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Till The End of Time Episode 73 Update on Wednesday 7th November 2018

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Maya tells reporters about Ashwin torturing her and Jahnvi since childhood and all his heinous acts. Reporters ask Ashwin if he really used to torture Maya and her mother. Maya says yes. Ashwin feels embarrassed.

Maya holds Ashwin’s hand and walks with him and says she has moved out of her trauma and can looking into her papa/Ashwin’s eyes and speak to him. She got back her baba. She says she used to think if she keeps Jahnvi away from Ashwin, Jahnvi will be happy, but she was wrong.

She continues her dialogues and gives diamond rings to both Jahnvi and Ashwin and asks to dorn it to each other. She says their happiness is together. Ashwin is surprised with Maya’s sudden change. Maya hugs him and calls papa. She asks them to come closer. Everyone clap for them.
praises Maya and says he is proud of her. Maya cries. Arjun asks why is she cryig. She panics and says she accepted Ashwin for her mother, but knows Ashwin has not changed. She suffocates when Ashwin is around.

Arjun asks not to worry, everything will be fine. Maya asks how will save her from Ashwin when he goes back home. Arjun holds her hand and says let us go. He takes her back t living room and addresses guests that he has one more announcement, he and Maya are marrying within 7 days.

Everyone are surprised including Maya. Saachi is shocked, but Vandana holds her hand. Maya asks Arjun what is all this. Arjun kneels down and asks if she will marry him, if she will tolerate him 24 x 7.

Saanjh says common Maya, say yes. She claps and says Maya..Maya..Everyone start chanting Maya..Maya…Maya. Maya nods yes. Everyone say yayyyyy..
Reporters congratulate Maya. Maya hugs Arjun and tells she will meet Vandana. Reporters ask Ashwin how is he feeling. He says very good. Arjun asks Saanjh did he do right. She says she is happy for him that he is getting his desired love.

He says he is getting love and does not want to lose friendship either. Saanjh then congratulates Maya and prays that she gets even her happiness. Maya hugs her and says she will not lose what she got. Vandana congratulates Maya.

Arjun asks Maya to be careful, Vandana will start saas bahu drama. Maya smiles and says they will start his serial. He asks which one.
Maya says she wants to talk to Saanjh and takes her aside. She tells Saanjh that she took a brave mood, if she was in her place, she would not have given up easily. Saanjh says she is happy for them.. Maya says she will not let anyone come between her and Arjun and will not come between Arjun and Saanjh’s friendship, she is Arjun’s love and Saanjh is Arjun’s friend .

Saanjh says she knows, she will not break their love. Maya says you won’t get love in friendship, frendship and love are different. She extends hand and asks friends…Saanjh nods yes. Maya hugs her and says that is like good girl.

Vandana comes and tells Saanjh they should go now. Arjun says he will drop her. Vandana says she has Ayan and Saanjh with her, he need not worry. They both walk away. Arjun holds Maya and asks what she was talking to Dusky.
Arjun walks with Maya holding her and thanks her for saying saying. She says he made her his by proposing him. He pushes her towards her and says whatever is hers, he will get itt. She says some distances should be maintained.

He says it is a matter of 1 week, says if she should go. She says she will drop him out. He says aunty is at home, so she should stay here and he will go. He says see you soon and leaves. Maya says just 1 week, then all the distance will be cleared.
In room, Jahnvi nervously tells Ashwin that she has to hire wedding planner and organize wedding within 1 week, Maya gave all responsibilities to them.

Ashwin sips liquor thinking deeply. Jahnvi holds his hand and takes her to Maya’s room. She sees Maya sleeping and says Maya is sleeping so peacefully, god did not leave her hand. She goes out. Ashwin extends his hand towards Maya.

Maya opens eyes and asks if his drama is over. He asks what drama. She says everything will change except him. He says he is his father after all.
Precap: Saanjh’s booss resctricates her from job saying Maya threatened to take her case back. Saanjh angrily walks into Maya’s cabin and says if she has money, will she do whatever she wants. Arjun asks what did Maya do. She says he should ask Maya.

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