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Till The End of Time Episode 76 Update on Tuesday 13th November 2018

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Maya burns floor and asks Arjun to take marriage oath with her right now. She extends her hand. Arjjun holds it smiling and walks. Maya stops him and sets off fire. Saanjh watches from her cabin. Maya holds Arjun and tells he passed in her exams for her haldi, mehandi, all matter and she wants to have traditional marriage. Arjun says she calls him mad, but she is real mad in love. They both hug each other. Saanjh continues watching from her cabin.
Maya gets ready for office in the morning and searches Jahnvi. She does not find Jahnvi in whole house and calls her number, but she does not pick call. She thinks Ashwin will harm her mom. She runs out and asks driver if he saw maa. He says he did not. Maya calls Arjun, but he is busy shooting. She then calls Vandana and asks if

Arjun is there. She says he left for office. She runs to office and asks Riya where is Arjun. Riya says Arjun is in studio. Maya runs to studio and scolds Arjun why did not he pick call, Ashwin will harm Jahnvi. Riya comes back and informs that Jahnvi is in conference room.

Arjun and Maya get into conference all and Maya asks Jahnvi where she had been. Ashwin sitting on boss chair turns and says until he is alive, nothing will happen to Jahnvi, Maya should trust her pappa. Jahnvi says she had been to lawyer to take her 49% share in this company.

She asks Maya if she remembers. Maya says yes. Jahnvi says since she is marrying Arjun, she should give time to him after marriage and leave company’s responsibility on her. Maya asks who will teach her business.

Jahnvi says Ashwin will as Ashwin was an employee in her father’s company before marriage. Maya says she reminded a lot today. Ashwin smirks. Maya says Jahnvi she will resign and walks out.
Maya calls Saanjh and informs her about her resignation. Saanjh asks if she is sure. Maya says she does not leave things incomplete.

She walks back with whole staff and sees Ashwin ordering as boss. She gives her resignation letter to Jahnvi and says she is right, she will be Arjun’s wife now.

Since she has 51% shares in her name, she transferred them in Arjun’s name as only he can protect her company, this company is her life. She tells Arjun is managging director of this company hereon and is sole decision maker. Ashwin is more shocked.

Maya gives 49% shares papers to Jahnvi and says even she should go and spend quality time with Ashwin as it is her second innings and not waste time looking at business.

Arjun asks Maya what is she doing. Maya says she is doing right. Ashwin says she has not married Arjun yet. Maya says she trusts Arjun like mom trust Ashwin.
Maya tells Arjun that for her, her work is everything. Ashwin asks what if Arjun takes over everything, she cannot trust him blindly.

Maya takes papers from Ashwin and tells Arun is not his son, but she is and he has to do it for her happiness. She gives papers to Jahnvi and asks her to sign them for her happiness. Arjun says he does not need all this.

Maya says she is doing right and says Jahnvi if she does not sign papers, she will think that papa is acting as changed and wants to grab this company. Jahnvi asks if she wants to know how much she and papa love her and signs papers.

Ashwin fumes in anger. Jahnvi hands over papers and hugs Maya. Maya says Ashwin thank you papa and tells Arjun that she gave her heart, life and everything to him. Arjun keeps papers and takes her away. Saanjh also walks behind.
Vandana over phone orders caterer to prepare 20-25 people’s food and she does not need any mistake. Door bell rings. Vandana opens door and is surprised to see Suman. Suman asks if she made her stranger that she did not even invite her to help.

Vandana says Saanjh. Suman says Saanjh has moved on and accepted Maya’s job, she and Shubh will take part in marriage arrangements. Vandana asks what about Prem. Suman says Prem has male ego, but will calm down soon.
Saanjh in cafeteria taking coffee thinks why did Maya tranfer company in Arjun’s name, what she is up to. Ashwin comes and asks her to read Maya’s given documents carefully. Saanjh goes to her cabin and thinks what she is missing.

She find out Maya’s medical insurance being rejected thrice and thinks what illness she has that Arjun does not know.
Arjun takes Maya to studio and says he can take all her responsibility, but not this company, whatever it is not his how can he take.

She tells Ashwin wants to control company via Jahnvi and she wants to protect it via Arjun. If Ashwin does something to her or Jahnvi, Arjun can protect this company.
Precap: Saanjh finds Maya’s medicine and shows it to chemist who says it is a depression medicine. Doc says patient has mental problem. Saanjh enters studio and tells Arjun she needs to talk to him. Maya looks at her.

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