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Sightless Love Episode 34 Update on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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Vanessa wishes Marina good luck on the DNA test and Marina goes nervous but Alberto calms her down.
Margarito gives back his foreman position to Mr. Luis, Mr. Luis, tells him that the workers had threatened him with their resignation if he dismisses him (Margarito) and his family, Mr. Luis asks him if he sent them, Margarito, replies that he had nothing to do with it, but he will speak to them because he doesn’t want that they become jobless, Mr. Luis tells him that he realizes that they appreciate him and that’s why he is not going to dismiss him, but he is going to make some changes. 

Ramona comes returns to Isauro’s house and says she’s back there to work and to give him her support because she leant Marina left him for Alberto. 

At the hospital ready for the Paternity test, Mr. Luis tells marina to understand his fury towards her because when she told him that she had married his son, it made him go mad and marina replies if that was what made him so angry that he tried to strangle her and took her by force to Isauro’s house knowing that he could harm her and Mr. Luis tells her that he believed that Isauro’s house was the best place for her. Marina tells him that she is accepting to do the DNA test for the sake of Prudencia but not for him, and she hopes that she doesn’t have a single blood drop from him in her blood. 

Susana and Vanessa arrive at the registry to know that indeed Alberto and Marina are married and Vanessa tells her mum that means there is nothing they can do about it because now everything reveals that Marina is now legally an Ocaranza by Marriage whether the test turns out positive or negative. 

Marina reports Isauro for having raped her to the authorities and the employee tells her that she needs a psychological examination and she will need other tests and Marina agrees to do that. He tells her to think it twice because it is a very serious accusation. the doctor who is going to do the cross exams on Marina becomes so rude to marina whiles he gives her the instructions and for that reason she leaves but Yolanda decides to go with him to face the authorities at the hospital. 

Yolanda hears from Hortencia that Marina could be Prudencia and Luis’ daughter and he goes surprise and she goes to tell her family and they think Yolanda is drunk something.

Alberto goes to the cemetery to she his mother Eulalia’s grave and tells Baldomero that that means his real name is no more Ocaranza but Gonzales Hernandez and Baldomero says for him and everyone and before the law he is still an Ocaranza but Alberto still wants to give up the Ocaranza name.
Margarito goes to ask Damiana if it’s true that Marina is through blood an Ocaranza and she confirms to him and tells him that she is really happy that Marina will finally be at her rightful place but at the same time she looks down that she will lose Marina too.

Alberto decides to help Toribio have a medical checkup in the city and in the hospital where he was employed to practice her specialty.

Susana confirms to Luis that the marriage between Marina and Alberto is true. She then tells Luis that if the results of DNA test disclose that marina is not his daughter, he should let Prudencia ask him for forgiveness by letting her go on her knees. She then tells Luis that it hurts that he is married to a woman who doesn’t deserve him one bit. Luis tells Susana that he didn’t fire Margarito again and this hit Susana. 

Vanessa and Paulino rekindle their love ones again but Vanessa still look afraid that her mum will never approve and so she leaves Paulino hanging and he tells Vanessa that he will run away with her. Same vein, Margarito gives orders to the workers but Zacharias arrive to give a new order and Margarito wants to know why and he tells him he is now the foreman says Luis.

Yolanda goes with Marina to the doctor and demands from the authorities that they give Marina a female doctor to examine her and they agree. Yolanda thinks Marina should let Alberto know and she says she is afraid but willing to spill the truth yet still she looks scared that Alberto might take the law into his own hands upon knowing.

Marina confesses to Alberto that Isauro raped her, but she doesn’t remember how it was because he sedated her and Alberto bumps into Isauro in town and beats him up making Marina so nervous.

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