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Sightless Love Episode Episode 35 Update on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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Marina confesses to Alberto that Isauro raped her, but she doesn’t remember how it was because he sedated her and Alberto bumps into Isauro in town and beats him up making Marina so nervous.
Marina tells him to stop beating him because Isauro has a heart problem and he is going to kill him.
Yolanda tells Baldomero her father only realized that he is in love with Damiana and she with him, Baldomero tells her that he knows that Damiana did love Margarito, but that was many years ago and now she accepted him (Baldomero). Yolanda tells him that Damiana and her father are in love and if he truly loves Damiana as he’s saying, then he should let her go but Baldomero tells her that he battled many years to convince Damiana to accept him and therefore he will not move apart from her. 

Alberto tells marina that since they already brought Isauro to the hospital, they have to go home but Marina says she is not moving an inch until she gets to know that Isauro is in good shape. On their way home, Marina tells Alberto that she feels dirty and that she realizes that he is not going to look at her the same way he used to but Alberto tells her that he forced her and he will not allow that Isauro destroys their lives. 

Damiana returns the aquamarine earrings to Prudencia asks her to keep them but Damiana replies that she prefers that Prudencia keeps them and if maybe she can decide later to give them to marina herself and Prudencia takes it back. 

At the hospital, Isauro plays the victim in front of Ramona and he tells her that Alberto went crazy and beat him and nobody defended him and requests that they have to have him arrested. Ramona then gives him a document summoning Isauro to come to the attorney general’s office for raping her and Ramona says she saw them through the locker hole and that never seemed like a rape but on mutual understanding and so, Isauro asks Ramona to then testify on his behalf to the authorities that it wasn’t a rape.

Two police officers go to see Isauro at the hospital to tell him that Marina pressed charges against him for rape but Isauro says it was on a mutual understanding and so doesn’t understand why Marina will do that. He instead presses charges against Alberto.

The two officers the go to inform Alberto that Isauro pressed charges against him and Alberto tells marina that Isauro pressed charges against him and he says that he almost killed him, he tells her not to worry, that everything is going to be okay.

Damiana assures Baldomero to not worry because she will never go back on her words of accepting him as her life partner 
Luis tells Prudencia that because of marina, Alberto beat Isauro and sent him to the hospital and that he could end up in prison because Isauro pressed charges against him. Prudencia then goes nervous.

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