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Till The End of Time Episode 72 Update on Tuesday 6th November 2018

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Maya sitting in her car sheds tears seeing Saanjh and Arjun hugging. Arjun says let us go home and leaves on his jeep with Saachi. They reach apartment building. Saanjh asks to go now. Arjun says he will not let her in front of hungry tiger/Prem, he must be papa pencho.. Saanjh asks if he remembers what Prem did when he called him with this name. Arjun says he remembers. Saanjh asks him again to go, she will handle situation.
Maya returns back to her hospital, reads Yug’s message for Arjun again and throws mobile. She fixes IV line back in her hand. Jahnvi comes and asks where had she gone. Maya says she had gone out to see what is happening behind her back. Arjun returns and apologizes for being a bit late. Maya says he is too late and says she cannot be discharged today,

so he can stay with her and share this bed, even she will get some rest. Jahnvi asks them to continue chatting and walks out. Nurse brings soup. Arjun feeds Maya soup and reminisces Saanjh’s words that she loves him since childhood, etc. Maya says everything/soup is finished and why is he holding it. Arjun searches his phone. Maya asks if she is looking so bad that…if he promised to keep quiet along with along together, what happened, what is coming between them.

She loves his problems, his solutions, etc. He says nothing like that. She says it is okay, she will learn to live with his lies. He says dusky/Saanjh loves him since childhood and he did not know about it. She asks if he had know, will he had loved Saanjh. Arjun reminisces Saanjh asking same question and says even she asked same question, he loves dusky since childhood, but it is a friendship love and not this one. She asks what is this kind of love.

He says passion, prayer, extreme/beyhadh, you know what he means. Maya says Saanjh gave him right name, duffer. Whole world knows that Saanjh loves him except him, she knew from the day she saw Saanjh with him.
Suman tells Saanjh that she is lying again. Saanjh says she is not lying, Arjun did not stop her, it is her decision. Prem says it is waste to explain her, she got a chance to get away from her problem, but she bent in front of her problems. Saanjh says she has not given up, she will have to face her problem alone. Suman says she will shatter. Saanjh says she may, but her duffer will not let her shatter, he asked her friendship, hope he had asked love, it would have been easy. She asks if Arjun had eased her life any time, why did not Suman inform her that loving someone is not that easy. Suman hugs her emotionally.
Saanjh tells Arjun that it is not difficult to walk a distance between love and friendship. He says whichever music they hear, they walk on it, if they don’t people become mad and that is called love. Maya says she knows, so she loved him, she did not see that love for Saanjh in his eyes. Arjun asks what if he had. She says she would not have informed him as Saanjh as first right on him, he should not break duffer and dusky’s relationship. He smiles. She asks to promise her. He does. Their chatting continues.
In the morning, Arjun wakes up and does not find Maya on bed. He searches her and she calls him. He turns and sees her in orange gown, praises her and asks where is her bandage. She says she is fine and says she will call maa and Ashwin and ask to reach home by 5 p.m. She then calls Vandana and invites her and Ayan for a party at her home at 5 p.m. Vandana informs Ayan. Arjun asks reason for party. Maya says patience…
Saanjh is busy working when boss does pooja and signals her to pray. She prays god to get lots of divorces and get lots of money to our office. Maya then calls Saanjh and invites her for a party. Arjun asks Maya which bomb she has planned to blast. She smiles and says yes, he will also hear its sound.
In the evening, party starts and reports surround Maya and ask why did she invite them. She asks them to have patience. Ashwin asks Jahnvi why did Maya throw this party. She says she does not know. Maya smiles at Ashwin. Vandana, Saanjh and Ayan enter. Maya addresses reports that she wants to introduce them to her past and looks at Ashwin. She tells she wants to introduce them to her father whom she considers a terror. She describes how Ashwin tortured Jahnvi and her, how he used to beat her repeatedly and lock her in dark basement, strangulate Jahnvi, throw paint on her an drown her in water, etc. Everyone look in a surprise.
Precap: Maya panics and tells Arjun if he goes, who will save her from Ashwin. Arjun takes Maya in front of reporters and announces that he and Maya are marrying. Vandana is shocked.

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