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Sightless Love Episode 33 Update on Monday 26th November 2018

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Alberto tells Angustias that he feels guilty for having taking over a place that belongs to marina but he rather has enjoyed everything that belongs to her and his name is just Luis Alberto without Ocaranzas. Yet Angustias tells him that for Luis he is his son and Alberta replies that it was because Luis did believe that he was his son and also Prudencia but Angustias tells him that Prudencia has loved him since the moment she had him in her arms and even knew that he wasn’t her biological son and Alberto becomes shocking to Alberto that all along Prudencia knew but she still showered him with great love.

Damiana wants to know if Isauro did hurt her but Marina refuses to discuss about that because it was a painful experience. Baldomero arrives at the big house and there, Marina still thinking that indeed Isauro raped her, she tells Baldomero that Isauro sedated her and abused her but she feels ashamed to even tell anyone and she feels like her life will never be of herself again. Baldomero then feels pity for him.

Luis tells Alberto that though she and Marina will be having the DNA test still he is his son who he’s been proud off as a father and in the eyes everybody too he is his son but Alberto tells him that he can’t see him as his father after what he did to marina and if he wants him to stay, his condition is that he apologizes to her and gives Marina what it belongs to her. 

But Luis says that can’t be possible until it’s proven but he knows the test will definitely turn out negative. Alberto says he can’t forgive him for maltreating Marina and abandoning her at Isauro’s house knows how much love they shared together and Luis says he can also not forgive him for marrying behind his back. Alberto warns him that he has to respect Marina because she is his wife whether he likes or not

Through Erasmus, all of the workers approach Luis to warn him that if Margarito and his family leave the ranch, they will also leave and so Luis promises them to reconsider his decision. 

Alberto tells his mother that Luis asked him to keep on being an Ocaranzas and that means that he will not give to marina what belongs to her which looks very unfair and Prudencia asks him to wait until they have the paternity test results and Alberto tells her that it is better that Luis doesn’t insult marina, because now that they are not related, he can confront him on equal terms but Prudencia asks him to still respect Luis because he raised him up his own.

Alberto tells Marina that he will give up his family name and also all of the properties that is his because he doesn’t want it but Marina advises him to not do so because she doesn’t even care about those properties. 

Luis calls Isauro to angrily ask him why he never went far away with that blind girl and he tells him it’s because he also never warned him that his son Alberto will be returning from the city soon and Luis says it also dawn on him surprisingly and now that Damiana is telling him that Marina is his daughter. Isauro then goes shocked and speechless. 

Luis then states that they have to do everything possible to separate the two and Isauro says he is not to worry because time will cause Marina to separate from Alberto very soon. He asks him what makes him so sure and Isauro hanged up and can’t still believe that Marina is an Ocaranza.

Vanessa tells her mother that Alberto is determined to surrender to the Ocaranzas fortune, so marina will benefit from it, and Susana replies her that if he does, it would be better for them because Luis will not give anything to marina, and she will be the heiress (Vanessa) but Vanessa answers that if that is for real, she would not have to marry a millionaire but Susana still thinks it will be stupidity on her part that she will marry a servant with all the fortune that will be bequeathed to her by Luis. 

Vanessa tells Alberto that she knows that he and Marina will have the test done that day and also, she knows he and Marina got married to Marina and Alberto confirmed to her that he married Marina in secret so none of them could stop them. Vanessa wishes Marina good luck on the DNA test and Marina goes nervous but Alberto calms her down.

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