Luis and Prudencia and she indeed got married to Alberto secretly and now she can become part of the family and Vanessa goes shocked.
Vanessa asks her mother if they are going to leave the ranch now that Alberto is no longer an Ocaranzas but Susana replies NO because still before the law Alberto is and perhaps Marina won’t even come back to the ranch or to Alberto because Damiana said that Isauro could be capable of harming her and may be that has already happened and if they are lucky, Marina may even disappear from them forever. 

Marina asks Isauro to set her free, because she doesn’t want to be with him and she doesn’t love him but Isauro tells her that their destiny is linked and that they will be together forever because he loves her and he doesn’t want to lose her. 

Luis can’t understand that fact that Alberto isn’t his son and he drinks to the maximum point still dreaming that no matter what people say that he isn’t his son, he still knows Alberto is his blood.

Alberto arrives at Isauro’s house to rescue Marina, Isauro tries to stop him and Alberto beats him before he could do that. Marina tells Alberto that she thought that Isauro loved her like a father but that wasn’t so. Alberto tells her that Isauro confessed his feelings for her to him and if he didn’t tell her it was because she never wanted her to be disappointed in Isauro. 

Susana suggests to Luis that a test of paternity has to be done to prove that Damiana and Angustias are lying and that Marina is not his daughter and Luis tells Susana to look for a laboratory where they can do that paternity’s test. 

Luis asks Vanessa to not leave his ranch because of a mere lie by Angustias and Damiana and Vanessa wants to know from him what if the DNA test turns out to be true and Luis tells Vanessa that in case it turns out that marina is his daughter, he’d rather die than to give his fortune to that Marina. He will prefer to leave all his fortune to her (Vanessa) than leave it to that blind girl.  

Susana eavesdrop and hears Luis’ promise to Vanessa and she can’t believe what she heard and Vanessa tells her mother to not get her hopes up because Luis didn’t mean what he said; that when he confirms that marina is his daughter everything is going to change, Susana replies that everything will depend on the DNA test. 

Alberto brings Marina home and Prudencia embraces her and thanks God for bringing her home safe and sound and there she seizes the opportunity to tell marina that she is her mother and this hit Marina very much and since she still can’t believe it, Damiana and Angustias step into the conversation and confess to marina that indeed Prudencia is her mother. They the reveal to her how she and Alberto’s destiny were exchanged. Alberto also add up and tell Marina that it’s true because he is not an Ocaranzas but she is the real legitimate daughter of the Ocaranzas. But Marina is still confused and depressed with the truth.

Prudencia speaks with Marina alone and she asks Marina to forgive them all and she will love her and will always support her in everything because now that she’s found her great daughter, she is really happy. Prudencia asks Marina to stay with her and she is afraid that Luis will kick her out again and Prudencia assures her that he wont but even if that that should happen, she promises to leave together with Marina. Marina tells her that Damiana will still be her mother and Prudencia says she has no problem because she owes Damiana a great gratitude for taking care of her for her till date.

Alberto tells Angustias that he is not disappointed in her because her intentions was good and that is to give him a family after the death of his parents but what worries him is that in all their plans of switching them, they never thought of Marina and not he feels bad for occupying a place which belonged to marina instead whiles she goes through lots of hardship to make earns meet and if she had been with her real parents may be she wouldn’t have been blind because a specialist could have been asked to examine her and now he feels responsible for all of the pain Marina has been through till now and he can see he is a monster. 

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