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Till The End of Time Episode 71 Update on Monday 5th November 2018

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him as Saanjh is going to Singapore forever because of him, he should not dare come in front of him, else he will break his mouth, they are going to airport to drop Saanjh. He drops mobile on Maya’s hospital bed in a hurry and runs. Maya reads that message and fumes.

Saanjh travels towards airport with family. Suman to lighten up Saanjh’s mood tells she will also come to Singapore soon and will wear short dresses. Arjun rushes in his jeep and realizes he missed his mobile, he thinks how to call Saanjh now.
Jahnvi is in hospital waiting room. Ashwin comes and pulls her aside and says she cannot get rid of her so soon, then lowers his tone and says he wants her to help regain Maya’s love, he wants his
wife and daughter back.
Doctor checks Maya and tells she is fine now and after saline bottle finishes, she can go home. Once doc leaves, she removes IV line and walks out of room. Jahnvi is busy with Ashwin’s emotional atyachar and does not notice him. Peon sees her and follows her till parking lot and says she is still unwell, holds her hand. Saanjh angrily looks at him. He leaves her. She gets into her car and leaves.
Arjun blocks Prem’s car in opposite direction. Prem asks what rubbish is this, get out of way. Arjun says he needs to talk to Saanjh and nodody can interfere. He insists Saanjh to come out. Saanjh comes out and asks Prem to leave, Arjun will drop her to airport. Yug/Saanjh’s brother angrily tries to hit Arjun saying he is troubling Saanjh. Suman pushes him in.
Arjun takes Saanjh near his jeep and asks why she is leaving her duffer. She says she needs to build up her career. He insists that she is lying, she never cared about her career and never wanted to leave her duffer, what happened.

She says I love you and says she loves him since their childhood and cares about him so much, she cannot see him with someone else, so she thought it is better to get away from him. She falls down crying.

Arjun holds her and apologizes, says he will do whatever she says. They both cry. Maya from her car hears all this and is shocked. Arjun tells Saanjh that he did not know that she loves him. She says if he had known, had he loved her. Arjun sits silently. Saanjh says the dream she saw is in someone else’s eyes now.

Arjun says she cannot leave him. Saanjh says when you love someone, you will be happy in their happiness, she is worried she cannot be part of his happiness. He says she is his happiness and reminds her of childhood incident and pleads not to go. She gets Prem’s call and disconnects it.
Prem fumes that he knew it, whatever he feard happened again. Saanjh kept Arjun’s words and ignored her happiness. Saanjh tells Arjun that she trusted him always, but not herself. He hugs her emotionally. Maya fumes seeing all this.
Precap: Maya invites Vandana and Ayan for a party and even Saanjh. She addresses reporters they may thinking why she called them all.

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