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Till The End of Time Episode 80 Update on Friday 16th November 2018

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Jahnvi informs Arjun and Saanjh that she having depression and Maya is protecting her and taking all responsibility on her. Arjun says he does not want to know about her past and her present and future matters to him, his love for her will never change. Saanjh apologizes Maya and says unknown mail created doubt.

Arjun starts fighting with Saanjh if she will become a detective with just a mail, he will show her how to be a detective. He calls IT department and asks to find out IP address of who sent mail to Saanjh Mathur. Jahnvi and Maya look at each other’s face.

Arjun gets a reply and he drags her to Ashwin’s cabin and says he is the one who sent mail. Before Ashwin could speak, Jahnvi starts shouting at Aswhin and asks him to get out. She says Maya was right, he has not changed at all,

if he thought with his heinous act, he will break Arjun and Maya’s relationship. Ashwin says he loves her. She drags him out and warns to get out, never to show his face again, else she will hit him with shoes. Ashwin asks what is she doing. She shouts again to get out. He looks at Maya and leaves. Jahnvi tells Maya that she was right, Ashwin is untrustable. She hugs and apologizes Maya. Arjun angrily looks at Saanjh.
Vandana with Ayan takes Arjun and Maya’s wedding invitation card to Saanjh’s home. Suman greets them in. Ayan goes to meet Cheeni ki bori/Shubh. Vandana tells Prem that without Suman, Shubh, and Saanjh, Arjun’s marriage happiness is incomplete.

Prem says marriage is incomplete without dear ones, he will attend Saanjh’s boss’s marriage. Vandana says Maya will be her daughter and he has to come and bless children. Shubh comes out and says they will not attend. Ayan insists he should.

Vandana leaves saying she has to distribute cards among other guests. Prem tells Suman that he cannot see Saanjh’s heart breaking into pieces with each pheras.
Arjun goes to Maya’s cabin and says he sent aunty/Jahnvi home. She says Ashwin will not change, mom would not have told truth. Arjun consoles her. Saanjh enters and apologizes her. Arjun scolds her what is the use now. Saanjh says she did not know about all this.

Arjun says how can’t she, he found out culprit in 2 minutes. Saanjh says let us go out and speak. He stops her and says she is not digesting the truth that he loves Maya. Argument starts and he says why she is interfering in his life. She says she is not interested.

He asks if she will break his marriage. She says she will not attend his marriage. She asks if she is sure. Shew says go to hell. She says wherever she is, there is hell. Saanjh asks them to stop fighting. Saanjh leaves with teary eyes.
Maya panics and says Arjun that Saanjh left. Arjun says let her go. Maya asks if he will leave even her. He says no..She asks to promise him that whatever happens, he will not leave her hand. She asks him to give her 3rd promise.

He holds his hand on god’s idol lamp and says they both will be one, his heart and her beat, his life and her breaths, his eyes and her vision, etc…this is his third promise. She smiles and hugs him. Lamp blows off.
Suman asks Shubh to get his clothes ready for Arjun’s haldi. Saanjh enters and Suman asks to select her clothes and wear her jewelry. Saanjh says there is no need, she is not attending. Prem asks what happened and gives his promise.
Maya walks out of her apartment lift and walks towards her apartment when lights start flickering. She hurriedly tries to open her apartment door.

Ashwin walks towards her. Maya panics more hearing his footsteps. Ashwin speaks and asks if she thought she will kick him out of her life by kicking him from office, he is her father and will leave her only after she dies.

She grew up so big that she sent mail to Saanjh and blamed him, she got so courageous that she is playing game with her father. He roughens her and shouts. Maya reminisces Arjun confronting him and slapping, slaps Ashwin. Ashwin is shocked.
Precap: Jahnvi tells Maya that Ashwin will not spare them easily, before he informs truth to Arjun, she should inform. Maya says if she tells truth to Arjun, he will leave her. Ashwin sees Jahnvi and Maya dancing during haldi and thinks they are enjoying too much, it is his time to enjoy.

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