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Till The End of Time Episode 81 Update on Monday 19th November 2018

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Maya slaps Ashwin and provokes to try hitting her. Watchman comes out of lift and says there is some problem with common area lights and he will get them fixed via electrician. Maya steps on Ashwin’s feet and engraves her heels deep and confesses that she sent e-mails to Saanjh via his computer to kick him out of house.

She even created drama of medical insurance, etc., to get Saanjh out of Arjun’s life and gain Arjun’s trust. She reminds him how she had stabbed knife in his leg and warns to stay away, else he will lose one more leg. Ashwin walks limping into lift and smirks.

Maya relaxes and gets into home. Jahnvi relaxes seeing her. Maya thanks her for helping her on time and reminisces messaging her to come. She tells that Ashwin loves her foolishness and wealth and not her and warns

not to let Ashwin in her life again. Jahnvi says yes and says Ashwin will not spare them easily and will try to tell truth to Arjun, so she should tell Arjun truth first. Maya says Arjun will not believe Ashwin and will believe whatever she will tell. She asks her to relax and make arrangements for ceremony.
Vandana asks Arjun if he will marry without Saanjh’s presence. Arjun says yes. Vandana says he was not doing anything before without Saanjh and wants to marry without her. Arjun says he Saanjh found with him instead. Aayan asks to stop fighting and call her. Arjun says he will not and says he is mad. Ayan says he is mad instead.
Guests gather at Maya’s flat for haldi ceremony. Vandana dances with them. Ashwin from his flat watches and thinks he will get his property share at any cost. He calls someone and invites for his daughter Maya’s marriage and premarriage rituals. Saanjh gets ready in a beautiful dress and make up and today she is making a step to get into Arjun’s life permanently.
Arjun gets ready. Ayan asks him to call Saanjh and call her. Arjun says Saanjh is egoistic but will come for sure. Saanjh hears door bell and happily opens it thinking duffer has come. Vandana enters and asks if she is not ready. Saanjh says she will not come, but will send haldi for Arjun.

Vanda reaches back home with Saanjh’s family and haldi. Arjun asks if Saanjh did not come. Vandana nods no and tells Ayan that Saanjh sent haldi for Arjun. Everyone apply haldi on Arjun’s face and dance. Arjun eagerly looks at door.

He thinks Saanjh’s ego stopped her, he will remember this. Saanjh applies Vicco turmeric cream on dressing table mirror and imagines apply it on Arjun.
Precap: Ashwin tries to apply haldi to Maya and she pushes him. News reporter shouts on news channel that Maya did not let her father apply haldi on her, what is the secret between her and her father. Arjun watches news on TV.

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